July 22 2017

SotA Supplier Spotlight Contest for 1 Million Gold – Updates!

Hello everyone, just some quick updates on this contest which were initially posted on this Journal here:
SotA Crafting Contract Bid – Earn a 1 Million Gold Work Bid Bounty + An Article on This Blog! – Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond

Please be sure to keep an eye on the forum posts here:
WTB Heavy Armor Gaiaism Set + other items – 1 million gold bounty + Blog article | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

I have added some additional information and clarification to this contest on the above forum link. Here is a copy of that information:


I realize that with the crafting system this means there is also a part luck factor. That’s a factor, and I think a good one as luck even applies in real life sometimes. It can be bypassed by making several pieces. this would mean you’re making more than i would be buying, but a good crafter is making and selling anyway and should be able to sell those on their vendors and to regular customers if they don’t want to rely on just luck, although I wouldn’t expect people to be trying multiple makes. I also figure someone crafting a lot would have things in stock to possibly choose from for this contest.

The idea here is to put a spotlight on resourcefulness, creativity, ability to come up with something for a difficult but large order, etc

We see all these contests taking place all the time. We know who the Best PvP’s are. We know the best fisherman, dancers, and radio shows. PvE’s, sellers, and all these other things. What about.. in a game supplier? Who can offer the best prices, the best equipment, the best recommendations, etc? It doesn’t even have to be a crafter. As a merchant myself, id be willing to bid for an order like this if I had things in inventory I could use to put together such an order, and I’d be willing to spend some time in game shopping around seeing what I could maybe put together at good prices for a profit. Or I might hit people on my contact list ive established business relations with and work with them.

So the idea is to pretend I’m the customer, and I sent you an order request. You can ask questions (just ask them publicly, so all people entering get the info). I’m offering you a million gold, and here’s what I want. I’m also coming across as easy to work with.. meaning.. if you do things little different here or there, I’m ok with it.. im relying on your expertise, to overcome my mistakes in saying what I want. In this particular instance though, you have competitors doing the same thing (I’m shopping around) – so who will make the best minor alterations, recommendations? Or have a little bit of luck streak that they come up with something a tad better? Or pounded out extras, or shopped for that one piece they weren’t getting how they wanted themselves, etc..

I would indicate, that this character will never be used for pvp, and only casual pve. He’s a merchant, crafter, hauler, and shopper, and that’s why I want his Strength to go as high as it can, and i want his movement boosted. I’ve had to carry as much as 14,000 weight with him before, although 500-1000 is more common. He’s also my crafter.. but i do want to take him out for casual PvE and want to start training his skills. I also want him to be able to do some of his own resource harvesting.

The goal is not to create equipment to go stand against the best fighters. its to create equipment that adds the best bonuses for lifting and speed… but, to use those same assets to their best extent possible, in combat as a secondary use. Additional stats on equipment can be used to help in combat and to boost his skills.


That is the operating in a budget part of this. I could have offered 2 million or even 5 (although i would have needed time to raise it, which is one reason i choose the 1 million amount.. I have it on me).

The main part to this though, are customers are going to have budgets. So the idea here is.. operate within that budget. I’m not asking anyone here to spend 3 million in resources to get a 1 million set of gear. I’m saying “whats the best you can do, towards what I want, for 1 million.. and that’s what you do”. Part of that will be based on your time, which can vary from person to person. How resourceful are they? How creative? efficient? lucky? there are all these factors that make one person stand out above others in their craft.

whos the best at that currently in this community? I’m trying to spotlight the style of player that i don’t think has had as much of a chance to stand out yet.

Also, I felt that blog article adds some value. I WILL spotlight every submission in the article, as well as the winner. I should have said that in the initial piece.

so I’ll do a more in depth piece of the winner as the focus.

the article will then have a summary area showing each entry, the scoring system I used, and the final score of each entry.

I feel the idea here is that this will help give the community a guide of who some of the best people are to contact this kind of work, and they’ll have a sort of portfolio of work to choose from.

