October 13 2017

Helen Garriott Auction Spotlight + SotA Bonus Golden Moon Dial Auction Spotlight

This was an exciting auction to come across my radar, as while I have heard a lot of the Garriott stories I had never heard of this one!

Story or not the photo is fantastic. You can see the pure wonderment on Helen’s face, and Owen in the background has a huge grin!

$10.00 Starting bid with reasonable shipping, this is a cool addition to someone’s collection!

1973 Press Photo Helen Garriott aboard Skylab II capsule-1st Woman in Space | eBay

Since I hate doing auction spotlights for just 1 item, I figured I will use some of my own blog space for a couple of auctions I am running for Shroud of the Avatar items, one in particular.

If you didn’t Seed invest but are a collector, then you may have your eyes on many of the Seed invest items. Currently, I have an auction that just started, running just a tad over two weeks, for a Golden Lord British Moondial, taking place on Caveloot.com.

Auctions – Caveloot.com

The Moondial to rich for your blood? Do you have some house decorating you need to do or having trouble keeping your vendor stocked and need goods to sell for profit?

I also have an auction running for a “Massive House Decorating kit” that comes with hundreds of items that should allow you to at least get a fairly decent start on the job, including storage! Current bid is $55.00 and that is CHEAP for this kit!

Auctions – Caveloot.com

Have item’s you want to auction? We only charge a 10% commission and do all the work, while you tell us how to run it! Contact stile@thecaverns.net for more information. Also, have a nice layout with the details on the Shroud of the Avatar forums here: Online Auction Services at Caveloot.com – Perfect for Selling Golden Items! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

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July 10 2015

Sneak peek on one of my projects

Now don’t get to excited about this. I started it months ago, and Im not sure how soon ill have it wrapped up. May be a while yet may not.

LOT to add to it yet. Many websites, etc.. and people also.

One thing to note is everything on it is a link. Either opening an email or taking you to a web page.

I am hoping long term, maybe, ill set it up so that its a front page when you go to the caverns.net. Would be easy to do as the site forwards currently. Many people have criticized me for having the site set up this way but honestly I did it that way, so that if I ever wanted and needed to do something like this I could.

I have a feeling though it’s going to be too large to do that with it. So well see. Right now my primary goal is a flowchart with links.

I personally can’t even remember or keep track of all the projects I am involved in or have been involved in in terms of websites and social sites. I need to make something for myself badly and thought doing it this way would make it awesome.

Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated! Better to have some thoughts before I work on the thing then after!

Flow Chart

November 12 2014

Lord Baldrith has tools!

No, I did NOT mean myself and other people that work with him *sighs*

Nope – what he has is CRAFTING TOOLS! Ok, so your a crafting type individual. The Wiki is nice for single reference but when doing a lot of crafting, well.. looking up one recipe at a time is not for me!

Ok, so you say “Right! We have Sir Isycl’e crafting book though, originally made by you and its DA BOMB!!!”

Yep, Agreed! Butttt.. sometimes you might want a list of what you can make and how to do it printed out next to you, or up on a screen without the need to actively change stuff on it. A “refrence only” sort of thing.

Thats where Lord Baldrith has your back, with this great crafting spreadsheet he made for himself but gave me the ok to distribute! I have it set up as a Google link for you and I have worked things out with him in such a way that whenever he makes an update on his computer.. within 24 hours it wi’l automatically be updated at this link also. So be notified when it updates by signing up!