April 9 2016

April RPOTA Creation Contest Announced, Calling all Shroud of the Avatar Creators

Role Players of the Avatar have announced the April Shroud of the Avatar Creators contest! This game is packed full of goodness in that it lets several types of creators to participate. Writers, Musicians, and more. Then throw a total of $240 in prizes on top of that. Holy prize support Batman!

If all of that is not enough, custom work from community member Indi Martin is the top prize! I myself know several people who have won this and I am also a Patreon for Indi Martin. As a result, I have seen a lot of the final winning pieces, and they are fantastic!!!

Here ye! Here ye! Biographers, Historians, Diplomats, Journalists, Story Writers, Quest Designers, Videographers and Musicians! RPOTA is in dire need of your amazing talents! Role-Players of the Avatar is hosting a monthly contest to award those most famous with their quill, camera, piano or lute! Piano or Lute you ask? Why yes! A module has been added for sharing ABC files, so an accompanying contest was also created!

Journey to the RPOTA website, and share in the grand adventure!

With the sheer number of prizes, this contest offers you do have a good chance to win something once in a while if you put effort into it. I have been planning on diving in myself, but my creative energies are just not being felt for what I would do. Maybe in the future, though!

There is also the opportunity to win some Indi Martin Artwork which I can tell you is epic! One of The Caverns Guild members, Womby, recently won such a commission from Indi Martin. He then proceeded to have this made for us and gave us all permission to use.

In case you do not read runic;
Crazy but Considerate
The Caverns

Go win something cool for yourself!

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2 thoughts on “April RPOTA Creation Contest Announced, Calling all Shroud of the Avatar Creators

  1. Bodhbh Dearg AKA Ard Rí Sídhe Dragon

    Looking forward to it, although I seem to have missed who the March winners are…

  2. Sir Stile Teckel (Post author)

    The Bear’s results haven’t come in yet but you can grab the result of the result from this thread here:

    Which are:
    “Kazyn Phoenixfyre”, Winning Character Entry ($25 Add-On Store Credit)

    No Eligible Factions Submitted ($25 Add-On Store Credit Unclaimed)

    No Eligible Locations Submitted ($25 Add-On Store Credit Unclaimed)

    No Eligible Standings Submitted ($5 Add-On Store Credit Unclaimed)
    “Noroc Day Shanty”, Winning Journal Entry ($10 Add-On Store Credit)

    “Virtue’s Forge”, Winning Storyline Entry ($25 Add-On Store Credit)

    “Sparrow Bay Recaptured, Renamed Port Phoenix”, Winning Timeline Entry ($10 Add-On Store Credit)

    No Eligible Quest Entry Submitted ($10 Add-On Store Credit Unclaimed)

    “Siblings”, Winning Story Vid Entry ($25 Add-On Store Credit)

    No Eligible ABC Music Submitted ($10 Add-On Store Credit Unclaimed)

    GRAND PRIZE WINNER? “Virtue’s Forge”, Winning Quest Entry ($70 Art Commission from Tortoise & Hare Creations!)


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