What sort of value does this have for you in terms of marketing? You would have to decide that. At one time any blog post on SotA I did had an easy reach of 20K+ people, sometimes 100K. These days? I know it’s down, but I haven’t looked at my analytics in a long time. They aren’t important to me as I do what I do for enjoyment, and I did it when I had 5 views.:) I know it’s still a few thousand a week, most likely at least 10K.

An article like that will easily be 4-8 hours of work, maybe more. I felt it offered some marketing value and helps get this seen which is the idea.

I hope this helps a bit? I know I don’t always communicate the best, so I’ll continue to help to try to clarify anywhere I can.

I have had a few people let me know they are going to enter the contest and seem excited about it. I’ve had a couple pass along a thing or two they are doing that is very simple and creative, that made me smile. Overall I don’t have a feel for how much interest there is in this or how well it’s being received. It was an idea and can only see how it goes.:) Nothing but good intent meant though.

I hope it’s something all who participate in have fun with. More importantly, I hope to help spotlight some of the best suppliers in the community, to the community.

Also – Maybe the community may want to buy some of the sets that didn’t win? They would have the contact info to do so!

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May 21 2016

Announcing the Winners of the May 21st Caverns Giveaways!

As previously announced two drawings are being held today and here come the results!

The first giveaway I am announcing was for a new “The Leauge of Regrettable Superheroes” Hard Back Book. It is the Loot Crate edition and was distributed by Loot Crate in their subscription box service. The feature image on this post is the cover of this book.

To be eligible you had to have made a comment on my announcement post is all.

The die has been rolled and the winner is… JJ Swiontek! JJ I will be sending you an email using the address you used when commenting. If you do not receive and see this, please contact me so I can get your address details.

Next up is a Tabula Rasa coin and Dog tag, new in package!

Tabula Rasa Coin and Dog Tags

This one required you to have been a donator during a certain period or an active Patreon. I am rolling a die, and…

DING! – The Winner is *blinks* yep, *chuckles*, RICHARD GARRIOTT! I already have the necessary info and that will go out within the next few days.

I am going to start doing more giveaways here on The Caverns. I had planned on announcing another today. Alas, I am a bit buried though so stay tuned for another in the near future!

Thank you all.

May 6 2016

Win Shroud of the Avatar Store Credit or Custom Art from T&H

Role Players of the Avatar has put up their May contest which means you have another chance to win all kinds of stuff!

[pullquote]Giving Away $170 Add-On Credit & $70 Art Commission![/pullquote]

Elgarion also has a post up over in the Shroud of the Avatar forums if you want to jump in on any discussions for the contest or have questions.

Here ye! Here ye! Biographers, Historians, Diplomats, Journalists, Story Writers, Quest Designers, Videographers and Musicians! RPOTA is in dire need of your amazing talents! Role-Players of the Avatar is hosting a monthly contest to award those most famous with their quill, camera, piano or lute! Piano or Lute you ask? Why yes! A module has been added for sharing ABC files, so an accompanying contest was also created!

Want to get in on this but not sure what to do? Try writing, and if you need help just hop over to Writers of the Round Table. The writers there are a great resource and typically more than willing to offer input for your writing projects. Fantastic website! I am biased though as I host it *grins*.

January 5 2016

BMC Guild holding contest and they are shooting for the moon!

So this came across my Radar and I thought some of my readers may be interested. Why you may ask? If you have the best ass you win $500.00!

Here’s a snippet from the official post in the forums by Duke Ezekiel.

To ring in the new year, I’m calling out to BMC Members and the community alike, to get your ass in the stretch goal store of Portalarium today!
Everybody knows that a little ass can go a long ways, especially when your tired and worn out.

I’m proud of my ass, and if your proud of your ass too, post a picture and show that ass off.
If you don’t have an ass, never fear friend, you can have a beautiful ass today for only $20 in the stretch goal store.

BMC has a little over 600 members and I hope everyone of them shows their ass on this thread.
I invite the WHOLE community to show their ass.

