March 22 2015

A few more things of interest so that Stile isnt totally slacking

Just chipping away at the back log and keeping up with new stuff!

So it looks like From Richard and his wife sharing some spider on a stick again this year, that it must be time for another Explorers Club event.
Richard Garriott on Twitter: "@ExplorersClub #ECAD2015".

This was said! I think it would be awesome, but lets face it.. it needs to have a treasure hunting system to go with it! Give me a TH system and an official explorers club with a in game headquarters? Mark me down as president!!!
@thedirtypony333 @LaetitiaNYC @ExplorersClub I should ask if we can create a virtual clubhouse in the game!

Now.. This.. This.. I just got my Ebay Deal of the day email (or I just read it, something like that). Saw this, and was laughing my ass off. I think I have found the official Food for The Caverns. I mean, how can you beat something called “Quest Cravings PEANUT BUTTER CUPS”, which are protein bars? Its Yummy, its a travel ration, and its called Quest cravings? Sorry if your not amused, but I had to share! I seriously wonder if they are tar getting the Fantasy Gaming Genre when they name stuff like this 🙂

Wish I was sitting in on one of the marketing meetings. I bet it goes something like this. “So Bob, they have those Cliff Bars.. aimed at the hiker, biker, etc. I had this idea. You know, these damned video gamers keep dieing staying up all night, not eating or drinking, playing games. THEY need this stuff the most! Think of the market.. We call it “QUEST CRAVINGS!!:”.

Here’s what Id jump up and yell if I was at such a meeting… “Coming up next… AvAtars Crunch! Trail Mix for Shroud of the Avatar gamers. It is a blend of everything you need for probiotics, daily vitamin blend, fiber, potassium, and Extra large doses of vitamin D3. It’s aimed at the 40+ year old gamers primarily but good for all ages! The Guardians Circle will be these little fudge rounds that have Magnesium, Bcomplex, Calcium, and B12.”

All joking and make believe aside, check out the real product, I couldn’t make THAT up!
Quest Cravings PEANUT BUTTER CUPS Box of 12 – 20g PROTEIN BARS

Need to work on your PvP skills? Just learn some? Net is giving PvP lessons in game. You can see the details on his thread here:

Combat Lessons – From Novice To Master (Introduction) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

I JUST created a new Facebook group called “Shroud of the Avatar Collectors”. This is a group for those who collect, sell, and trade Shroud of the avatar collectibles or items related to the game. As an avid collector with a large collection, I love the idea of having a group specifically geared towards this, where selling and buying and trading are welcome rather then frowned upon, etc.. So…. do what I always do when I want something and someone else isn’t already doing it. Make it happen!

It’s an open group, so please come get added!

(29) Shroud of the Avatar Collectors.

Be sure to check out some of the concept art being posted by Denis Loubet over in the forums!

Ultima II cover might have possessed

via Ultima II cover that never was. | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ankh Quill

January 17 2015

Some websites update and a Trademark from Jynx!

So I had a lot of little/misc pieces of website mainteance to do and while taking care of all of that, I put The Caverns logo that Jynx created for me on many of our sites!

So wherever you go, if you see The Logo, you know the individual, website, etc, are a participant of the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond community!

Thank you for the great graphic Jynx! I made a few of my own versions as well *winks*

Caverns Logo in circle with name and website - Red

January 12 2015

New map from deCani Tour and Expedition!

One of my sources just brought this to me and the news is so fresh it burns!!!


Due to major earthquakes ongoing in the Metropolis of Beran’s Reach which have been leveling our offices almost monthly (with another predicted towards the end of this month), deCani Tour and Expedition is currently unable to accept new reservations. We are endeavoring to build a more permanent facility. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, your friends at deCani Tour and Expedition are happy to present this complimentary map of Dragon Cave for self-guided tours. Kobolds have been observed in the caves (packing or unpacking Wrasse eggs?) making this exploration well suited for the mid-to-high level adventurer. Please proceed carefully and at your own risk.*

The coordinates of an Avatar in New Britannia are temporarily available without advanced equipment by requesting your location from the Oracle (by typing /loc in the chat window). The resulting values are returned in the form of: East/West, Elevation, North/South.

