July 5 2017

SotA R43a Map by Birko and TOURNAMENT FOR THE KING

Wow! Birko makes and impressive map. Like that thumbnail your seeing? Then go get the whole thing in full size!

Novia_Overland__R43a.jpg (7862×5671)

Novia R43 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

Looking for a Tournament or just something cool to do in Shroud of the Avatar?


Hear ye, Hear ye!!

You are cordially invited to join the Orders Guilds for the third year in celebrating the birth of our King, @Lord British, with a PVP event. as a part of the Kings Day Festivities.

This year we will be hosting the event during the Birthday Bash Telethon, July 6th.

Get the details over here.
TOURNAMENT FOR THE KING | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

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November 4 2016

Need to Know More About Housing, Lots, Raffles, or Related in Shroud of the Avatar?

Silis put together a “Player Housing Primer” for Shroud of the Avatar and put it up over on the forums for everyone to use. So if there is anything about housing that has ever confused you, this may be worth taking a look at.

This primer was created to help new players understand the housing system and answer a lot of questions that I was hearing after the raffle. I try not to go into too great of detail, I leave it up to you to decide what you want to discover on your own from here and what you want to research deeper. Please send any feedback, I hope I was mostly accurate in my data.

Player housing in Shroud of the Avatar is a fun way to take a break from adventuring and carve out your own spot in the world. It gives you a flexible way to express some creativity in the game and create a space with your friends or for yourself. To understand housing there’s a few initial concepts to run through quick as houses are placed on lots that are claimed with deeds. You may also need to pay taxes on lot to maintain ownership. Below is a brief overview of these ideas before we dive into the house itself.

Be sure to let em know thecaverns.net sent you, and here’s where you can get the info and let em know!


August 21 2016

More Tools for Shroud of The Avatar Players – Part Five

Yep, that’s right. Part five. What can I say, the community creates?!

Green Star

Astronomy is going to be important in Shroud of the Avatar. I have heard Richard indicate in the past that there are plans for cosmic events. The moon has been shattered in the world, and that plays an important role. We have Star Dials in the game and more. While we do not know yet what all forms of interest it will take in this game, we are aware it’s important to keep an eye in the sky.

This web page over here may help with that!


That adventuring experience pool is taking some hits, and you need to put something into the pool? Having trouble with your quests maybe?

WALKTHROUGHS! While you may not want to spoil the gameplay, it can also be just as bad to be so stuck you just cannot progress. That is when I will turn to a walkthrough.

So if you find you need a little help with your quests, you may want to try Quests of the Avatar.


You have that new book you wrote ready to be published, you want 500 copies, and you walk over to either your Magical Printing Press or your Soujerner’s Tales Magical Printing Press, and… your clueless!

Don’t Panic! Grab a Towel and head over to the forums to check out this handy guide on what to do from Themo Lock.


Markee is still putting out video that will guide you through your adventures.

Not really a tool or resource (at least yet!), but Ember Isolte just put up her contest entry video for Shroud of the Avatar’s new trailer!


When one is going deep under the earth with your fellow travellers, don’t get lost during your spelunking adventures. Take a map!

[pullquote]Sewer, Catacomb, Mine and Dungeon Maps[/pullquote]

So I finally cleaned off the muck, grime and ectoplasmic residue from visiting some old spots in Novia and the Hidden Vale. Let me tell you what, funky things are living below us and most of them aren’t too friendly. Good thing I have a trusty sword I “borrowed” from a burned out village, and hat that glows in the dark!

There are many cartographers in this community of ours. Each offer something special. These are done by Spero Gottskraft and you can find them here on the forums. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/sewer-catacomb-mine-and-dungeon-maps-updated.56554/


Looking for all the emotes you can pick up from NPC’s in game? Spoon is helping the community keep a list and where to get them over here.

So there are lots of sign language one can learn from the locals here in New Brittania. Here is a list of some of them.

