March 16 2016

New Britannia Theater Troupe to Present In Shroud of the Avatar – Where is Shooter Jennings!

That’s not the official title, of course, just taking some poetic license there!

I am sure that no by doubt you fully know that Shooter Jennings debut his album Countach in Shroud of the Avatar.

WHERE DID HE GO DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE EVENT? If you didn’t know, he vanished right during the midst of the party from the Bear Tavern. WHAAATTT???

Then later he shows up in a Tower in Vengeance… AND TO THIS DAY, NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE WENT!! [pullquote]AND TO THIS DAY NO ONE KNOWS WHERE HE WENT!![/pullquote]

Well The New Britannia Theater Troupe knows, and Fourteen talented voice actors are going to come together and with the help of Avatars Radio you will find out!

The adventure will broadcast on Avatars Radio at 9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT. You can also join the listening party at the Bear Tavern in game as well! [pullquote]9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT[/pullquote]

Here is a quote from Asclepius of the NBTT himself that he just turned into me on a scroll.

The recent Shooter Jennings party for the launch of his album “Countach” was possibly the biggest thing to ever happen in game. But the question remains – why did Shooter disappear at the height of the party in the Bear Tavern? And why was he found much later in a tower in Vengeance? What happened to him between those times?

As a result of extensive research, the New Britannia Theater Troupe can bring you, for the first time, the real truth behind these events, and the dramatic, previously unknown secrets that threatened to rock the very foundations of New Britannia.

Fourteen of the community’s best voice actors have come together to create a compelling and dramatic tale of bravery and heroism in the face of overwhelming odds. They have poured their hearts and souls into this production, and I consider it to be one of the finest we have ever produced.

You are all invited to return to the Bear Tavern – where the adventure initially started – for a Listening Party. The adventure will be broadcast on Avatars Radio at 9:00 AM on Sunday 3 April, NBT. Join us for an ale (or two) and hear the adventure unfold as we share in the experience together via the Aether Vibration Amplifiers.

The Bear Tavern is in Beran’s Reach, north of Brittany, or just zone to Gabriel Nightshadow. See you there!

Lord Asclepius

There is a forum thread with the details as well that you can also post a note in. Go over, post a note and put on it “Stile sent me”. Please? That way they know, I don’t just sit on my ass? *winks*

February 13 2016

Thank you to Rick/Elgarion of RPOTA.COM from The Caverns!

It’s exciting for me to be able to do a post expressing my thanks to one of The Sponsors of The Caverns!

Elgarion of recently signed up on Patreon to help support The Caverns! Without support of this nature I honestly would be in a lot of trouble both with my credit card company and my wife. Every dollar adds up and I appreciate what anyone can do!

I definitely want to talk a bit more about Elgarion and RPOTA beyond that though as the generosity certainly does not end there. If you haven’t been to or at least heard of the RPOTA.COM website, I would be very surpised. They have been featured multiple times in the weekly official Portalarium update for Shroud of the Avatar and they have a gorgeous website!


RPOTA stands for Role-Players of the Avatar. Or to translate that for those that may not understand it would mean for the person playing who is role playing a character. A place for stories, artwork, and more that the players can share in a community of people with similar interests.

They also cover in game role-play events, quests, videos, you name it! If you are a Role-Player you want to be involved in this group. Even if you aren’t they have a vast amount of information that any player will find useful so be sure to bookmark them. Here is a bit about them in their own words.

RPOTA, ROLE-PLAYERS of the AVATAR, is a social environment featuring a robust RP database which allows SOTA role-players a vehicle to connect with other like-minded individuals. Here, you will find a creative outlet for story writing and adventure creation. We are a community which feeds your desire to be someone else… a crazed barbarian, a cunning scoundrel, maybe a quirky wizard or perhaps a mysterious assassin. There are no limits here as to what character you can explore since we allow for any role-player or role-playing guild to join us from Shroud of the Avatar. Below are some spotlighted features at RPOTA.COM!