“The BMC will give $500.00 (Cash) to the best ass in Novia if the stretch goal is met by January 1, 2017.
The picture (Other than mine) with the most “Likes” wins and will get their ass loaded up with cash!”

Get over to the forums and read it all, get in on this, and tell them Stile sent you!


June 23 2015

Coolness on Tuesday

If your DEV+ for Shroud of the Avatar and you want Assets, then you will want to be sure to grab the Mimic asset pack that has been posted! Note, this link wont work if you are not DEV+.


Many of the Caverns website links, if they are Google links – still do not work. Im sure you saw my earlier posting on this and im working on it!!!

In fact… Due to the weirdness of the internet issues I AM having, and due to the fact they are outside of my skill level (a hard thing to admit. In 30 years, I’ve rarely made that statement when involving hardware setup.. so be easy on me please!). Well.. the point is I decided to hold a contest!

Now I HAD thought about hiring a service tech to do onsite for me. ultimately I thought “Id rather that money go to the SotA community and Shroud of the Avatar”. So I put up a contest on the Shroud of the Avatar Facebook group, indicating a 100.00 reward to whomever solved this problem. Ive listed all the trouble shooting ive done. Sorry if you missed this but all the more reason to join the group!!


Now, things turned out.. a bit more complicated then I thought. So its falling into possibly 2 winners (ouch.. I hadnt planned on that). Ben Stephens has won a 100.00 in Store credits for Shroud of the Avatar at his suggestion that I try a different network card. This HAS helped immensely in that my internet speeds immediately boosted. The connectivity issues are not completely gone but the fact I can get more done in between shit not connecting is a huge help, and since it eased the problem the Virtues said I must pay him! So he has been 🙂

Beyond that, please do not post suggestions at this time if you drop by. I still have two more to try (im short on time during the week!) before I can really take more. Ill update again in the group soon.

So back to the original topic – once I get this fixed, and Google drive is able to connect long enough to upload 80 gigs of files, my Google links will begin working again. Sorry for the down time but thank you for your patience. As you can see.. i found a way to put that down time back to the game!

MMORPG posted an interview video on Youtube with Starr and Richard. I haven’t been able to watch this so if there’s anything really cool thats new, drop a comment on it! (from E3)

This article over at Examiner.com (an E3 piece) has been fairly popular and even is being passed around by Port itself on Tweeter and facebook. Because I wanted to make sure YOU knew about it, I actually haven’t read it yet. Did do a skim and it looks like its well broken apart by subject and has a lot of great topics. This is going on my personal read ASAP list!

Shroud of the Avatar may be careful not to run afoul of intellectual property rights, but it’s not shy about clearly showing its roots.

Go read it all: http://www.examiner.com/article/e3-2015-interview-lord-british-returns-with-shroud-of-the-avatar

Our Lord British’s Curtain Theater in Austin made the news again. This time by Broadayworld.com. The piece is titled

Austin Shakespeare’s Young Shakespeare Adds 6/24 Performance of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM

You can find it over here:

Now I promised a while back I would share some of my photos from my visit to a play at the Curtain.. Unfortunately I am still waiting on my wife for most of those, so only have a few to share at this time.

Another reason you may want to go join the Shroud of the Avatar Facebook group (here: ) is that Dennis Loubet has been sometimes sharing some of his art with us! Heres is a short link to the most recent.

February 8 2015

A whole lotta more stuff!

I think from what we are seeing so far it is clear that Shroud of the Avatar will have some strong ties to the single player game Underworld Ascendant which comes from Ultima Underworld, a game near and dear to my heart (and in my collection!). As such I put a page for it under the links section of my site and I plan on kickstarting it (just waiting to see if we have a cross promotion right now).

Well, im not the only one! The community is already getting a wiki going and its being done by a lot of names you should recognize. Go read it for yourself!

UnderWiki: The Underworld Ascendant Wiki – The Ultima Codex.

Looking for a lot in game? Not sure where to find one? Saw an empty one don/t need it but will share it? There was a thread for that for R13 and tradition is being carried over into R14. So go find it here and tell them the Caverns helped you find them!

