April 5 2014

04/05/2015 – Echoes from the Caverns by Lord Baldrith – A Newscast/Podcast!

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Welcome to the Echoes from the Caverns! A Podcast by Lord Baldrith.

This is an experiment but one I think is going to be fantastic! Lord Baldrith has an amazing narration voice and knowing this I asked him if he would be interested in doing a weekly Podcast of the news. Later, I got this.. and WOW!!!!!!

So here’s the scoop. First of all, all credit to Lord Baldrith on this! Truly magnificent work! Some disclaimers below though!

I WILL be working on making it so you can get this in a podcast program, even Itunes.. after some sleep!

1 – This is literally the FIRST sample. I liked it enough I begged him to let me run with it as is! We have since knocked around names a little bit more and are going to go with “Echoes from the Caverns” as a title for this Podcast series.

2 – The plan at this time is he will do one of these weekly, probably every Friday. Recapping the news in podcast format from the previous week. Don’t hold him to this! Remember we are all working adults with families and all that stuff. Plans are great but let’s see how it goes!

3 – One thought is to include music in the background for these. Were knocking around ideas on that but may just need to check with some of the community musicians to see if they would be willing to allow us to use their work. As honestly, what would be better? That said – If you have composed any music and are willing to allow Lord Baldrith to use it as background for these pod-casts please contact one of us!

If you never hit play, what is this? A podcast summary of the news from the last week! Listen to it on your phone, tablet, in your car, on a boat. Don’t want to read lots of text posts? Lord Baldrith has your back!

Ankh Quill

Lord Baldrith

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