April 13 2014

A little background music – Request to the community!

As you are aware of by now, Lord Baldrith is doing a series of News/casts Podcasts in conjunction with me as a joint project. He does all the voice and recording work (He’s the star!!). I’m doing the stuff like community, press, IT work behind it (encouragement!), etc. It is now on Itunes and can be played in your Podcast programs of choice and all that good stuff.

This is a new project and at this point he has done two.. He will be continuing to do these each Friday. As time goes on as he gets more use to it, more comfortable with it, and more experienced with it I only expect it to get better, more polished, and professional sounding.

As a side note he is also a Journalist for the Caverns and publishes news pieces on occasion! He has been invaluable in helping me out when life has me buried.

One thing we where discussing that may help to improve podcasts is some background music. Instrumental obviously, and appropriate to something of that nature. We could probably just dig up a classical piece for the purpose but would much rather keep it in the community.

Now I COULD just contact Holt Ironfell, Ome, Avatar Acid, Ember Isolte, the Space Bards, Steven Goldman, or someone like that directly and ask them “Hey do you have something we can use?”. However they are all friends, people I work with sometime, or fellow guild members, etc.. As such I don’t want to put them in a position/spot that saying no might make them feel uncomfortable!

So Instead I thought I would just put out a general “call-out”. If you have something that would work, and would be OK with Lord Baldrith using it as background music for his podcasts (and for no other purposes!), then please drop one of us a note? As I do with ALL projects I work on that involve others I would ensure that the proper credits where given to the artist(s).


Echoes from the Caverns

Echoes from the Caverns

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1 thoughts on “A little background music – Request to the community!

  1. Steven J Goldman

    I do have a couple pieces sitting around that I rarely if ever use. One is the original medley I composed last year for SOTA consideration (some pieces of it have been developed into loopable tracks featured in game), and I also have a very bland acoustic guitar/bass/drum backing track I offer behind voice-over sessions. If you’d like either, I can send them over. Shoot me an email.


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