September 24 2013


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Stile “A set or series of steps for crossing a fence or wall.”. Teckel German word most typically used when referring to a dachshund which hunts.

Stile Teckel = Someone who crosses into other realities and that is brave, noble, loyal, and who shall hunt like no other.

I am a sole individual that is a big fan of the past works of Richard Garriott. I have been waiting, watching, and observing Portalarium since Garriott started it in the hopes he had plans for a game like this.

I have taken on multiple projects. One is that I plan to run a guild in the game. Additionally I plan on establishing a community based housing in game. The others are that I wan’t to be a information hub for the game. News, Videos, stories, game guides, links, Video’s, pictures, and anything else related.

These projects are completely separate of each other! They are separate hobbies I am engaging in. However since they are related in that they are both for the same game, I wished for them to share a theme, name, and a domain. Hence why you will find that the website is separated into that which is related to information and that which is related to the guild.

In my work I am trying to follow the same principles that are being followed in the game. We do not want them to build a cookie cutter MMO, so I did not want to build a cookie cutter website. I choose instead to spend hundreds of hours creating my own site rather then use an out of the box package.

They are using old school idea’s and new technology combined with new innovation. This is the approach I am trying to take in that I decided to do the site using that old style feel. At the same time I am using all of the latest tools on the internet such as WordPress, a Phpbb forum modified with over 40 modifications, and other modern tools.

The innovation I am striving for is in that everything on the website (when possible) has meaning, symbolism, and structure relating to that of the game or guild in some way. Every graphic on the web site has some meaning and relationship to the game (or guild..which will be in the game), in some way. Some of these are obvious and some may require a little thought to really grasp.

I hope you find my work of use and will keep coming back!

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