July 5 2017

Jeff Dee Now On Patreon

If you’re a gamer, the name will most likely be familiar to you.

If not the first paragraph of his Patreon overview should get your attention!

Hi! I’ve been a professional fantasy, SF, and superhero artist for over 40 years, starting as a freelancer for TSR Hobbies (the original publishers of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game) way back in 1977. I’ve also worked in comics and computer games, and I’ve even done a little concept art for the motion picture industry.

If you have an interest in his art and the industry, you might want to hop over and check that out. I chipped in, didn’t want to miss out!

Jeff Dee is creating Fantasy, Science Fiction and Superhero Illustration | Patreon

Interesting side story. Well, most likely not really but I am going to share it anyway. I was vending at Inconjunction this last weekend and needed to Facebook add a friend whose first name is Jeff and the last name is definitely not Dee. Yet for some reason every time I kept trying to remember his last name, I kept thinking “Dee” and going, No.. Stop that.. Why do I keep thinking Jeff Dee? I can only attribute it to being at a gaming convention 🙂

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March 15 2016

Help to Give Indi Martin Her Birthday Wish ~+~ The Recap Band Behind the Scenes

I heard that for her birthday Indi Martin wanted 20 supporters on Patreon.

The Tortoise and Hare Patreon is one of the best I have ever supported. Regardless of your pledge level, you will be entered into quarter drawings like this one!

"Horned Wood Nymph," ink, marker and pencil on toned tan paper, Indi Martin, 2016. This piece is our 1Q2016 Patreon

Posted by Tortoise & Hare Creations on Monday, March 14, 2016

She is only one away from having her birthday wish come true. So why don’t we aim for 25? Go sign up!! You will not regret it. She gives way more back then she gets in my opinion! Include a note “The Caverns sent me”. How hard is that?

She also collaborates with people continually to help improve their projects. Like this one from these fantastic guys who are working on their next music album on Kickstarter.

Take a look behind the scenes at Recap's "Pronoia" album (2016) with this drum recording video. Taken during the actual…

Posted by Recap on Monday, March 14, 2016

The Recap Band are some incredible musicians among many other talents any person would be proud to have. More importantly, they are genuinely good individuals who are very deserving of their new Kickstarter being funded. So if you want to get some fantastic music, at very reasonable pricing, help them hit their next stretch goal. I WANT VINYL! Not sure why, but I do!

Do me a solid and if you back it, include a note saying “You friend Stile sent me over”.

Going full circle though they are close to hitting the first stretch goal which is custom album art by Indi Martin!

March 5 2016

Tortoise & Hare bringing the Supernatural On

Many of you know I often talk about Tortoise & Hare as being members of the Shroud of The Avatar Community. They are also the creator of the Shroud of the Avatar Comic Book. You can pick up a copy of that on their sites which I will link in a bit or also from Relics by Rild.

I’ve also spoken in the past of what a great fan of Indi Martin’s books I am.

Finally and I am going to be missing things on this list, they make games, comics, graphic novel’s, artwork, and more.

This particular article is because I just finished putting up my Supernatural’s from their Supernatural set. Or rather my wife’s!

So the story on the images you are seeing was not really planned this way. It started out a small Halloween Village – just because. Later Indi Martin’s first Supernatural piece ended up on the wall.. the others followed over time, and a Haunted village became a Supernatural shrine of some kind. There are even a couple die cast Impalas in that village although you will forgive me for not taking close-ups!

Find a cool way to bring some of the art of Indi Martin into your home! If I had the money, time, and room, I’d do something awesome with Doctor Who!!!

Visit them on Facebook (and tell them the Caverns sent you!), stop by their Website/Blog, or just skip to the chase and get onto their Etsy and start ordering your cool decor!

I should also clarify, all of these are my wife’s bought for her as gifts. The last two just added are Charlie and Crowley. I bought them for her for Christmas.

The cheapest I have found a decent 11×17 frame off of Amazon in case you’re running off to buy a bunch of art and want frames!

The supernatural wooden light box that is hanging on the far right was purchased from The Dragons Den (I think that is the name), in Austin Texas while I was there staying with an amazing host who took me to the place.

November 13 2015

Support one of our communities own and don’t be in The Dark!

The Dark Unknown that is. This is an Ultima style game being released by one of the Ultima Dragons, Adam Burr. What is more the artwork is being done by Indi Martin of Tortoise & Hare Creations!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Adam twice now in person, as well as spending time with him in Google Hangouts. I have heard a lot about this project over what I think is a couple of years now as well as having seen demos in the past. Adam has been hard at work for a very, very long time in creating this game and what I am seeing looks pretty fantastic!

