June 26 2015

Its almost the weekend , R19 happens, and other coolness

Id be very surprised if anyone that reads my stuff is not aware that R19 takes place today. Be sure to go re-train! I heard from one of my guild mates that the skills are being wiped. You do not loose the points, but you need to train again!

Of course, you will also want to grab the R19 instructions: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/?p=51456

Even though ill continue to keep you updated with new things as I can, there’s also some stuff I still haven’t shared and im sure you think I am slacking, so here you go!

Ok, so heres an MMORPG article I think you will want to read. Why? It’s one of Red Thomas’s pieces and they rock!

This month’s release of Shroud of the Avatar, much like the last, has a significant focus on combat. The team has been hard at work updating several areas of that core component of gameplay, but they haven’t done it alone. According to Shroud of the Avatar‘s Technical Director, Chris Spears, the team has invited several members of the community to special scrum and play sessions as the developers work to dial in the combat system.

Go read the whole article! http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/935/feature/9805/Shroud-of-the-Avatar-Release-19-PlayerCentric-Development.html

Want to hire some custom art from Tortoise and Hare? They got you covered! Indi Martin set up a site to take orders, limit them to a certain amount, show where your at in line and all the kind of stuff.. and rates! As someone that’s purchased one I highly recommend it!


Check out the Deviant art site to see completed work! http://indigowarrior.deviantart.com/

This may be a bit short notice for many of you, but hopefully someone sees this that can make it! This was posted by Winifield over in the Shroud forums. I can state that the Baron’s men are fantastic!

Planning a casual Austin Gathering for …

Classic Game Fest 2015
The Baron’s Men Play

Saturday, July 25, 2015

… and continue through Sunday, July 26 as desired!

There is a coincidence in the stars (or at least some dates)
that offer a very casual and no-host type of gathering for a day or weekend.

Interested people can come together at the Fest, have a casual dinner,
attend the Baron’s Men play, and do more!

Richard Garriott and Starr Long will be at the Classic Game Fest 2015
(also see SotA Upcoming Events Link)

Go see ALL the details and his full post:

You may need some help on your hat quests, and I just saw this floating around!

Now if your a Shroud of the Avatar Lord of the Manor and want to hide gps tracking in your framed Alkalabeth (or hey, your like me and you want it on your dogs and keys.. but that’s just not very realistic for a GPS).. Theres finally an option for that! Check these out! (yes this is off topic, but seriously.. i wish I had bought these sooner. My wife lost her keys a few days ago! and if it saves my pets life? for 15.00? ok… id regret not doing it and passing this along for the same reason, to my fellow geeks and pet lovers). http://thetrackr.com/?ref_code=G8ec8

March 29 2015

News for the masses

So if your in R16 yet, you may want to do the hat quest.. oh wow, I’m suppose to be doing that tonight.. Right…

*The next day*

So if your like me you got your R16 hat quests done a bit later then planned, then got side tracked and forgot about a blog draft you where working on!

If your not like me you may need to know how to do that which is where one of my favorite Hermits will help you out!

Shroud of the Avatar: How To Get The Black Lepus Mask – YouTube.

Looks like SotA got a little press over on this Italian website for R16.

Shroud of the Avatar: Release 16 – MMORPG ITALY.

MMORPG did another large piece on Shroud of the Avatar for R16. You can find that just by clicking over….

Shroud of the Avatar | Release 16 – Defying Tech-Debt | MMORPG.

On a similar note if you had missed it here was a really good one that MMORPG posted for R15.

Shroud of the Avatar | Release 15: Unity 5 and Crafting | MMORPG.

Not to be missed, they also did this one for R14!

Shroud of the Avatar | Robert Lashley | Shroud's Release 14 Walkabout | MMORPG.

Worth playing put out a piece in regards to Shroud switching over to Unity 5.

Worthplaying | 'Shroud of the Avatar' Upgrades To Unity 5 Engine.

Here it is again, footage from the first wedding in Shroud of the Avatar compliments of the Mad hermit. I really wish I could have made this event!

Shroud Of The Avatar First Wedding In New Britannia – YouTube.