R14 available lots!!! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Do you like to decorate houses? Testing the decoration system for R14? just want to win free stuff? Then enter the decoration contest!

Decoration contest! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

As a side note I’m really excited to see how many of my guild members are in this event. GO TEAM!

Bear Tavern has another PvP event taking place called Guild vs. Guild. Taking place on 2/22/15 go read about it all here!

Bear Tavern Brawl – Guild vs Guild (Expression of Interest) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ankh Quill

January 28 2015

The Competition of the R13 Obstacle Race of Faith is coming to an end very soon – 6 hours till midnight central CST

Myrcello is an awesome person that has helped me out many a time and this contest hes running for the community further shows to how awesome he is!

If you haven’t participated yet, time is running out!!!! Standings are close! Check some of this out!

We have a very very Close current Standing!

1. Net takes over the lead with the awesome time of : 1:55.326 minutes

2. Player Killer takes the second spot with 1:56,783 minutes

and a honoroble 3 place for Logain with 2:45 minutes

We still have it 4:01 PM and some hours till the official Submission time has ended.

The official Winning Post will be placed for all to see in the General Forum at 12: PM.

This is the thread for further Information about winning Prices and all:


CDB Dice

January 17 2015

Things of interest

Here’s another compilation of various pieces of this and that you may want to look closer at!

So I thought this looked pretty cool. Now the event already took place, but its a great concept and some photos are posted, so you may want to check it out.

The New Britannia’s Builders of Bemusing Bewilderments (4B) proudly present fully decorated 5-level town basement. With 4 level deep maze, dance floor, bar, DJ booth and much more. And of course – the cake.

Here’s the link to the thread to get the full thing!
The cake is not a lie! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Gaming Bolt published an article on their impressions for the game. This is a long article and many in the SotA forums feel the author seems to be lacking understanding in a lot of areas and has some miss-understandings about features.
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Hands On Impressions « GamingBolt.com: Video Game News, Reviews, Previews and Blog.

Massively put out a short little tid bit on elemental’s. Really short. You may already have the gist. On a related topic, I love the new air elemental. In fact I would love to have a 3-d printed model of one of them just so I could paint it!
Shroud of the Avatar's elementals run (not so) wild | Massively.

If you misses the R13 welcome quests, here is the thread for those events to see how it all went.
Welcome Quest in R13 – by Royal Warrant | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

House decoration prizes WIN MONTY! Thats right, if your into house decorating, you wont want to miss this one!

The idea is to give people some time and decorate their homes (having a decorated basement is a plus!) This time it will be a bit shorter since r14 is around the corner. But we had enough time for decorations before this, so people that already did some will have a slight advantage. First, second and third place will get a small reward in the form of some store credits. Donated by Gaelis Trajan and myself.

1st : 15$
2nd: 10$
3rd: 5$

Go catch the full contest details on the forums!
Decoration contest | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

January 1 2015

Another community contest – win a Hot Tub!

Ok, contests always rock especially when they come with free stuff!!!

January four, 14 CST, 20 UTC, in front of the door of the big labyrinth of Riya in Owl’s Head. In the center you will find Riya and a clue to meet the next person and clue in all around Novia. Find the follower of the Vortex Llama in the end of the road! Be the first and win a hot tub.

Head over to the forum thread to get the full details and discuss it!
4th jan: Where is the llama contest | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

December 24 2014

First PK Invitational – posted by player Killer

So if PvP is your main thing, your may want to get in on this.

Prize Pool : 15$ Store Credit

1. Place : 10$ Store Credit
2. Place : 5$ Store Credit

There will be either 4 or 8 Wildcards for this Tournament. This Tournament most likely won’t place at one day. i will record every fight and i will try to edit something neat out of it 😉

Wilcards will be handed out to different Tournament Winners / PVP Guild / Any person that showed off hes worthy.
-Player Killer

So head over to the forums to read all the details and participate if your interested. Tell em you found your way from the Caverns!
Discussion in ‘Release 13 Events’ started by Player Killer, Dec 15, 2014.

via R13 – First PK Invitational | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.