Now we all have a chance to help support the project, get cool stuff in return, as he’s doing something I think all of us are fairly familiar with by now. KICKSTARTER!

The Dark Unknown is an old school CRPG in the vein of Ultima. Help me commission the best art possible to go with and in the game.

You play as a young hero of the realm, the younger child of the King, called upon when your brother declares himself in rebellion. Fight monsters, learn spells, solve puzzles and figure out the true meaning behind these events. It has been a personal project of mine for over 8 years now, and as it nears completion it is time to put all the pieces together.

I am honestly looking at this, thinking of a good friend, seeing the 250.00 level and absolutely DROOLING! Not sure where I shall actually end up as finances do not allow much right now, so please help me help a friend out! Head over, and at least give this thing an honest look over. It will not be for everyone but for some it will be a great fit. If so, pledge and let him know The Caverns sent you! If its not your thing, no harm done, only a couple of minutes lost, aye?


Some of the pledge perks include great pieces from Indi Martin as well, so that makes this entire thing doubly awesome!

If you are a fan of Indi, Ultima, Ultima style games, or cool art, be prepared to just throw your wallet at this thing!

October 17 2015

The Beran League – Part II

So last weekend I did a piece on The Bear Tavern and their growth into The Beran League. More importantly and the primary goal here is to keep you updated with the fact they are due to release in R23!

Since my last post several of their holdings have increased and that has been causing Vallas quite the bit of work as he stated in the forums!

Stop messing up my spreadsheets!
-Duke Vallas

Now, that was a jest of course. As someone that keeps community spreadsheets myself while it can be sometimes a lot to manage, its always also a pleasure and a joy to do so! Heck, im tired of downloading the updates to it Vallas!

Here you can see the summary format of their latest update.

Member Guilds.
Beran League Free Company
Knights of New Britannia
Moongate Travellers 470
Order of the Dragon’s Flame
Priory of Sion
Sacred Brotherhood of Light
The Bards of Poets Circle
The Bear Tavern
Three Rings

Accepting Guild applications.

Member Towns.
Beran’s Reach [Capital]
– District: Fox Keep [Metropolis]
– District: High Rock [Metropolis]
– District: Port Beran [Metropolis]
– District: Porth Mae [Village]
– District: (To be named) [Town]
– District: Victory Arena [Crossroads Village]
– District: White Oak [Metropolis]
Total size: 442,800 sq

Ardonair [Metropolis]
Caer Dracwych [Holdfast]
Faber’s Rest [Holdfast]
Fallin’ Green [Village]
Rift’s End [Metropolis]

Accepting land owner applications.

The Beran League Militia.
1st Battalion
– A Company
> 1st Platoon

*Includes mutual defence agreement between The Beran League and the Phoenix Republic

Update: 13 October 2015. Fox Keep has since grown AGAIN to become a Metropolis, pushing Beran’s Reach to well over the 400k marker. It’ll be included as one of a number of upgrades which will come into effect in R24. Still, plenty of space for R23. If you need any assistance for personal or community projects, please contact Vallas direct.

-Duke Vallas [BEAR], Tuesday at 5:45 PM

Now last week I talked history and where they are going. This week let’s look at stats and images! Over here on this thread in the forums:


You will find posts on maps, notes about the makeup of the town, and other announcements! Here are some of the images you will find there. Please head over, check things out, and tell them Stile sent you to them through The Caverns!




The Great City of Beran's Reach

September 28 2015

Dev news, artwork, and ABC files!

Being a Patron for Tortoise and Hare, one of the things I have been enjoying that they are doing lately is they are doing stock art which their Patreons get as a freebie bonus. They are currently taking votes on what to do as the next piece of stock art. If your not a Patreon it’s not too late to still fix that and vote!

Poll up for Patrons: Decide which set of six stock art pieces you get next quarter! Vote now! (And if you're not a patron, join us at www.patreon.com/tortoiseharecreations !)

Posted by Tortoise & Hare Creations on Monday, September 28, 2015

One of the cool Things that Tracy Hickman has been involved in is Con Man Give me My Money! Looking forward to seeing this at some point (and I am hearing it’s really good!).


Gregory Younk put a lot of time and effort into converting Ultima sound tracks into ABC files and then made them available for you to use! Talk about a cool thing to do, thanks Gregory!

