July 10 2015

Sneak peek on one of my projects

Now don’t get to excited about this. I started it months ago, and Im not sure how soon ill have it wrapped up. May be a while yet may not.

LOT to add to it yet. Many websites, etc.. and people also.

One thing to note is everything on it is a link. Either opening an email or taking you to a web page.

I am hoping long term, maybe, ill set it up so that its a front page when you go to the caverns.net. Would be easy to do as the site forwards currently. Many people have criticized me for having the site set up this way but honestly I did it that way, so that if I ever wanted and needed to do something like this I could.

I have a feeling though it’s going to be too large to do that with it. So well see. Right now my primary goal is a flowchart with links.

I personally can’t even remember or keep track of all the projects I am involved in or have been involved in in terms of websites and social sites. I need to make something for myself badly and thought doing it this way would make it awesome.

Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated! Better to have some thoughts before I work on the thing then after!

Flow Chart

November 24 2014

Crafting spreadsheet by Isycle and Lord Baldrith both updated!

The crafting spreadsheet by Lord baldrith has been updated! This is a simple refrence sheet, and he has updated it based on the new release. You can find this at www.thecaverns.net by hitting tools, and then crafting, from the Main menu!

Beyond that Sir Isycle has made some great updates to the one sheet to rule them all!

I think thats an apt name by the way.. One sheet to bind them, one… err anyway,

Heres the details of the update as well as some great tips from Sir Isycle himself:

Spreadsheet is Updated!!! Find it here, Also grab the folder if you don’t have it yet. Make sure you watch the earlier videos or at the least, Enable Macros & Content to run

Since there where so many changes to the recipes & new recipes, I decided to make a reset button on the Legend tab. What this will do is wipe the sheet & download all the recipes fresh, Then cycle through the Stats to program those. This is the same amount of data transfer but it’s saving from comparing this to that, etc. The other Update buttons are still there for the daily checks for new recipes.
Wiping the sheet will mean you loose any custom prices you’ve but I don’t think that’s an issue just jet.

Happy Crafting

*note* The new recipes do not yet have icons

You can get a copy of this in the same place as Lord Baldriths OR go to the forum thread and grab the link from the first post.. If you visit the forum and leave a note, tell em you saw it at the Caverns!

Crafting Recipies Spreadsheet- updated! | Page 3 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.


September 14 2014

The Scholars of Novia

The Scholars of Novia has had the details released. This includes a brief intro, guidelines, what they are about, and a forum thread. Basically the Stile summary version is that they will indicate they want people to put their stuff on the forums, within their guidelines. They will review, work with you, etc.. Until approved. If it gets approved it will be put on the SotA wiki as an archive, and they later plan on publishing it in game in books.

Here are some of the links and then Ill give you a side note piece of information that may be of HUGE interest to some of you out there, although at this point in time I am going to be somewhat vague about the details.

A quit introduction post
Scholars of Novia are now in business | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Official Forum
The Scholars of Novia | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The entire outline of guidelines, rules, details to the group, goals, etc..
Scholars of Novia – An Introduction and a Charter | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ok the side note:
Now there is also of course some controversy about this among the community. I know there are people who feel like it’s all a bit highly regulatory in terms of to participate you have all these regulations you have to follow and so forth. Some people would like to see a group in the community like this, that works together, provides feedback to support each other but not to regulate each other and the individual authors will write their own books in the game. In short working with others but ultimately having independent choice of freedom.

There are people that want to avoid the politics that come with such groups. Granted often you get more pats on the back and official recognition even for doing less work by belonging to one, but you do have to pay a price for that recognition in terms of answering formally to others, being required to do things you may not wish to, participate in things you may not agree with, and so on.

Now I am not stating any personal opinions here, just what I believe to be some truths based on.. well, people I have spoken to and whats been written in the forums! As those that know my work should be well aware of by now, I typically take a neutral stance on such things. On this debate I can see both sides of the argument and personally feel their is a place for both types of groups in the community… sooooo…

To use the official quote “Don’t Lawyer me Bro” – but.. Well, a little bird has told me (or was it the grapevine? hmm.. no this would be a bird), something like this IS happening and being put together by a few community members. A non-regulated group to support and help each other, but in a more causal manner. Put together by trusted and proven community members, quality and dependable tools, etc. So keep your eyes open over here at the Caverns and I will updated you when that unrolls IF it does – which I have every reason to believe it will. See? I told you I was going to be vague!

CDB Village books

August 2 2014

Now Seeking members of the Council of Scribes

This is the title of a new thread in the forums. It appears they are wanting to form a group of volunteers similar to something like the College of Arms but for player written books in the game. They are accepting Resumes so if this is a group your interested in joining, head over and check it out!

Now Seeking members of the Council of Scribes | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The point person for this as a community individual vs. a dev, is Winfield of Paxlair. This is a good choice, as Winfield is a great person that has shown he can complete projects. Firelotus will of course be working with the group and in making decisions.

Within less then a week prior to this official post, I also posted a forum thread that has a relationship to this if you are interested in taking a peek at that:
List of in game books AND sheet music | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

One of the other reason I like to see this project happening is that I have been planning offering a in game library to the community! It’s a project I have been working on for some months (although I have envisioned since Kickstarter). It is listed in the community spotlighted SotA Travel Guide and there are a lot of mentions on the forums as well as discussed on the Ultima Dragons Facebook group.

