February 9 2016

Rare Flexible Sandstone and a Visit to the Twins!

No, I am not making an adult movie! This is a two-fer Tuesday piece!

The first is I noticed this little tid bit over on Scientific American. A quick 60 second video in the name of Science with Shroud of the Avatar‘s very own Richard Garriott. Where our Lord British does the impossible (well, apparently not!) and flexes some stone like it’s rubber.

Science nothing. We all know it’s magic!


Want to look at some more recent Shroud of The Avatar game play? Some community members posted a video after doing a little mob killing and they paid a visit to the Twins in game.

Oops, you just made a wrong turn in The Caverns and went down a side passageway! That’s ok though, it’s all adventure here!

I caught the second season of Galavant in a binge watch session last weekend and thought id pass on the show as a recommendation.

If you are not familiar with Galavant it is a TV series that is based in a renaissance based era and that is done as, you ready for this? A Musical! I should add, with a LOT of Comedy.

Not hard to binge watch as the episodes are about 20 minute long (and I imagine require a LOT of work for that!). Extremely well done and I even bought the soundtrack for the first season.

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