October 30 2018

Become the Prince of the Brewing World in Shroud of the Avatar

A recent forum post in the Shroud of the Avatar Market sections of the forums caught my attention.

I am taking offers on 1200 cask of 2 year whiskey stage in 300 cask maturing per week.

I just finished stage one of my 7 year rotation and I am going to stop my current 2 year production. I had 300 more cask to keep the steady rotation but moved them into the 7 year chain.

rather than just putting these into the production of 7 year yet I am taking offers for trade and sale before I move on to stage 2 of my 7 year rotation.

each batch vendors for 96,000g with around 51,000g profit your mileage may vary based on you material cost.

I don’t have a hard price and I am not in a hurry to sell if I choose to.
nonaware, Yesterday at 5:10 PM

So to summarize this.
-They have created a Brewing system, and maintain it, that generates them approximately 51,000 Gold per week in profit or 200,000 per month.
-200K is enough to pay rent on a City lot in the game.
-It is enough to pay for basic adventuring costs, food potions, and other things (taking into account you will also earn on your adventures).

In short, proof that in Shroud of the Avatar you can be a professional ale brewer as your main in-game profession. Well done Portalarium!

Forum thread can be found here. Tell them Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond sent ya!
~WTS~ 1200 casks of 2 year Whiskey (300 casks mature weekly) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

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July 18 2017

SotA Crafting Contract Bid – Earn a 1 Million Gold Work Bid Bounty + An Article on This Blog!

I have seen a lot of cool events in Shroud of the Avatar. Many of which I helped create! It has been a long time since I have done anything though, and part of that is I just have not had much inspiration.

So, I came up with an idea for a bidding contest with a big payout budget, when I was tired of hitting vendors in the game.

Here’s the deal! I am looking for a full set of equipment for one of my characters. To enter the contest you must not only supply a list of the equipment you would recommend (with stats!), but please include notes as to why you are choosing each piece.

I have posted a summary piece on this in the forums over here:
WTB Heavy Armor Gaiaism Set + other items – 1 million gold bounty + Blog article | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

I will run this contest until the end of July. Meaning all entries must be submitted by July 31st, Midnight, Eastern Time.

You can PM the entries to “Sir Stile Teckel” on The Shroud of the Avatar forums or you can also email it to me using stile@thecaverns.net with the subject “Equipment Contest”. Document attachments are fine (just about any format is ok).

After I have had enough time to review all of the entries, I will pick the winner and post announcements.

You are building this to sell, and deliver, on a budget!!! You can spend more than a million gold on your time and resources, but 1 million is the payout for the sale. You do not get the gold until the equipment is being delivered. Part of this is to show that as a crafter/resource gather/thief (however you would obtain the gear), what you can do for a customer based on their budget. Whoever can do the most based on that budget, is showing how far they will go to get the business!

To sweeten the pot, and because I am just having fun doing this, the winner will also receive a full sized blog post here at The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond. [pullquote]also receive a full sized blog post here at The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond[/pullquote] An article showcasing the final build with photos and all that good stuff!

The information you send for your entry will also be used for the article (write-ups on why you are choosing what, any photos you might include, stat information, etc). Additionally, if you’re willing there may be some interview questions.

This post will include information to where and how you can be contacted by anyone wanting to hire your services, after showing the community you are the best of the best! If you have a website, forum thread, or anything like that I will link those as well. Don’t have a website or any online presence and would like one? Maybe I can help out with that as well.

Ok, I am going to describe the “purpose” and skills being used, followed by some of my equipment thoughts. It is then your job to take it from that point.

Equipment slots to supply, include:
Weapon – Polearm

Off hand
Belt for combat use

The set is to be designed with two purposes in mind.

The first is that the set should add as much strength bonus and if possible/any as much move bonus increases it can.

The character in question will be using a Belt of the Ox (Already owned), to maximize his strength and bonuses, for carrying capacity. When not in combat of course.

This leads us to our second use. Combat.

So to talk about combat lets talk about what he will have for training. Polearms, Heavy Armor, Earth, Sun, Some tactics, and a dash of wind for dash and blink are what is planned to train for now. Character training has not begun yet.

Stat attributes im most interested in:
+ to Move
– To Fizzle Chances

Increases to Earth or sun spells and attunements.

I’m primarily guessing that most of this would be made using Gaiaism. The Chest piece would need to be heavy armor as that’s the planned armor skill. Other pieces could be heavy, light, or chain, depending on what you think would make the best setup/mix, or it could be all plate or all chain.

Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Questions? I will make sure any questions sent to me are added with answers to the comments section of this post, as well as getting back to everyone. Thank you and good luck!

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November 22 2016

So, You Want To Be a Farmer In Shroud of The Avatar?

While farming is not a complicated profession in Shroud of the Avatar (at least yet), it does have a few aspects to it. Personally, I find the thing to be most concerned about is how often to water!

Whatever you’re wanting to know though should be covered in this video! So grab your sunflower seeds and kick back and check out Val’s Gardening Tutorial.

1 – The Basics (r35): Covers the types of seeds, how to plant, and timings for watering for Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues release 35.

May 8 2015

Things to talk about and some tools for R17

Arianna Sota posted over on Google some time lapse videos of Net’s maze being built. That may be of interest to you, kinda cool!


Playing in R17 and not sure how to get your hat? The Mad Hermit shows you how with this guide to the R17 Grand Tour Hat Quest!

Or is it XP you need in R17? The Mad Hermit shows you how to get a big chunk quickly!

Need help with crafting in R17? Sir Isycle is a one man machine that continues to update and roll improvements and features on the Crafting Spreadsheet!

The official thread: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/crafting-recipies-spreadsheet-updated.9486/page-5#post-360997

Koldar continues to keep the pledge rewards spreadsheet, showing you what rewards you get in many different ways! Visit his forum thread for details or to tell him how awesome this is!


Recap sends out a fun video as a thank you for all those that helped back the Neon Milk album! Great special appearance from Walter and Beatrice so be sure to check it out. I found it enjoyable!!!!

Now if your playing R17 and exploring Novia a map may be of some aid. Birko has posted a fairly cool on over on the forums so I will let him tell you about it and show you to it! Just head on over and tell them the Caverns sent you!


Unfortunately that is all my time for now, even though I have a back log of 800 emails to still review *winks*. Which means more WILL be coming at some point!

Coming to you from the Caverns via Stile Teckel, I hope this information found its way into your lap and was of interest or aid!

Ankh Quill

December 6 2014

Don’t Eat that its Nightshade! The Mad Hermit tells you all about it!

“Shroud of the Avatar How To Find And Identify Magical Reagents” Is a new video the Mad Hermit has recently done, because ya know, that’s what he does!

In this video I show you how to find and identify magical reagents in Shroud of the Avatar Pre-Alpha R12. Magical Reagents are needed for casting higher level spells and can be purchased from certain vendors. They can also be obtained by killing certain creatures, field dressing certain animals, harvesting plants and mining rocks.

If you found this video helpful make sure to like it and subscribe to my channel.

Magical Reagents Discussed
Black Pearl
Corpse Wax
Mandrake Root
Serpent Scales
Spider Silk
Sulfurous Ash
-The Mad Hermit

Shroud of the Avatar How To Find And Identify Magical Reagents – YouTube.

The Mad Hermit

November 24 2014

Crafting spreadsheet by Isycle and Lord Baldrith both updated!

The crafting spreadsheet by Lord baldrith has been updated! This is a simple refrence sheet, and he has updated it based on the new release. You can find this at www.thecaverns.net by hitting tools, and then crafting, from the Main menu!

Beyond that Sir Isycle has made some great updates to the one sheet to rule them all!

I think thats an apt name by the way.. One sheet to bind them, one… err anyway,

Heres the details of the update as well as some great tips from Sir Isycle himself:

Spreadsheet is Updated!!! Find it here, Also grab the folder if you don’t have it yet. Make sure you watch the earlier videos or at the least, Enable Macros & Content to run

Since there where so many changes to the recipes & new recipes, I decided to make a reset button on the Legend tab. What this will do is wipe the sheet & download all the recipes fresh, Then cycle through the Stats to program those. This is the same amount of data transfer but it’s saving from comparing this to that, etc. The other Update buttons are still there for the daily checks for new recipes.
Wiping the sheet will mean you loose any custom prices you’ve but I don’t think that’s an issue just jet.

Happy Crafting

*note* The new recipes do not yet have icons

You can get a copy of this in the same place as Lord Baldriths OR go to the forum thread and grab the link from the first post.. If you visit the forum and leave a note, tell em you saw it at the Caverns!

Crafting Recipies Spreadsheet- updated! | Page 3 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.


November 11 2014

Check out these videos!

They Who Dwell in Darkness is a project put out by some of the members of The New Britannia Theater Troupe. First they wrote a play. Then it was recorded as an audio recording only, with voice acting and music. That in turned is played live on Avatars radio while those same people play their characters in Shroud of the Avatar and put on the play, typing the lines and using emotes in conjunction with the live radio broadcast.

