June 3 2016

Analyzing the Lyrics of “Earth Girls” by The Recap Band, From the Album “Neon Milk”

Analyzing the Lyrics of “Earth Girls” by The Recap Band, From the Album “Neon Milk”

Ok, let’s take a look at this. I might even surprise you!

(Verse 1)

Time to get the party happenin’
We in the house so they call it Recappenin’
That’s a fact my friend yeah you know the boys are back again Blowin’ up your spot like we took the bomb and backed it in Hey baby what sign did you say you was
Funny I been to Capricorn it’s quite a nice neighborhood
Ever been with a guy from outer space
Look I would like to poke ya no not on ya facebook
So wet got ya slidin’ off the barstool
Junk in the trunk girl you got the car full
And I know it’s awful but ya make me wanna do
Things that ain’t exactly lawful
I can see the sparkle in ya eyes and I can see ya partial
To me I can also tell you’ve played a lot of softball
From the way you pop my fly you’re somethin’
Ya got a great vibe but that ass don’t hurt nothin’

(Chorus) Earth girls Earth girls Earth girls Goddammit
I love you planet
Earth girls

(Verse 2)
My rocket’s flown all over
Studying you tests my composure
I’m an essay you’re my thesis
Treat me like a puzzle ‘cause I come in pieces
Down here I can see you ladies of Earth got every perk
I’ll make it worth of all that tweeting about tweaking your twerk
I don’t abduct but I’ll beam you up

The mile high ain’t got nothin on this club My laser gun’s never made more fuss Zap you’re drop dead gorgeous
I can’t tell if you Earth Girls are a blessing or a curse
I may rock your world but you shake the whole damn universe
(Chorus) (Verse 3)
Recap wreakin’ havoc on ya kneecaps
Got a buzz like a weed wacker I can see that’s
The least that happens when you’re knockin’ 3 Jack
And gingers back where the fuck my keys at
Better call a cab and call it now
Back to my place so I can find out what you’re all about
Call us nascar we burnin’ through the rubbers
Good cop bad cop we both undercovers Next week same bar just tryin’ to lay low But I’d never say no to a shot of Jamo
Know I sound insane yo but you’re an angel
Musta just forgot to wear ya halo
Afterparty we chillin’ and we slowly toke
A blunt rolled with a bible page holy smokes
Got a line about my dick I could stick in my new song
But it won’t fit oh shit yeah it’s too long

(Chorus 2x) Earth girls, yeah

There IS, in fact, a deeper meaning here even if the boy’s didn’t mean it or do so intentionally.

The song itself is just a fun song in my opinion. Supposed to be fun, nothing more, no deep meaning written into the lyrics and you can take them at face value.

The deeper meaning here is that it is important, no matter what you’re doing in life or who you are trying to be. Take time for yourself and just have a little fun.

Even beyond that though do something different now and then. I “work” all the time, about a 100 hours a week. Outside of my regular job, all the work I do are things I enjoy doing. However, even when you enjoy something you’re doing, and that’s one of the reasons you spend so much time doing it, you need to take time away from that and do something else for fun also. Fun break from your fun!

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Yes, I do take those – all you have to do is watch this blog and you will see me continually doing and trying news things. This piece for example!

It’s about balance in life. Trying and doing new things, exploration, adventure, and learning.

I don’t know if they intended it, but either way – that’s the message here by it merely being on the album.

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