April 2 2016

Book Recommendation / Review – “The Alchemists Council” by Cynthea Masson

Just finished reading “The Alchemists Council” by Cynthea Masson and wanted to recommend it to my readers.

Coming out on May 10, 2016, you can pre-order a copy from Amazon if you are looking for something to read and are willing to take a chance on one of my choices.

I would call it a sort of Fantasy verse in which Alchemy takes the place of more traditional magic. Giving it a unique and enjoyable spin from the more magical fare.

The author creates a rich depth which made me feel connected to multiple characters. Drama, love, and intrigue are woven into political struggles which have been taking place throughout centuries. How things turn out could have disastrous effects for the rest of us normal people in the world!

I was happy at the longer than usual length of this novel, over 400 page. A delight as not only more value for your purchase it also allows you more time to become fully immersed in the unique world. Be warned, though, I spent each day thinking about the previous nights reading until I was able to complete this novel!

If it’s your type of genre, give it a try. You will be in for a treat!

“An intelligently written, character-driven fantasy novel . . . The Alchemists’ Council by Cynthea Masson definitely merits a gold seal of approval.” — BryceRaffle.com

If you think this may be up your alley just click the below image to pre-order on Amazon!

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