Can you find any more? (Not listed the ones from pledge, recruit, purchase etc – ie only ones one can earn in game).


November 13 2015

Support one of our communities own and don’t be in The Dark!

The Dark Unknown that is. This is an Ultima style game being released by one of the Ultima Dragons, Adam Burr. What is more the artwork is being done by Indi Martin of Tortoise & Hare Creations!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Adam twice now in person, as well as spending time with him in Google Hangouts. I have heard a lot about this project over what I think is a couple of years now as well as having seen demos in the past. Adam has been hard at work for a very, very long time in creating this game and what I am seeing looks pretty fantastic!

Now we all have a chance to help support the project, get cool stuff in return, as he’s doing something I think all of us are fairly familiar with by now. KICKSTARTER!

The Dark Unknown is an old school CRPG in the vein of Ultima. Help me commission the best art possible to go with and in the game.

You play as a young hero of the realm, the younger child of the King, called upon when your brother declares himself in rebellion. Fight monsters, learn spells, solve puzzles and figure out the true meaning behind these events. It has been a personal project of mine for over 8 years now, and as it nears completion it is time to put all the pieces together.

I am honestly looking at this, thinking of a good friend, seeing the 250.00 level and absolutely DROOLING! Not sure where I shall actually end up as finances do not allow much right now, so please help me help a friend out! Head over, and at least give this thing an honest look over. It will not be for everyone but for some it will be a great fit. If so, pledge and let him know The Caverns sent you! If its not your thing, no harm done, only a couple of minutes lost, aye?


Some of the pledge perks include great pieces from Indi Martin as well, so that makes this entire thing doubly awesome!

If you are a fan of Indi, Ultima, Ultima style games, or cool art, be prepared to just throw your wallet at this thing!

September 2 2015

For the Map lovers

So this just came across on my Kickstarter Radar and it made me think of the Shroud of the Avatar gaming community. A lot of us have a love for maps of that their is no doubt. Put them on cloth? we love it even more!

So here’s a kickstarter in which you can get your own CLOTH maps made, that have charecteristics we have not seen of our video game maps in the past for the most part!

I can’t attest to the quality of this product but it looked pretty cool.

My first thought? These would be great for player owned towns! Or you favorite dungeon!



Why have I used Balec’s image of Dragon Cave map the last couple of times I have had a post about maps? Just wait for it.. itll come! I have a special piece on Balec and his maps in the near future! Im ramping up the anticipation..

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June 30 2015

NEWS – NEWS – NEWS – NEWS – Shroud of the Avatar and RELATED

So I know that this month a lot of community members are going to be visiting Austin. This is of course in addition to those that already live there or nearby. You both have something in common.You might want to do this!

Felicia Day (Who was on Video with Richard last year talking about SotA and Ultima.. E3 2014 if I am remembering correctly) is going to be doing a book signing in austin for her new book. Now don’t just show up! You need tickets! Go get em!


Now my Google drive is going through a restore and its taking a long time. So my google links are not working.

As such, here is a temporary location of the add-on-store-archive from drop box. I have made a lot of updates to it, but still have a few left yet to do. I will let you know when its fully back up to date!


Today on Twitter The Mad Hermit shared a link to a map of the Ardoris sewers you might want to check out!


This article is a tad outdated but I hadn’t blogged it yet. A blurb over at Gamasutra about Shroud and E3. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/245979/Richard_Garriottrsquos_Shroud_of_the_Avatar_on_Display_atE3.php

Much the same for this piece at WCCFtech. http://wccftech.com/lord-britishs-shroud-avatar-display-e3/

Did you catch the R18 Hangout Post Mortem live? If not then you might want this!

Don’t miss out on the R18 Unreliable Travel Guide!!!!


Duke Gréagóir started a great project for an App. The SotA New Britannian Runic App. Go show a little love and support for this if your interested and tell him Stile sent you!