I also plan to try to coordinate with other in game libraries to keep an archive of what books which libraries have, who has extra copies, what they are missing, and so forth. This will allow setting up trading missing/needed books between such places.

Im not to certain how useful this is going to be. With Winfield being a part of this council (or at least in forming it), I don’t think its to big of a jump that Paxlair will see a Portalarium supported library in game (conjecture on my part). Regardless though I still plan on tackling my own due to the deep personal meanings it holds which is on the about page of the website I created for this project if you want to read it.

About | Sundries from Below.

Really good to see another community project open up that people from the community are able to participate in or that they are being invited to participate in. There is also a mention of a Wiki for them which I look forward to! It will make my of trying to establish an in game book list much easier!

Here are some guidelines that all writers should be aware of, that Firelotus posted:

Scribes of Novia Guidelines to Player Written Books

  • Stories should be no more than 300-500 words. There is no minimum word count, for all you Haiku fans out there.
  • Fan fiction can take multiple forms including poetry, song lyrics, sonnets, journal entries, folk-tales, or short stories; as long as the word count limit is maintained.
  • Collections, like poetry or fables, would also be awesome, as long as the collected works do not exceed 500 words.
  • NPC’s and locations must be consistent with actual gameplay.
  • Stories including other player characters or Dev characters without their consent will most likely not be approved/accepted.
  • Submitted pieces may be edited for grammar and spelling. Content revisions, however, will not occur without the author’s consent.

Any posts that do not meet the guidelines for consideration will be moved into the the FireLotus Tavern forum.

Book Shelves

June 21 2014

Thank you to the SotA Travel Guide team!

One of my future in game project’s is a Vendor shop, Library, Public crafting station, and Services. So that I can spend more time in game and less working on websites to accessorize my in game projects and playing I have set up a website for this venture now, rather then later. The name of the place is Called Sundries from Below (I also have other in game housing projects like this to be done yet).

To the point though, the SotA Travel Guide Team did one hell of an awesome RP type write-up on the shop! Is this is an example of what we will be seeing from them then this web site is going to be an invaluable resources for sure!!!

You can view it and them at the same time over here:

Sundries from Below « SotA Travel Guide.

Here is a copy of the write-up.

Located along the coast of Kingsport, The Sundries from Below is a large complex including a sprawling marketplace, a crafting pavilion, as well as a community library.

Sundries marketplace makes the most of the space available within the lighthouse to house a wide array of vendors. For shoppers’ convenience, the Sundry manager has striven to have a wide range of artisans with many of the lands disciplines represented. Outside of each shop visitors can find examples of the wares sold by that vendor preventing guests from having to inquire of each vendor, although sometimes determined shoppers can find one-time deals on items outside the vendors’ primary trade by stopping to speak with the shopkeepers. For visitors seeking a bargain, they can frequently be found on the top level of the lighthouse where there is an assortment of items on “clearance.”

New merchants and artisans who are interested in setting up shop are encouraged to contact the manager.

Besides the shops at the Sundries lighthouse, visitors will find a full set of crafting tables available for public use. The tables are of high quality and the lines are usually reasonable for public stations

Beneath the lighthouse, is one of the greatest collections of knowledge in all of New Britannia; the grand Teckel library. This library is as deep as the lighthouse is tall, filling five underground levels with tombs from across the land. The librarian professes to have a compendium of every book ever published in the land, with copies of most of them on site!

Books are organized into rooms by category making it relatively easy to find exactly what one is looking for.

(More information can be found at: http://thecaverns.net/sfb/about)

A couple of notes:

The Light house theme was one I REALLY like the idea of doing for this establishment. However after reviewing the Mad Hermit walk through again I am probably going to have to abandon it, although it breaks my heart to do so. The floor space this thing gives for a Founder Knights reward is awfully small! With us haveing 5 story housing in game (Dukes Castle) and possibly more coming that will be that high or taller, I think the Light house should be made about 12 stories tall to better represent what it is meant to be. Maybe also reduce the distance between each floor with regards to the steps (making it easier to go “up” at the same time). So while previously this was a “IF I can get a water plot” this now is really becoming more of a “AND if they revise the lighthouse to be more spacious” sort of thing. So I am guessing it won’t happen 🙁

They are aware of that though and the light house theme is a place-holder at this stage. Additionally the location isnt known of course but Kingsport was used because it’s costal 🙂

Fantastic job by them. Really honored they did the write-up and really love what they have going on!!!!

Header Logo

March 8 2014

This is one of my Favorite house walk throughs from the Mad Hermit!

The Founder Knights Lighthouse! I am really hoping to place one of these in game, but I doubt I will as it won’t be my primary house. I have a village plot (store bought), along with the light house blueprint on my account that I would like to do it with. However I am guessing that by the time all the pledge tiers (myself included of course), go through placement and we get down to the store plots.. and then we are competing on those, that it is very unlikely there will be water plots left!

Im going to hope though or if not initially that I can trade for a water plot over time. One of my planned establishments in game will be “Sundries From Beneath” (Name compliments of Wsye). Which will be a Vendor shop. Part of the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond housing plans (a separate project from the website that is just sharing a common theme/brand name).

Sundries from Beneath.. Guiding your way safely through the depths with the best equipment and guiding you back out into the world again with it’s light!

So here is the Mad Hermit’s video walk-through on this great building!

Shroud Of The Avatar: Founder Knight Lighthouse Home Walk-through – YouTube.

Sundries From Beneath

Sundries From Beneath