If that sounds complicated, you should see what all takes place behind the scenes to do this and it’s amazing as I’ve watched them work on this how quickly they’ve gotten some serious work accomplished! When they started working on this projects I had no doubts they could put it together. I had some doubts that they could do it within the deadlines they gave themselves! Standing ovation guys!

A huge thank you to the Mad Hermit for his video efforts to capture this project! He put a LOT of time into this, as much if not more then anyone else. Truly awesome of him to do that! Lots of love from the Caverns Mad!

Shroud Of The Avatar They Who Dwell In Darkness (Live) – YouTube.

Now not to be left out when speaking of the Mad Hermit is his new video on a FULLY DECORATED Dukes Waterfront Castle! Wait, theres more.. here, read the details from the Mad Hermit himself!:

Join me as we take a stroll through this beautifully decorated Island Duke Castle commissioned by Winfield (Governor of PaxLair). All decorations were hand crafted using the in-game crafting system. The Duke Keep and Island Castle were generously donated by community member Spero Gottskraft. The decorations masterfully layed-out by the Great Decoration Designer Gaelis Trajan.

Now Enjoy his video and go give it a like!

Shroud Of The Avatar Fully Decorated Duke's Waterfront Castle – YouTube.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

October 26 2014

Sir Isycle updates the crafting spreadsheet!

Sir Isycle put out another great update to the crafting spreadsheet and this one is getting a lot of help from the Wiki. This will definitely make future updates easier to do!

Basically it grabs information from the Wiki database which updates existing recipes, grabs updated graphical images, and adds new recipies.. thats all! *smirks*

Fantastic Isycle!
Public Caverns Crafting Book – Dropbox.

Crafting Sheet V23 – YouTube.


September 27 2014

Need to craft during R10? Sir Isycle is the craftiest of them all!

Sir Isycle has recently revamped the Crafting spreadsheets. We had been talking a bit, bouncing around ideas, and he decided to “hide” a lot of the behind the scenes work that goes into this thing. So the user has a lot less to worry about and its.. less intimidating!
Public Caverns Crafting Book – Dropbox.

You now have 3 main sheets.

The Legend page, is important! Currently you will not you have a spot to put your mark-up. In the future as crafting becomes more complex this is probably the sheet where you will indicate your skill level, the type of table your using, and the tools you are using. Allowing the rest of the document to pull from that spot in all its failures, critical, skill gain, etc.. calculations! At least that’s how I see it being done but don’t hold me to it, as Isycle might come up with a better idea or go a different direction.

The second page is a “single” page. If you just want to know how to make something? Go to this page and just click on what you want from the drop down column, and it’ll show you.

The “Recipe” sheet is where things get serious! This is where you are making bulk orders and you want filterable lists on what all you are going to need, serious cost calculation, skill types, etc.. Or if you want to use it as an order form to send to someone. This is the page that is for the serious crafter! The buttons on the top left will allow you to change the display, just hover over and a pop-up legend will display!

I was able to play around with this new version for a few minutes and get a good feel for how he has everything working in it without to much trouble. If you however need a bit more then that to really understand how to use it, then check out the latest instructional video!

Crafting Sheet V23 – YouTube.

Have suggestions? Drop Sir Isycle a note or drop me one and ill pass it onto him! Huge thank you to him for his continuation on updating this great tool! Also a thank you to SotA Wiki for the ability to grab info from their database for things such as the images.

August 19 2014

Sir Isycle takes the crafting spreadsheet to another level.. AGAIN!

Each time Isycle comes up with another great idea for the Crafting spreadsheet, I am always thinking.. wow, good luck topping that one man!!! Sometimes hell toss an idea at me and ill be like “That’s cool.. but, man the work….”. He has added another new feature and thanks to the wikis database this one won’t be hard to maintain! Just in time For R9!!!

Im going to quote him as he tells it better:

Update #19 Woot, just in time for R9. Pictures/Icons, There are now little pictures associated with every item so you can see the thing your wanting to craft before you craft it, Thanks to SotaWiki for the pictures & the work they do for the community. New Video as well.
Didn’t mention in the video but the Resources folder needs to be in the same folder as the sheet for the icons in the Single sheet tab to auto update. If you don’t want to download the HUGE folder (1 mb) the the Single Tab will not auto populate with pictures as you select items, the rest of the sheets will still have icons since they do not change.


Crafting Recipies Spreadsheet- updated! | Page 2 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Downloads and video links:

Crafting Tools – Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond.