March 12 2017

Thank You to Our Newest Patron – The Hearth of Britannia!

It’s always a party when I get a new Patron, but even more so when it is someone as prestigious as the Hearth of Britannia!

The Hearth of Brittania is an active and in my opinion at least, a major community leader in both the Ultima and the Shroud of the Avatar game communities.

Rustic Dragon of the Heath of Britannia himself has been a developer for Shroud of the Avatar, hired by making his mark in the community and impressing the developers with his work. A recipient of a Royal warrant and his famous “cabinet of Virtues” was included in the game, as was The Hearth of Britannia itself!

He also runs regular Google Hangouts as an open forum for discussion for the Ultima Dragons and guests. A place where one of the mottos are “You will always have a home with the Hearth.” As a member of the Ultima Dragons myself, it’s a home that means a lot to me and is very welcoming to new people.

Also on Patreon themselves, engaged in several projects including the development of a cookbook based on the foods from the Ultima Game series.

Even closer and dearer to my own heart, The Hearth of Britannia runs occasional player meets with LARP’ing aspects and is creating an LARP system!!

[pullquote]The Hearth of Britannia is creating an Ultima companion cookbook, LARP system, events, and more![/pullquote]

The Hearth of Britannia tries to give back to the community, and it’s joining as a Patron was a way the Hearth of Britannia is currently helping many of the community members by giving back when they got a bit more than needed for immediate goals.

I highly recommend checking them out if any of their projects sound like they may be of interest. You would be becoming part of a fantastic small community that is big on supporting those among it!

Their Patreon page:


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August 31 2016

Support the Hearth of Britannia on Patreon!

Rustic Dragon has decided to start a Patreon for The Hearth of Britannia with the goal of creating an “Ultima companion cookbook, LARP system, events, and more!”.

For you Shroud of the Avatar players not familiar with Rustic Dragon and The Hearth of Britannia… Shame on you! Rustic Dragon AKA Joseph Toschlog is one of the founding leaders in the Shroud of the Avatar player community, who through his contributions, passion, and skills earned himself a position on the Portalarium developer team for a while.

The feature image on this post is the “Hearth of Britannia” as seen from the Shroud of the Avatar game (an out of date shot by the way).

Responsible for many many other things, one of my other favorites (maybe because I have one) in relationship to Shroud of the Avatar, is the “Cabinet of Virtues”!

Won the grand prize drawing for Rild Reading Rainbow contest -  A Hearth of Britannia Cabinet of Virtue

Currently considered by most as the rarest item in the game, Rustic Dragon held a telethon for Shroud of the Avatar to generate revenue. One of the things that came about due to this was this in game replica of his real life cabinet. It was earned by donating $25.00 to the telethon.

He is also an Ultima Dragon, past Ultima Collector and his roots and knowledge extend far and wide in the gaming world. An individual after my own heart!

So please take a moment, whether you are a fan of Ultima, Shroud of the Avatar, cooking, video games, or just helping support cool projects by good people, and see if this is something you may want to support.

Tell him Stile Teckel sent you!

August 27 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Forever Map, Rustic Dragon Hobloth III

The Ultima Forever maps have eluded my grasp for a long time now, partly due to my insistence to get a good buy in the past. It’s actually rather interesting that at one time I had spent weeks watching them sell like crazy on Ebay and watched as the price was down to about $20-30.00. One week I loaded up to go to New York to visit Richard Garriott, came home, and saw that I had missed a chance to nab both maps they produced for under $15.00 while I was away. Yes, that still hurts!

I have only seen them go up on Ebay since that time a couple of times and usually for a starting price of about $50.00. Ahh, did that window of opportunity slam shut hard on me!

Ultima Forever: Quest For the Avatar Cloth Map

Ultima Forever Virtue Cards

Another cool SWAG item that Ultima Forever did were the Virtue cards. There was a smaller size set and a larger size set. I have one of them sealed (I believe it’s the larger) and they are pertty neat.

Ultima Forever Virtue Cards

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Double Sided Cloth Map Exclusive

If you didn’t attend or donate to the Hobloth III for a set of trinkets, you still have a chance to get them!

Rustic Dragon did a great job on these type of items for the previous events and they have been very popular in the community. I know that I am getting excited knowing I have a set of these coming to me in the mail from my donation! I also own a set from the Holboth II and they are superb. So if you have any doubts as to whether you want to add these to your colelction, shouldn’t! They are sweet!

Go get em!!!

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Double Sided Cloth Map Exclusive 18×12!

Grey Codex of Ultimate Wisdom Dice Bag HoBLotH III Hearth of Britannia Ultima

Blue Codex of Ultimate Wisdom Dice Bag HoBLotH III Hearth of Britannia Ultima

Hearth of Britannia HoBLotH III Ultima Origin Wake Sew On Patch OSI

December 9 2015

Hobloth 3 update – More Buildings to Sponsor

Going to the Hobloth 3 this year? Good news! By request Rustic Dragon has added more buildings/areas that can be sponsored! At this time Rustic has a total of 9 buildings for sponsorship aviliable.

To help raise funds for the event, thou mayest choose to sponsor one (or more) of the buildings below starting at $100/building. If thou dost sponsor a building, thy name will appear on this website as the sponsor as well as having thy name (or a name/phrase of thy choosing) written in calligraphy and runic on a sign and placed on the building for the duration of the event. At the end of the event, thou mayest keep the sign (or it will be mailed to thee if you didst not attend but chose to sponsor a building).

Head over and read the full details!

Going to the Hobloth III? Need Garb? Weapons? Armor? Accessories? Got that!

Use Promo CODE “JM10%MIGO” for 10% off your order.

April 25 2015

Sing along with the Dragons at the Hearth! Take note Recap Band fans

What do you get when you put The Recap Band and Rustic Dragon together in one place? EPIC!

The Space Bards had a telethon back when they where doing a kickstarter for Neon Milk. Ok wait, lets back it up, like beep beep. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go here, read this, come back.

Right, so during the telethon swag and prizes where had. Rustic Dragon won a free custom song. We got to hear the result today!

Head over here to catch it on Soundcloud.

Since we are talking about the Recap Band, it is also important to note they have another gig booked… You are just going to have to go check this one out!

Hearth of Britannia

January 18 2015

Silver Serpent Ankh, Codex bag, andddd Ankh Dice?!

Rustic Dragon is giving you an opportunity to be a part of the Hobloth II as well as get some cool swag. Simple, nuy A Silver Serpent Ankh Necklace from him!

$_57These things are nice, really nice! I have one and my mom was over looking at a large Cache of recent loot aquisitions, it among others. A day later I got this email asking if I could buy another of them as she really liked it and wanted one.

I didn’t sell it, Rustic didn’t sell it, the thing just plain up sold itself!


$_57 (4)Another item Rustic did for the Hobloth II that you can purchase is the Codex of Wisdom pouch. I have two of these myself and again I can attest to a decent quality product!


Ankh Dice Image 2Hey why ruin a good theme though? We all know that I am the Dice man, Ku-Ku-ka-cho! One of my more recent projects are Ankh Dice. So if you would like to get your hand on some of these, I got some put up on Ebay. Ill have them set up on a store web page soon but for the moment that was the quickest solution!


Sample Dice pre-order 1Speaking of dice though. Maybe you want a pair of Echoes From The Caverns, Writers of the Round Table, or The New Britannia Theater Troupe custom dice! I have created my own version of a custom dice for each group to do things like give-aways and swag with. However this stuff costs money! So Ill also be offering them for sale like some of these other items as the idea is to hopefully break even *chuckles*.


January 11 2015

Get your Hobloth II cloth map while you can!

Did you not go to the Hobloth II? Did you go but you want another map? Either way these things are nice.I have two of them personally and the photos don’t even do them justice. The print quality and level of detail on BOTH sides is fantastic.

Speaking of which, both sides. This is the worlds first ultima cloth map with printing on both sides! Whats more is these are microfiber, you can clean your glasses with them if you really wanted to.

Mine are a keepsake I will treasure, so consider getting one and helping to support one of our own at the same time!

Go get a Hobloth II/Ultima map on Ebay from The Hearth of Britannia!

Ultima Side of Hoboth II Map

January 10 2015

A Tale of a Dragon and his shot glass

So many of you may know that Rustic Dragon held Dragon meets on a regular basis. Part of the enjoyment was a nice backdrop display of tall bottles containing “virtue shots” (the secrets been out a long time, vodka and skittles for the most part). What was special about these bottles where they where real life versions from Ultima.

In fact in addition to that Rustic had several other sets of bottles matched to Ultima bottles. U6, U7 and the intro. In fact if you go to Google images and Google Ultima potion bottles, and scroll around.. You’ll see a friggin Hearth of Britannia Logo as a result! Try it, ill wait!

I did some spell checks while you where doing that. Right.. so Richard “Lord British” Garriott is of course the inspiration that lead to all those so giving proper respect it’s due, Rustic Dragon had a shot glass with his display and the virtue shots that was Richard Garriott’s shot glass. Should he ever visit Rustics, it was his shot glass to use and was held for him.

Well, as many of you may know Rustic Dragon is doing a lot of travelling, planning more, and is down sizing and so is selling some things. Bottles where one to go, and I bought a set of each. Now, his tall bottles where already gone but with his direction I bought the same ones, and then I bought the other two sets from him. I do not have the potions in them yet.. and Im doing other things. All 3 sets of bottles will be on a shelf, in 3 rows, on the wall behind my recliner for my backdrop in future Google Hangouts!

This is possible, fun, and enjoyable for me thanks to his inspiration and parting with this fine cos-play type item. I also want to put my own touch of Stile on it as well. So I will have led lights with alternating coloring in the middle of the liquid in various bottles (different from time to time).. Nope, im not telling you how im doing this *winks*. I still have yet to see what it looks like in the liquid though, if i dont like the look ill skip it.

Well, I am going to borrow another page from his book. A tribute to MY inspiration for this, just like he made a tribute to HIS inspiration. So I am proud to announce that there is a shot glass with a dragon on it, that has never touched the lips of another person and is Rustic Dragon’s Shot-glass. It resides there for the rare occasions he may be passing through and he may want to have a shot or two.

May you use it sometime soon! Until then here’s a photo so you can look at it and stuff.

Added Rustic Dragons Shotglass to bottles

December 3 2014

Ultima Auction spotlight – Rustic Dragon and the Hearth of Britannia!

Rustic Dragon is trying to pull in some money before the end of the year and hes even trying to help you out with some cool Christmas savings by offering up some lower prices on some items! Don’t have anyone in your life to buy for, for Christmas? Send me something hes selling, I would not be upset, I promise!!

All kinds of goodies, but NOT just official past Ultima stuff. Additionally hes selling some of the extra items from the Hobloth II!!! Id love one of those cloth maps and Anks! Wow! Broke unfortunately, but just because I am don’t let that stop you from getting in on some of these cool things!

Click here to get in on all of this goodness from Rusitc Dragon!

Hearth of Britannia