Another good friend of mine, Avatar Acid posted a Time Lapse video of the Britannia sky a few months ago. Here’s the forum thread for this and tell him I said hi!


June 21 2015

Sunday Edition from the Caverns

Figured i’d start out with some of my own updates. Went to a player meet/event based on U7 last weekend. Long trip for me, lot of preparation the week prior along with other life stuff, and im just now getting caught back up somewhat!

I have some other projects I am diving into soon, but will be taking some time here and there to continue to send things your way. Hopefully before long ill be wrapping up several ongoing house projects and that will be freeing up more time as well!

Have another piece of news or two on the sidelines all written up, just needing to verify a few things before I share them with you. So in the meantime I thought id point out a few fun things.

Now obviously with E3 taking place gaming will be big in the news for a while and that includes Shroud of the Avatar.

First up we have an article at GAmezone called “5 Underrated games to keep an eye on”. Shroud of the Avatar makes #5. What makes me chuckle about this is im not sure how a game that is constantly making the top 10 lists EVERYWHERE year after year could be termed underrated. What rating do I not know about its not making? Except maybe in that the player base isn’t as big as we’d like, but what do you expect? It HASN’T LAUNCHED YET!

Regardless of the article title I am happy to see the press though!


What I like about this article i’m about to give you the link to, over at MMOGAMES is that its fair, honest, and overall a good review. I like that its fair and honest and still good, as that to me is what I see from the community as a majority and from Portalarium :). That said I think that you also have to take some of the article with a grain of salt and agree that personal opinions can differ, but that doesn’t make someone else’s wrong. With that viewpoint I enjoyed this piece!


RPGFAN posted a writeup that is not long but worth reading. http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2015/3389.html

You’ll want your translator on for this site for Berlin! Golem.De IT news for Professionals, has a video interview with Richard Garriott posted. A tad under 3 minutes long you can probally make time for this one.


If you follow Vyrin at all then you know how avid of a writer and book lover he is. As well as genuinely interested in helping the community to product written works for the game of quality. Working in partnership with Womby you will have seen them featured in this weeks official update for the Unreliable Travel guide! If you are not familiar with Vyrin, he is a good friend of mine as well as a member of the Caverns Guild and he is an avid writer and book lover.

He also just started a writing collaboration for player written books in R19. A way for the community to create something together and keep that going until we can land it in game and make it something special. Not a contest, just a collaboration and suggestion. I personally think its pretty cool and heres what he has to say about it:

Many of us are extremely excited for book publishing to go live. A recent tweet from Lord British himself indicates this might be possible in R19, subject of course to the normal disclaimers.

Therefore it’s time for a community-wide and community-run writing project: The SotA Community First Series! We hope this will be counted as the first player created series of the game, and that it will start with the whole “community first”.

The idea is simple. We want as many members of the community to offer one piece of writing each. This can be a story, poem, character back story, song, etc. Post your submission in The SotA Community First Series submission thread. Everyone can contribute! It only makes sense that you do not publish a piece of writing that will already be published by Portalarium (from one of the contests). However, feel free to submit something you’ve already written.

This series will come at an important time when we can join our efforts to reflect the progress of the game and the strength of the community. It will hopefully honor Portalarium for the hard work of getting us to this point.

Submissions can be made until midnight CST before the public release date of June 25. (This would be the night of June 24/morning of June 25). There is a chance book publishing will not be in R19. In that case, we will simply extend the deadline.

Once the release goes live, every author remains the publisher of their own work. No one person or group “owns” the series. You are responsible for printing copies of your writing submission, or finding someone to do it. Then players will trade their books in game to try to collect them all. There will be book trading meetings and parties hopefully! It can become an R19 quest! That is the beauty of this effort, you will most likely want to encounter the other authors in game to collect all the volumes.