Holt Ironfell has a tribute song up over here that you can listen to and if you really like it you can purchase a copy.

Forsaken Stones (Trance Tribute to Shroud of the Avatar) – YouTube.

Be sure you read this interview from the Escapist with Starr Long. Great interview!

| | The Escapist.

I am excited that Tracy Hickman will be doing a book for Underworld Ascendant. It’s definitely making the news and Gamsutra was one of those that did a piece about it.

Gamasutra – Press Releases – Tracy Hickman stretch goal for Underworld Ascendant.

Ankh Quill

March 9 2015

Pieces of late

So Richard shared this recently via twitter. Some Real life jousting is going to be taking place at Britannia Manor! If you have been to a renaissance faire before, chances are what you saw where actors. It IS POSSIBLE you have been to one before though in which it was SCA jousters that take it very seriously, are very safety minded about the entire thing, but make no mistake do the real thing (with in reason of safety of course). Ive been to one such and it is awesome! Looks like Richard brings it home!

A’ Plaisance, Ltd.

Source: Richard Garriott on Twitter: "@TheSpoonyOne You may get your chance!!! Watch this space!!! http://t.co/9GJoRfZqUL Return of real jousting to Britannia Manor!".

If you haven’t gotten your R14 hat yet, the Mad Hermit has done a how to for us for The Silver Jester Carnival Mask! So visit the drive-in, crank your tesla coil, and watch the flick!

Shroud of the Avatar How To Get The Silver Jester Carnival Mask – YouTube.

If you missed the wedding of Keira and Roper then be sure to head over and visit the forum thread where vows that where spoken, screen shots, and other things of like nature are taking place!

The wedding | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

If you enjoy decorating or are thinking about just trying it out, be sure to get involved in the R15 decoration contest! Judging takes place on March 20th. You can see the details over here:

The R15 Decoration Contest | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

And from my side of things, very late. Im sure youve gotten it by now, but to be through.. Update #114!

As always I would encourage you to listen to Lord Baldrith and Asclepius bring the news to you in a fun and entertaining discussion format!     Newscasts – Echoes from the Caverns.

Visit the official update 114 yonder,
Update of the Avatar #114 – 2015.02.27: Underworld Funded and Final Week Push, Crowfall Funded, Jabbering Bertha, SotA’s 1st Wedding, Rick’s Spectral Mines, and More! | Shroud of the Avatar.

The always helpful official summary:

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

Play Release 15 Now!
Underworld Funded – Now Entering Final Week!
Crowfall Kickstarter Funded in 3 Days!
Final Week for Massively Kickstarter
First Wedding in New Britannia
Rick Holtrop’s Spectral Mines
In-game Community Weekend Events
Sir Frank’s Writing Contest (with Prizes!)
Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
Changes to Store Credit Conversions
Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
How to Cancel Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
This Week In The News
Upcoming Events


Speaking of the first wedding. If you missed it, not to worry. The Insane hermit person we all love and know that goes by the Mad Hermit once again went around people and recorded this thing for you!

Shroud Of The Avatar First Wedding In New Britannia – YouTube.

If you missed them and need them, then wow.. is this going to help you out. Release 15 instructions:

Release 15 Instructions – Unity 5 is Alive! | Shroud of the Avatar.

Did you catch Chris Spears post about the Economy?

Time to talk about economy! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

It has been a very long time since I have heard much from Markee Dragon on the topic of Shroud of the Avatar. He published this over on Youtube telling us why hes been quiet on the topic.

Shroud of the Avatar | What I Am Waiting For – YouTube.

Essentially, I’m waiting for the game to be officially released as a complete package before I invest my time in developing a character.-Markee Dragon

Ok, its official.. Ultima maps being mounted at the Smithsonian? That’s just cool. Thanks for sharing this one Cranberry!

Ultima IV Map Exhibition Preparation – GIS in Imagery Series – GIS Lounge.

February 7 2015

The Mad hermit wears pink!

Need to get The Hennin Hat? The Mad Hermit shows you the way so just follow in his foot steps and you can wear pink with him and dance like craazzzzyy across the land of Novia! Not really sure what the dancing has to do with it, but sounded good… right then, here you are!

