November 8 2016

Analyzing the Lyrics of “Change” by The Recap Band, From the Album “Neon Milk”

Analyzing the Lyrics of “Change” by The Recap Band, From the Album “Neon Milk”

You didn’t think we were done yet did you? It is, after all, a long album!

Change is no less deep than many of the songs on this album, but it is also less metaphor than some others and simpler to understand. The title “Change” very much says what this song is about.

It is also important to know where this song comes in terms of placement in the album. The last song they went “home”. I analyzed a bit of what that meant, and what that was about. Like life though that interpretation continues and we see some more meaning and how “home” translates into meaning in this song.

Then be sure, once I do the next song (or go listen to the album on your own!), to notice that the next song they leave home after deciding to make a large change. Much what this song is about.

Let’s analyze this bitch!


(Verse 1)
Shut so deep in this box Home is not where I thought
Revelations make their way in
Could I still read the signs
Has stillness turned me blind
Repetition is the villain
Heart says go
But my legs slow ‘cause
No matter where I go the sorrow loves to follow
Mind’s at edge
Losing sense ‘cause
Despite the highs there was no paradise in the end

The first verse is setting you up for change. It is the state you are in before you make a change in your life and perhaps the thoughts that go with it. This is where home is in this reference. That place where you typically tend to reside inside of yourself.

Doing the same thing day after day (the villain, stillness, repetition, villain, legs slow), you stop watching for opportunities or doorways that may open, but they never stop happening (revelations, signs, mind at the edge).

You thought you were at the end, at Paradise. You were home, in the place you were aiming for doing what you wanted to do. While you have moments of happy you are not satisfied nearly as often as you should be, given you got to where you wanted. It’s time to change, your heart knows it, but it is hard to begin making those changes (legs are slow!).


Change has appeared
To play its role
So take its hand or it’s taking your throat
Don’t fight the wave
Just feel its force
And take this new life before it takes yours

While the verses in this song are putting together a story for you, the chorus is an overall definition of change itself (as applied to the accompanying lyrics). Change has a role in the world. Much like the featured image of a leaf I used on this post, the leaf is a necessary change that not only takes place every year, but that also shows the world is healthy (or at least not dead yet).

Change sometimes must happen and fighting it will make things worse. If you are a surfer riding a wave, you can either ride with it, flow with it, while it may be hard and scary.. or WIPE OUT!

The Chorus is talking about making that kind of life change.


(Verse 2)
Hold so tight to my ways
But the smile never stays
Realizations turn the pages

As we go into the second verse we pick-up where we left off on the first. Only all thouse thoughts, doubts, society telling yu you are doing everything right, whatever it may be in your life. That has been going on for months, years, or even decades. Have been overlaid by a “relization” that a change must happen.


Could I change what’s within
Break the ground where I sit

I think this section is one asking one’s self, once you have come to the realization you must make the change, what do I change? Do I change my attitude, thoughts, and perceptions? Do I change something in the physical world?


Ventilation for the demons Lost and cold
New winds blow
But I fight for my life and don’t go where the waves flow
Bliss goes dead
Once again ‘cause
the only happy end is the one that you carry within

When you begin making a significant change in your life, it comes with a lot of emotion.

Those of first looking deeply into one’s self and deciding what you don’t like about yourself, and changing it. The searching of every aspect of your inner mind and questioning everything you have ever been told or taught to find your answers. As the start of a new way of life.

Carrying those discoveries into the world outside of the self. To take it to the extent to change how you live your life.

Those are wondrous and amazing things but boy, do they come with demons.

They come with constant self-doubt, worry, and terror.

They may come at the cost of alienating family or friends who are not willing to accept the personal changes you make. They come with the need to prove that you are right.. to yourself.

It is likely you may become a person that is harder on yourself than anyone else can ever be. That is because you have come to understand what you need and with that, you must also develop the self-discipline to make sure you keep yourself happy and still survive at the same time.

As your logical fights your emotions.. no, maybe they fight at first but as they learn to work together. You learn to cope with those demons. That coping can only come within.


(Verse 3)
When changes come
It’s like leaves blowin’ in the wind
‘Til these trees grow them in again
It’s like lines flowin’ out a pen never knowin’ how it ends Never knowin’ what’s around the bend louder and louder

Change once it starts moves quickly and not always under your control. You can change one thing and like a domino effect more happen. As a change is thrust upon you, such as the loss of a job, you may choose to seize that as another opportunity to change, say your career. This is due to the changes you have made to yourself.