Be advised this map provides a detailed overview of the interior of Dragons Cave and, once seen, cannot be unseen. If you wish to enjoy the discovery of the contents and layout of the caverns for yourself (and we applaud you!) please do not use this reference.
-Balec Fares deCani

Go over to the forum to view the full details!
deCani Tour and Expedition Company | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Dragon Cave Map - Balec

December 11 2014

Jynx gives The Caverns a new outfit!

Graphics are like outfits, depending on the occasion, software, size, limitations, what it’s being used for and any number of other things, different graphics are called for.

One of the things I have always wanted I never came up with was a simple line drawing type logo. Something when made small was still easy to understand. Can be used on just about anything. Black and white only. Associated with the brand name it represents.

Recently in working with Jynx she helped me zero in on this and created it for me! How awesome was that of her?? She has also been added to the Sponsor page. If you have ever donated artwork, music, or money to The Caverns and would like to be listed on the sponsor page PLEASE let me know!

Back to the logo, expect to see it popping up now and then in relationship to The Caverns when graphics are called for! So without further ado, from the magnificent Jynx!

Read about Shroud of the Avatar at

Read about Shroud of the Avatar at

P.S. – more great art that Jynx created for others and I will be shown off in a few weeks when the project(s) they are involved in come to fruition!

Ahh heck with it, why wait?

Ok, Ill show you ONE of TWO.. These are not real yet, these are proof images only. Will have in about a month. Artwork by Jynx!

Left to right: The New Britannia Theater Troupe, Writers of the Round Table, Echoes from the Caverns.

Left to right: The New Britannia Theater Troupe, Writers of the Round Table, Echoes from the Caverns.

November 20 2014

HEADD SHOTTTSSS!!! All dukes and LotM, get on it!

Its time to take out your camera, hang up a sheet, turn on some lights, and see how good your photography skills are! If you are a Duke or a Lord of the Manor you will want to get this done!

Off With Their Heads! An official call for Royal Founder Duke and LotM Headshots | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Side note: If you are a Lord of the Manor I do not know already, please contact me so I can put you in touch with a group of Lord of the Manors who discuss pledge perks (on rare occasion) at that level for Port feedback. Thanks!

October 14 2014

Cylinder Phonograph.. could be a sneak peek!

Now this is not official or anything, but it sounds like its been accepted and boy is it sweet! Bubonic, tackled another asset project for the Portalarium folks!

Check it out, the Cylinder Phonograph! Nice job Bubonic! Be sure to go tell him if you like it and tell him you found your way from the Caverns!

Head to the thread to see all the images.
Cylinder Phonograph (pledge reward), redux | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.


October 11 2014

Need help on understanding how housing works?

Koldar took on a new project it looks like! If you have questions about how housing works, plots, how you can obtain it, and so forth then your going to enjoy this one! An easy to use flow chart on housing and he has made it available for community use!

Be sure to visit the thread to keep an eye open for the latest version and to say thank you!

A Visual Guide to Property Ownership | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

SotA Home Ownership Guide - Overview

September 27 2014

Mirror, Mirror, on the Forum – Who will win this Carnival game?

A new game has been posted by Dame Lori! So drop in an an entry and be put into a drawing and perhaps have your name pulled and win some cash!

This one is another graphics event using the Barons Mirror.

Post your entry in the forums. Here’s the link to go get the contest deals and to participate!
Carnival Contest: Baron’s Talking Mirror | Page 3 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Here is my entry.. For this one I could not resit doing a shameless plug. Whatever your question is, the mirror knows the answer!

Stile Teckel - baron_mirror

September 15 2014

Winner of the Forsaken Virtues Carnival Contest – Static Grazer

Woot! Dame Lori announced the winner of the contest and i was excited to see it was Static Grazer! Now you have not heard it yet, but hes actually done some voice work for Echoes of the Caverns Podcasting. Hes on of the voices in the BIG production piece we will be releasing before to much longer. So I was excited to see he won the drawing! Congratulations!

Head over to the forum for the official announcement:
Carnival Contest: Stephen's Ice Bucket Aftermath (CAPTION THIS!) | Page 3 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Now this was a raffle drawing, and he won based on luck. No artwork was judged or anything.. but here is the piece he submitted as it still feels appropriate to show his entry!

Static Gazer - xtttfwp