Thier support in the community is continual. Whether it’s events, quests, or collaborating with other groups they truly are always involved and trying to offer something.

Now one of my favorite things that they do and that I have been a fan of for a while now, is their monthly contest(s) in which they give away a 170.00 in Shroud of the Avatar store credit in addition to a grand prize of custom art from Tortoise and Hare Creations! So they are not only giving cool prizes to the community, supporting and promoting the game, but are also helping the game and others in the community.

Being a Patreon supporter of Tortoise and Hare myself, I love to see them doing this every month! Be sure to partake in their contests and get an opportunity at some of these great prizes yourself.

RPOTA Contest

Elgarion had also seen that Asclepius, Lord Baldrith, and myself were poking around a bit more and asking authors to please submit work to Echoes of The Caverns to be turned into podcasts. It’s very hard for just a couple of us to monitor thousands of posts and users for individual pieces of fan fiction and then also reach out for permissions and we were (and still are!) asking for the writers to please, please just send it to us and make life easy!

Collaborating with Echoes From the Caverns he coded and even put it into place on the Echoes site for us, cross-connection to the writers on RPOTA in terms of making it easy for them to submit stories for podcasting. If that’s not going above and beyond to lend a hand in the community I am not sure what is!

I always love the opportunity cross-collaborate with other people and groups and this has been a great experience so far. I hope we have more opportunities in the future and if you stop by their site, tell them The Caverns sent you!

Ankh Quill

January 26 2016

Echoes from The Caverns needs your help if you are a writer!

What many people do not realize about Echoes From the Caverns, is that it’s the exception that the authors and material come to us as opposed to us seeking it out.

When Lord Baldrith and Asclepius started running the majority of the day to day things, I left them with a large vault filled with many pieces to podcast!

Unfortunately these days the vault is running low and while we are keeping the work flowing, we really need the authors to send it to us.

Please read more details in this post by Asclepius over here on the forums:

zzzzzt…….bzzzzttt…..this is a public service announcement. Please allow a brief pause in the murder/mayhem/wild orgies for an update from the management…

OK, as you know we at Echoes from the Caverns love to bring you podcasts of the wonderful works that originate from you, the community. They are hosted on the website, and broadcast on Avatars Radio for all to enjoy.

Now as it happens I have locked into a great source for now – in the person of Elgarion De’Kahli – but I do ponder what will happen when that runs out. We want more wonderful stories, from more authors, representing a wide cross section of the community. Sadly, the “vault” is running a bit dry, which means that as soon as we see something it is snapped up and recorded! (Nice to have some reserves….)

Our usual method of finding stories is to trawl through the library section, and ask if we can podcast particular works. If we have overlooked anything I truly apologize – it’s a big forum, and hard to be across all of it.

My main message is – if you have written a story, poem or whatever, and would like to hear it as a podcast, PLEASE give us a buzz. It is so much easier than us trying to ferret out stuff, and risking missing out on a gem.

Also, Lord Baldrith’s awesome voice really needs a workout – if you would like your creation read by him, please just give the nod – it will absolutely happen!

So, you can have your piece immortalised in mp3 format by contacting or

Thank you for your attention, you may now return to your regularly scheduled program:)

Lord Asclepius

Since we are talking about reading, writing, and the literary arts, seems like a good place for a book recommendation.

Currently I am on the 2nd book of the Breakthrough series by Michael O Grumly. Found this under the Science Fiction on Kinlde Unlimited. Had great reviews etc,

I was getting tired of the typical SCI-FI and Fantasy, battle, assassin, Rogue, Kill, hunt sort of plotline. Wanted something that felt a bit more old school. Long story and challenges, reminisance of the Arthur C. Clarke type. Maybe due to my recent watching of Child Hoods End!

This fit the bill. Is not one of the best series I have ever read by far but it is certainly enjoyable!

October 16 2015

Banish the Darkness

Coming to you on 10/17/15 at Noon is a new full cast audio production being presented by The New Britannia Theater Troupe! Not only full cast but music and sound effects! I do a small “appearance” in this one myself!