You have learned how to be happier, you have learned you must change, you have started to change. Now it’s moving, and it’s flowing!

It’s not a hurricane, though! It’s like art, and you have some control. You’re happy, your hi on life. You walk around the house and find your smiling and stop realizing it.. as you never do that.

You don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring but you sure in the hell know your on the right track, blowing along like leaves on the winds. Solid in yourself, flowing with the world around you, altering it where you can, understanding you never know where it will end, but it just keeps getting better as your knowledge grows.


The crowd is shouting and I
Couldn’t help but notice this whole fuckin’ showbiz
Thing is kinda bogus it should be a bonus Doin’ what you love has gotta come first Money’s second so I gotta focus

A personal reference to the changes they are making and how these life lessons apply to themselves. At the same time though a lot is taking place in the last line I quoted there.

First that when you do what you love, I believe that it wouldn’t matter what that is, that you will most likely find that terms like “hobby,” “work,” and “job,” begin to have all new meanings.

I currently (for six more weeks until unemployed) work a 9-5 job in addition to launching my own business. I get off “work,” and I go home to “work.” Only the latter is so much fun; it seems wrong to call it “work.”

Another aspect of this line is doing what you love comes first, money second. You will notice it does not say you don’t need money! You need it for basic needs, but life is more enjoyable if you are living it doing what you love and have just enough money to get by, as opposed to being rich and doing something you hate. I feel that is what is being said here.

Iny my life, I am trying to live by the creed “Figure out what you love, and find how to do it.” The first part is not easy, but once done the second part is where the work begins. As you can’t do it if you can’t afford to eat or purchase the things necessary to do it. So income is a part of it, but that is the secondary part.


On the hocus pocus that my flow is when it’s hopeless
Even when it seems like everybody jokes at My expense it don’t make no sense like Offering a cokehead a couple sodas

Let’s break this one down a different way. Ok, so obviously you have a reference of addiction here, such as the cokehead. How does that equate to you making changes in your life, being an addiction comparable to the example? Simple.

Keep in mind if you have gotten to this point of making these changes and implementing them, you have all those demons we talked about. So now you’re making changes to your life and you have other people that you interact with, maybe for other things or other reasons.

They ask you what you are doing, or you have told people. They joke about it “Hey Henry, how’s that new song coming?” with big smiles. Maybe it’s the parent telling you to get a haircut and a real job.

See, all the sheep around you have been taught they have to think a certain way, and they haven’t broken out of the mold you are trying to get out of so that you can be who you are and who you want to be.

So all those people around you, in their way will sabotage you if you let them. They may not mean to sometimes, they just are too closed minded to look outside the box. Others will mean to out of jealousy, spite, and self-loathing. The lesson here is, the cans of Coke are going to be offered to you, daily. Avoid them as much as you can, but learn the discipline to say no. You do that by continually revisiting what you are doing and who you are.Change means continual self-evaluation.


Keep my mind open like a lotus
I suppose it’s how I wrote this opus
And it’s dope as fuck and now you knowin’ who’s the coldest
All you gotta do is show me where the throne is
Plague ‘em like a million locusts
I slay ‘em with the mic and kill opponents
‘Cause it’s my moment and I will own it
But I’m beggin’ for change like I’m still homeless

I don’t want to dig too deep into the individual parts of this section but look at it as a whole. What Dan is rapping here is that he’s making his changes (the are never truly made, it is a continual process), and he’s happy, he’s loving it, he’s doing it, and he sees why it’s good.

In short, it was his ideas, work, efforts, CHANGE that lead him to this point. It is his moment and no one else’s, he has to own it. It’s not just about being good or the best. It’s about doing the best you can because you are doing what you choose and wanted, and are choosing. When you stop owning that, then you need to move to something else you do own.

Because owning that moment is about love, passion, enjoyment. Without those things, you did not make the right change. That may not give you what you need forever, and you may require more change some day. For now though Own that damn moment you choose and that makes you happy!

So why is he still begging for change then? He’s made his change!

Not at all. Change has many aspects to it and remember when money is second? Ok so you’re doing what you love, you are happy or at least more comfortable, and that feeling is growing more as you listen to your heart each day. Secondly, though, you still need to pay the bills.


Ok, so another one wrapped up and ready to go out! As always, these are my opinions, not fact. If they are stated in a way that makes them sound as if fact it is only how I am expressing what I believe them to mean. This series of articles on this album are being done with the permission of the band and producer.

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