After many hours of pulling from floppies, researching, finding, and downloading the Ultima game Midi files I did not have a good copy of – I present to you the first library of almost complete Ultima songs in ABC format for Shroud of the Avatar!

Head on over here for the full scoop!


July 17 2015

Continuing to keep you up to date with the new and the old for Shroud of the Avatar and related!

I know, I know.. I’ve been lame for this last week. I apologize! Been one of those.. Car troubles and all sorts of things. Keeping it short, life’s been extra special busy with a dash of epic! I’m always here though keeping it coming for you.. and I haven’t been completely slacking!

ALL of the Caverns file links should be restored and working again. This includes the Google drive links. Everything (after a mere 2 months of arguing with my computer) is back up and running or seems to be! Please – if you run into any bugs report them to me. Its possible I have tweaks to make. I apologize for how long this took but moving files around with glitches can take a while!

Unfortunately the Post Mortems always take place while I am at work so I miss them live. Luckily for those of you who are like me in you missed the R19, we have it on Youtube!

NBNN did an interview with Starr Long on Twitch but fear not, as it IS on Youtube.

I hear the details on the Chaos Medals is discussed at 1:30:14!

I was really excited when I saw this next one. The first video I ever saw from the Mad Hermit (and I think it was his first for this community) was a Unity how-to video for those doing assets for the game.

So I almost jumped out of my seat cheering for The Mad Hermit when I saw he put an asset up on Unity! GO BROTHER< GO!!!!!

Ever wish you had a Magic The Gathering card.. Signed by Richard? A contest is taking place for just that!

No, not me this time as the few of these I have left im keeping (although for the right price i might part with a signed artist proof someday).

This time Koldar is running it!

I am giving away some MtG Shield of the Avatar cards that Lord British (@RichardGarriott) autographed. There are 3 foil and 25 regular cards (see images below).

Since Portalarium is offering a 10% bonus, I figured now would be a great time to have this giveaway. The truth is, I’ve been planning this for a while but I wasn’t sure when the best time would be to launch it. I believe that time has come.

Get over to the forum thread and win one of these! Tell em Stile or The Caverns sent ya!


(this photo is from my collection as opposed to the ones Koldar is giving away. You can grab a image of those at that thread I told you to go to!)

Shield of the Avatar Magic the Gathering Cards - Reverse Side

Shield of the Avatar Magic the Gathering Cards

Looking for a Patreon to support? I mean, other then mine.. although no complaints *winks*. Be sure to support Dennis Loubet!

Hes doing cool things, sharing his work, and even doing random drawings for giveaways!


Blake Blackstone revealed a new project he’s been working on called The Weeping Seven.

Now after you check it out, you may be going.. nice artwork! As you should as Tortoise and Hare represents!

is an organisation that follows and upholds the disciplines of the Seven Sons. Each member is unique and sets their own path, choosing one of the Sons to follow and study. However, all act together, as a single unit, if the time arises to defend the sacred scriptures.

Go read and see it all here: http://theweepingseven.com/

July 10 2015

Get the Holy Grail of maps made for your Player Owned Town?!?!?!!

I did an article recently about Cave-Geek. For those that missed it the name is a happy coincidence. I REALLY like this guys work and creativeness and I can think of several things I wouldn’t mind purchasing that would have a Shroud of the Avatar relationship.

Small pieces with Heraldry. Go all out on a New Brit map… Or, a map of The Cavern’s Guild Player Owned Town, Neath? That would be sweet! Im sure some of you will look at some of his work and think the same! As well as come up with cool ideas of your own (Share them with me in the comments).

Cave-Geek gave me permission to share some photos so that maybe I can grab your attention, cause trust me. You want to see this!

So what your looking at up top is one of the map’s he made for Game of Thrones. Now this isn’t as “amazing” as he can go but it is also certainly a notch up from simpler and smaller, so im personally dubbing it “mid range”. If I purchase a custom Shroud of the Avatar map this would be the way I go (unless I could afford to go “all out” if you will). Since Neath is a smaller player owned town id probably go with a simpler and smaller map of it.

If I owned some of these bigger ones in the community though..man, id go all out on those with no hesitation! This would be the holy grail to point at and say “That’s MY town! I own that in a game!” THAT would be my holy grail as a physical good I think. Paxlair so needs one of these!

Heres a few more photos for you to take a look at but I promise, its a very small sampling. He could do Character Avatars also! So if you like what I am showing you get over to his site, look at his other work and maybe drop him a note about ordering something! Tell him Stile sent ya!