You can listen to it for the first time on Avatars Radio!

If you want to enjoy listening to it with other people there will be a listening party in Shroud of The Avatar. The listening party is taking place in the Player owned town of Wizard Rest owned by Lord Baldrith! To join the party Feel free to /zone Asclepius or /zone Baldrith.

Asclepius posted this over at the SotA forums.

(From a notice in Avatars Circle by Amber Raine)

Sat, 17 October, 12:00 – 14:00
WhereWizards Rest
DescriptionThe New Britannia Theatre Troupe is proud to present the next segment of the on going saga written by Gabriel Nightshadow – Banish the Darkness! With the use of the Aether Vibration Amplifier and Avatars Radio – This will be a listening party. Join us in Wizards Rest for a few mugs of mead and great company as we gather round to listen to and meet and greet these fantastic voice actors.

To all the community – we would love you to join us as we air this awesome production. Filled with humor, drama, tragedy and triumph, it is a play not to be missed. It is a radio play, and will be airing on Avatars Radio at 12:00 CST this Saturday. While you do not have to be present to enjoy this amazing production, we want to make a social occasion from it, and Lord Baldrith has set up bleachers so there is plenty of room to party and meet and greet the actors. Aether vibration amplifiers are set up and ready.

We will also endeavour to provide drinks for anyone who has a thirst!

Look forward to seeing you there!!!

[Edit = /zone Asclepius or /zone Baldrith if you are lost!]

Last edited: Yesterday at 7:15 PM
-Asclepius, Yesterday at 6:59 PM

There’s a small possibility a life event may keep me away from the party, but most likely I plan on being there myself! Hope to see you and tell me Stile sent y.. err.. um.. Let’s skip that this time!

July 10 2015

Sneak peek on one of my projects

Now don’t get to excited about this. I started it months ago, and Im not sure how soon ill have it wrapped up. May be a while yet may not.

LOT to add to it yet. Many websites, etc.. and people also.

One thing to note is everything on it is a link. Either opening an email or taking you to a web page.

I am hoping long term, maybe, ill set it up so that its a front page when you go to the Would be easy to do as the site forwards currently. Many people have criticized me for having the site set up this way but honestly I did it that way, so that if I ever wanted and needed to do something like this I could.

I have a feeling though it’s going to be too large to do that with it. So well see. Right now my primary goal is a flowchart with links.

I personally can’t even remember or keep track of all the projects I am involved in or have been involved in in terms of websites and social sites. I need to make something for myself badly and thought doing it this way would make it awesome.

Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated! Better to have some thoughts before I work on the thing then after!

Flow Chart

January 28 2015

The Mad Hermit Works magic with The Helpful Mage!

Awwwwww yeaaaahh, thanks Mad Hermit!

In the mood for a voice acted play with music? Then The Mad Hermit has you covered, right over here! PLEASE give it a thumbs up on Steam even if you prefer watching it on Youtube!

Steam Community :: Video :: Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents – The Helpful Mage.

Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents – The Helpful Mage – YouTube.

The Mad Hermit

November 16 2014

Huge thank you to Asclepius!

Asclepius recently decided to help support the Caverns by contributing to my Pateron –! This is in addition to a donation he made last year during my funding drive to cover the costs of things for another year. He agreed I could both list him on my sponsor page as well as do a thank you post! Woot! (not many let me!).

If your not familiar with Asclepius he is one of the project heads working with and running Echoes from the Caverns. If your nto familiar with either him or Echoes form the Caverns… SHAME ON YOU!!

Echoes from the Caverns is a project Lord Baldrith and I started for podcasting. Initially Weekly news podcasting but later followed by poetry, fan fiction, and even music. Done in the style of old time radio shows with voice acting we work with a lot of people in the community including authors, voice actors, and other artists. Together we term them all “The New Britannia Theater Troupe”.

Asclepius came on board with us as a welcome and talented member of our team and has climbed in his contributions and level of participation until at times hes handling more of the work load then both Baldrith and I! Although we do cover each others backs so that varies *chuckles*.