Shroud of the Avatar How To Get The Hennin Hat – YouTube.

The Mad Hermit

The Blog is looking for more authors. You can pick the news, your schedule, how much time you put into it, and how often. You can go with a theme, whatever is related to SotA that interests you, or we can even send you pieces with a couple of suggestions at a rate you desire. If interested drop Stile Teckel a note!

December 21 2014

It’s a race for 30.00 against Myrcello!

Myrcello ran this rather intimidating course, times it, and you can view the whole thing! Heres the deal though, if you beat the time, record it on video and post it, at the end of R13 the best time wins the 30.00.

Head over to the forums and post your video, read all the details, and all the rest!
R13 Event – Obstacle Race of Faith | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Shroud of the Avatar Obstacle Course – YouTube.

December 20 2014

Mad Hermit shows you how to get your quest hat

Come and get it!!! don’t let it get away!!! Another video by the Mad Hermit, come get your quest hat!

Shroud Of The Avatar How To Get The Yule Hat – YouTube.

In this video I walk you through the Grand Tour quest of Pre Alpha R13 and show you exactly where you have to go to claim the rare Yule hat reward available only in Shroud of the Avatar Pre Alpha R13.

This time around you will have to visit:

+ Plains of Righ Inis
+ Market Square in Owl’s Head
+ Graff Gem Mines (Outskirts)
+ Graff Gem Mines (Inside Mine)
+ Wynton’s Folly
-The Mad Hermit

The Mad Hermit

December 19 2014

Visit Blog of the Avatar

Something I’ve noticed for over a year now, is that the Blog of the avatar does NOT get enough love from the community :).

The Blog of the Avatar has been around since practically Kickstarter. The focus taking place is the game, not the forums and the stuff taking place in it.

Everything is well written, documented, enjoyable to read, includes photographs, includes in game news and more.

Basically – follow the adventures of the Avatar as the journey through the game (my opinion based on what I read) ALONG with occasional tips on software to use and how, to accessorize with your play styles, other sites to visit, tools on the net, etc.

A great place with not enough press. So I’m giving them a little (although not the first time). Pay them a visit, as a lot of material has been put out of late, including some R13 stuff! In fact, here’s a great one on getting your hat for R13!!!!

Completing the Grand Tour in Shroud of the Avatar Release 13 | Blog of the Avatar.

Really one of the best bloggers and news about in game adventuring that can be found thus far!

Ankh Quill

December 19 2014

Need the R13 quest hat and on a time limit?

Turns out Envy and the Disciples of Damnation Guild have your back covered this time! A walk through was posted on their website over here:
News | Disciples of Damnation.

If you use it, you should probalyl say thanks to him on his forum thread. Yep, and that’s right – don’t forget to tell em who sent ya!
Disciples of Damnation | Page 2 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.


Side note: Others in the community may also have guides, this is just the first one to pop up on my radar so far. Thanks!

December 14 2014

How To Get The Pilgrims Hat with the Mad Hermit

Right! Everyone! Git yer Ale, git yer Dagwood, git yer buckt o popcorn, an get yer Neon Milk!  Tis time ta watch the movie! So power up yer windmill or tap into the local Tesla tower an lets watch this new flick by that cool cat the Madddd Herrmitttt!!!

Shroud Of The Avatar How To Get The Pilgrims Hat – YouTube.

In this video I walk you through the Grand Tour quest of Pre Alpha R12 and show you exactly where you have to go to claim the rare Pilgrim hat reward only available in Shroud of the Avatar Pre Alpha R12. You will need to level-up and possibly work with friends to complete it. This is a great opportunity to reach out to other community members in game who will most likely be more than happy to help you complete this quest.

This time around you will have to visit:

+ Solace Bridge
+ Valeway North
+ Valeway South
+ Greymark Forest
+ Veiled Swamp

I recommend you complete them in this order if you are low level as they get progressively more difficult to complete.
Also, the Veiled Swamp contains two tour guides. One at the top level of the Tower of the Shuttered Eye and another in a cave that can be found toward the outside left of the map.
-The Mad Hermit