November 20 2016

Vyrin & Womby’s Bookstore Open 3rd Location In Shroud of the Avatar

I enjoyed an excellent night of hunting with Womby tonight. He took me down into Serpent Spine for a little while so that I could hack away at the earth. A place a love but am not able to survive on my own yet.

Taking his Guild Leader out for a good time is not Womby and Vyrin’s only activity in the game, though. The most recognized players in the community when it comes to all things related to books, they have opened their third store!


Womby & Vyrin are pleased to announce the opening of our third bookstore!

Please join us for an open house marking the occasion:

Sunday, November 20, 1-3 PM NBT in Estgard

I apologize for not getting the opening announcement out to you sooner, but be sure to go check the place out! Tell them Stile sent you!

October 27 2016

Shroud of the Avatar Release / Halloween Party

So Amber Raine just posted this over in the SotA Facebook Group. Something you may want to check out!


Up from the ashes they did rise
Look of shock and confusion filled the Avatars eyes
As Skeleton, Zombie, Wraith, and Ghost
Popped the cork on the keg to see who could drink the most

A party it was they sought to begin
and invited you are so join right in
The Day of the Dead is but 3 days away
And as it should be, Hallowe’en is being celebrated today!

FireLotus shall lead the troops away from the war
So leave your swords and bows next to the door
The bar is stocked with the best of Novian brew
So there is only one thing left to do

A new type of dance craze alike the monster mash,
A plague across the nation has taken holdfast
Here in Jade Valley we shall party til the rising of the sun
Scaring the the children with the dance called “The Starrlton”

Avatars it is that time again. Time to put down the swords and pick up the beers.
Time to stop killing and start partying!

Avatars Radio proudly Presents the Traditional FireLotus Release Party
We shall be celebrating the joy of a new release, new places to explore and so much more!

Join us for companionship, partying, and grand amounts of prizes!
Add-on Store and In game prizes given away during this event. You must be present to win.

Contact Mal Hari for Directions.

TIME: Friday, October 28th 2016. 2pm – 4pm NBT
Location of Party: Jade Valley

October 1 2016

Is the Oracle in Shroud of The Avatar a Spy, or is Richard Garriott Having Us Face Our Personal Bia’s Against AI?

While Portlarium, Richard Garriott, and its developers have kept a policy of transparency in as many areas as they can, one thing that has been kept under deep wraps is aspects of the story.

One aspect we do not know a lot about is the Oracle. We may think we do that is, but do we? It is not uncommon for Lord British to have multiple layers to a story line. He is also known for wanting to explore not only the world but his personal conceptions and perceptions. This is something we have seen in his past games as he tries to pass that onto the player by putting them into situations to face their bias.


The most well-known examples of this may be the introduction of the race of Gargoyles in the Ultima series. The Gargoyles were often perceived by the player initially as being an evil race. Their wings and flaming horns a bias we face as a species from religion or in tales of evil. Another example of this being used before would be “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke.

As the game progressed a typical play through would have you realizing that this race was perhaps rightfully in its viewpoints, things are not black and white, and you may be the villain doing grave wrongs and injustices. Because of these biases, you held in real life.

Thus Richard began teaching us in some of his earliest video games that we must look upon ourselves before looking upon others, to ensure we are doing so fairly. We must also keep an open mind so as to continually watch ourselves for any hint that a decision may be made with bias and thus leaving the potential for wrong.


Shroud of the Avatar is undoubtedly, what I hope will be the greatest game Lord British has ever created, with his fantastic team and partners. He has indicated that this game will provide as many of these life lessons as we have seen in the past, and we have in fact already seen a lot of this.

When I contemplate the Oracle, though, I also consider some of the many passions Richard has regarding Science & Technology. It occurs to me the Oracle is very much an artificial intelligence, with its watchers out in the world, sticking its nose into everyone’s business and breaking the Prime Directive. I am ok with Kirk doing that on occasion, not sure about others!


If you peruse the internet, both rabid mumblings and official articles by reputable sources and scientific, there is, in my opinion, a lot of growing speculation that we are growing closer to at least some form of creating an artificial intelligence. Perhaps nothing like Hollywood portrays, maybe not self-aware, but something that is leaps and bounds beyond what we have done thus far. There is the controversy of how likely would such AI be to want to influence our race and culture without consent, and to what extent.

So knowing Richard Garriott’s history, I can’t but help wonder how deep the plots with the Oracle will run, in a way to make us face our bias against technology taking an active role in the caretaking or jobs in our daily lives, in a way we have not experienced before.

Disclaimer: I do not follow the story aspects of the game much at this time. I am waiting for the main story to be completed for the most part.
As such it is possible this has been discussed somewhere already, or revealed, etc.. and is a moot point. In short, forgive me if I’m out of the loop on something!

January 12 2015

New map from deCani Tour and Expedition!

One of my sources just brought this to me and the news is so fresh it burns!!!


Due to major earthquakes ongoing in the Metropolis of Beran’s Reach which have been leveling our offices almost monthly (with another predicted towards the end of this month), deCani Tour and Expedition is currently unable to accept new reservations. We are endeavoring to build a more permanent facility. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, your friends at deCani Tour and Expedition are happy to present this complimentary map of Dragon Cave for self-guided tours. Kobolds have been observed in the caves (packing or unpacking Wrasse eggs?) making this exploration well suited for the mid-to-high level adventurer. Please proceed carefully and at your own risk.*

The coordinates of an Avatar in New Britannia are temporarily available without advanced equipment by requesting your location from the Oracle (by typing /loc in the chat window). The resulting values are returned in the form of: East/West, Elevation, North/South.

Be advised this map provides a detailed overview of the interior of Dragons Cave and, once seen, cannot be unseen. If you wish to enjoy the discovery of the contents and layout of the caverns for yourself (and we applaud you!) please do not use this reference.
-Balec Fares deCani

Go over to the forum to view the full details!
deCani Tour and Expedition Company | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Dragon Cave Map - Balec