Asclepius is considered a full partner of Echoes from the Caverns by Baldrith and myself these days and we know we would have been sunk more then once without him.

In addition to that he has been helping Direct and coordinate in game plays with live voice acting playing on Avatars Radio!

His next project with me is that he is actually putting some of his video editing skills to use and creating a Patreon video for me! On top of putting his time into doing that for me he is helping to help cover my costs? Hell of a guy!

Most importantly meeting Asclepius and working with him in relationships to these great projects has helped me find a great friend I look forward to spending time adventuring in another world with in the future!

Thanks for the support Asclepius! Show him your support and listen to his work over at Echoes from the Caverns as well as that of all of the other talented people who make it possible! Posts – Echoes from the Cavern.

Ankh Quill

November 12 2014

Lord Baldrith has tools!

No, I did NOT mean myself and other people that work with him *sighs*

Nope – what he has is CRAFTING TOOLS! Ok, so your a crafting type individual. The Wiki is nice for single reference but when doing a lot of crafting, well.. looking up one recipe at a time is not for me!

Ok, so you say “Right! We have Sir Isycl’e crafting book though, originally made by you and its DA BOMB!!!”

Yep, Agreed! Butttt.. sometimes you might want a list of what you can make and how to do it printed out next to you, or up on a screen without the need to actively change stuff on it. A “refrence only” sort of thing.

Thats where Lord Baldrith has your back, with this great crafting spreadsheet he made for himself but gave me the ok to distribute! I have it set up as a Google link for you and I have worked things out with him in such a way that whenever he makes an update on his computer.. within 24 hours it wi’l automatically be updated at this link also. So be notified when it updates by signing up!


November 11 2014

Check out these videos!

They Who Dwell in Darkness is a project put out by some of the members of The New Britannia Theater Troupe. First they wrote a play. Then it was recorded as an audio recording only, with voice acting and music. That in turned is played live on Avatars radio while those same people play their characters in Shroud of the Avatar and put on the play, typing the lines and using emotes in conjunction with the live radio broadcast.

If that sounds complicated, you should see what all takes place behind the scenes to do this and it’s amazing as I’ve watched them work on this how quickly they’ve gotten some serious work accomplished! When they started working on this projects I had no doubts they could put it together. I had some doubts that they could do it within the deadlines they gave themselves! Standing ovation guys!

A huge thank you to the Mad Hermit for his video efforts to capture this project! He put a LOT of time into this, as much if not more then anyone else. Truly awesome of him to do that! Lots of love from the Caverns Mad!

Shroud Of The Avatar They Who Dwell In Darkness (Live) – YouTube.

Now not to be left out when speaking of the Mad Hermit is his new video on a FULLY DECORATED Dukes Waterfront Castle! Wait, theres more.. here, read the details from the Mad Hermit himself!:

Join me as we take a stroll through this beautifully decorated Island Duke Castle commissioned by Winfield (Governor of PaxLair). All decorations were hand crafted using the in-game crafting system. The Duke Keep and Island Castle were generously donated by community member Spero Gottskraft. The decorations masterfully layed-out by the Great Decoration Designer Gaelis Trajan.

Now Enjoy his video and go give it a like!

Shroud Of The Avatar Fully Decorated Duke's Waterfront Castle – YouTube.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

November 6 2014

Ready, take 2, action! Those who dwell in the Darkness – LIVE!

Various members of The New Britannia Theater Troupe are doing it again! Live an in game “They Who Dwell In Darkness”.

If you missed this last time, please go view the great video by the Mad Hermit!

Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Group Presents – They Who Dwell In Darkness – YouTube.

So be there on 11/8/14 at 10AM CST.Same bat channel, same bat location as last time in Valemark – Paxlair.

Avatars radio will play a pre-made audio file of the play by the voice actors who at the same time will be playing their characters, in game, presenting the play!

Wow – that’s some serious work!

Come show your support!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe