September 25 2015

10% Discount code to support the people in the SotA and UDIC communities!

For those who just want to cut to the chase, if you go to the Caverns Store and use code

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to get 10% off your order(s) from our catalog of over 900 Items from three top of the line names in Larping gear! Whether you need a sword hilt ashtray and bookends or a full suit of plate, we have it. This discount will be valid until 10/31/2015.


For those who want the who, what, why, where, when, and how…

Over the last few years I have not only been welcomed by the people in both the SotA and UDIC with open arms but also encouraged to continue to achieve things I never dreamt of accomplishing. This lead me to starting this project over a year ago which I am fully unveiling now, to you, with this grand opening. Rather than just announce it and ask for your support when your shopping, I wanted to give something back to the people in those communities and so am making this discount available.


The Caverns Store is a full line of Larping Gear made by Epic Armory, Dragon Forge Leather, and Ancient Armory. The images you are seeing in this blog are just some of the few products we have available for sale.


It is very important to note what this is not. This is not a game project and this has no relation to Shroud of the Avatar, Portalarium, or any of its affiliates. This is a retail internet store which is fully and legitimately legal (I file taxes monthly!). This is a real life project for me that can have an effect on my livelihood. I treat it very seriously and have put a lot of heart and soul into it.


Any support you can show me would be greatly appreciated. Not just in terms of making The Caverns Store your primary choice for these sort of products when you are buying them, but also in telling your friends, family, and promoting it any other ways that you are able. Additionally I have a lot of hours into loading the catalog that you will at least look at (I hope.. Don’t make me beg?). As such any feedback or suggestions you have please send to me by using the contact form on the Store site to help me stand out from the competition!


Please feel secure in using this site! The store segment of the site itself is professional software which I am paying subscription fees (and hefty ones) to use. You can be confident that when you purchase from The Caverns Store that the coding structure behind everything is created by a team of professionals. Every effort to keep your information private and secure is maintained.


You will find a wide range in pricing depending on your needs and wants. In the spotlight section is a “Ready For Battle” product line which is high quality larping equipment that is made with less detail so that it can be provided at a lower price point. If you are looking for highly detailed pieces, we have those also!


As a tribute to The Hobloth II held by Rustic Dragon (and with permission from Rustic Dragon), you will also find a section under “spotlight” titled “Hobloth II”. These are some of the same brand and model of LARP weapons that Rustic Dragon purchased for use in the Hobloth II. I say some, as he also purchased other brands that I am not currently carrying or models that are discontinued.


I need to develop both a FAQ and Testimonial section to the site. What I am saying is, do not hesitate to contact me with questions and should you order, testimonials, so that I can begin building these.


Please consider subscribing to our newsletter when you visit! I do intend to add more product lines in the future and will make annoucements. Additionally I plan on expanding the types of products offered. If you have products you sell and are looking for (or willing to consider) a retailer, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss!


Things such as A company Facebook, Twitter, and other marketing tools and social site connections will be made in the near future. With the Catalog fully loaded I wanted this community, my readers, friends, family, UDIC, and SotA to be the first ones to visit!


Thank you for taking the time to read this and take a peek at the site. I look forward to getting orders shipped to those who are interested in making purchases and I will leave off with a few more product photo highlights!

P.S. – Should you be interested in any of the products I spotlighted on this blog, just click on the image and that number you will see in the bottom left corner is the item number. You can pull it up at the store using the store search feature. However these do not even begin to cover the vast array of products we have!

Whether you are spelunking in Caves, Delving in Dungeons, or Travelling beyond The Caverns Store has the gear you need to make it safely!

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