At midnight on the 24th, I will randomly assign volume numbers to help keep track of our entries and what we’ve created. When you publish your work in R19, please add “SotA Community First Series, Volume #” to whatever title (or lack of title) you have for your work.

Once there is a wipe, or finally when Episode 1 is released, each player can recreate their books, and make it a persistent part of the game world. In Episode 1 it will be a great retrospective of the active writing community at the time. Hopefully it will also be a great player-created collector’s item!

This thread will be for questions and discussing the series. Please submit your writing in the submission thread:


Let’s see what the community can do! Honor Portalarium! Encourage your friends!

So if your interested in this hit the official forum thread and tell him Stile says hi when you put up a story!


Avatars Radio recently pointed me in the right direction to this cool map by Shrouded_Recluse.


February 9 2015

Another chunk of various news pieces

Here’s several more things that you may want to check out!

The first one is EPIC! Birko made a map over in the forums titled “Ardoris Less Ardurous” and wow, is it! He made a map of the city and numbered everything, gave it a legend, and labeled it. Talk about one useful tool! I hope this is kept up until and after E1!

Go check it out and tell him the Caverns sent you!

Ardoris Less Ardurous | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Polygon did an interview with Richard and its an extremely good write up. Ill give you a little clip of it but be sure go to read the full thing!

With nearly $6 million raised and 50,000 people spending an average of $115 each on Richard Garriott’s still-in-development role-playing game, Shroud of the Avatar looks like it will get its full release by the end of the year.

As Richard Garriott's new RPG approaches $6M, he eyes a 2015 full release and book trilogy [correction] | Polygon.

So you PvP’rs are going to want to take note of this event posted by Net “4B PvP Tournament (1v1 Ranged Double Elimination)”.

When: 2014-02-21 21:00 UTC (February 21st, 3pm CST)

Where: Brave Coast – town lot on the highest hill (/zone Net)

1st place – 250 repair kits (+ Ome’s album ‘Glimmer of Light’ (digital), given away by Sole)
2nd place – 100 repair kits
3rd place – 50 repair kits

Head over to the forum and catch the whole thing. Tell Net Stile said hi!

4B PvP Tournament (1v1 Ranged Double Elimination) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ankh Quill

February 5 2015

Updated map from Decani Tour and Expedition of Dragon Cove!

If you didnt catch my original piece on this and need all the details, here you go!

Now with all that said and done, the map has had updates!

You can grab the latest version at the official link over here:
href=’http://s37.photobucket.com/user/BalecDeCani/media/SoTA/DragonCaveParchment3_sm_zps9706f172.jpg.html’>DragonCaveParchment3_sm_zps9706f172.jpg Photo by BalecDeCani | Photobucket.

A special thank you to Balec for allowing me to link to and help share this!


January 12 2015

New map from deCani Tour and Expedition!

One of my sources just brought this to me and the news is so fresh it burns!!!


Due to major earthquakes ongoing in the Metropolis of Beran’s Reach which have been leveling our offices almost monthly (with another predicted towards the end of this month), deCani Tour and Expedition is currently unable to accept new reservations. We are endeavoring to build a more permanent facility. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, your friends at deCani Tour and Expedition are happy to present this complimentary map of Dragon Cave for self-guided tours. Kobolds have been observed in the caves (packing or unpacking Wrasse eggs?) making this exploration well suited for the mid-to-high level adventurer. Please proceed carefully and at your own risk.*

The coordinates of an Avatar in New Britannia are temporarily available without advanced equipment by requesting your location from the Oracle (by typing /loc in the chat window). The resulting values are returned in the form of: East/West, Elevation, North/South.

Be advised this map provides a detailed overview of the interior of Dragons Cave and, once seen, cannot be unseen. If you wish to enjoy the discovery of the contents and layout of the caverns for yourself (and we applaud you!) please do not use this reference.
-Balec Fares deCani

Go over to the forum to view the full details!
deCani Tour and Expedition Company | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Dragon Cave Map - Balec