September 25 2017

Garriott Auction Spotlight

Up for auction on eBay is a press photo of Owen Garriott with Richard Garriott as a child. I’ve not only seen this photo before in various articles about the Garriott’s, I think I’ve linked to a few of them that used this cover photo.

It’s definitely an iconic piece, as it reaches out and touches the family in you. Personally, If I had the funds for this I would buy it and mail it to Richard. As I don’t, I instead pass it on to you my fellow collectors!

Did I say auction? It’s actually a buy it now, for a reasonable $20.00 with standard shipping rates.

1967 Press Photo Scientist and Astronaut Owen Garriott With His Son Richard | eBay

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January 31 2017


Nothing really caught my eye today in the Ultima or Shroud of the Avatar auctions, but I did see this autographed photo. I have seen a lot of autographed space photos involving Richard Garriott. Don’t believe I saw this one before, though.


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December 2 2016

Aartemis Posted “The Lunar Rift Chronometer!” For Shroud of the Avatar

If you plan on doing any travel by Moon Gate, this will definitely be of interest to you!

Release 1.1 (9/26/16)
– Added Current Moon Phase to Display.

Release 1.0
– Adjusted/Tested in Multiple Time zones (We are Eastern)
– Might have to adjust when Daylight Time ends. πŸ™‚ Did testing, but you never know.
– Added Destination Names for each Rift Location – Might be helpful for some.
– Added a Comment Box for concerns/questions.
– Did as much research and testing as we could to make sure it was as accurate as possible, however as with anything else, we built it for fun as game helper app. Hopefully it works for all of you as well.

Here is a link to it at the SotA forums. Be sure to tell them Stile sent you!

November 4 2016

Need to Know More About Housing, Lots, Raffles, or Related in Shroud of the Avatar?

Silis put together a “Player Housing Primer” for Shroud of the Avatar and put it up over on the forums for everyone to use. So if there is anything about housing that has ever confused you, this may be worth taking a look at.

This primer was created to help new players understand the housing system and answer a lot of questions that I was hearing after the raffle. I try not to go into too great of detail, I leave it up to you to decide what you want to discover on your own from here and what you want to research deeper. Please send any feedback, I hope I was mostly accurate in my data.

Player housing in Shroud of the Avatar is a fun way to take a break from adventuring and carve out your own spot in the world. It gives you a flexible way to express some creativity in the game and create a space with your friends or for yourself. To understand housing there’s a few initial concepts to run through quick as houses are placed on lots that are claimed with deeds. You may also need to pay taxes on lot to maintain ownership. Below is a brief overview of these ideas before we dive into the house itself.

Be sure to let em know sent you, and here’s where you can get the info and let em know!

November 1 2016

Cooking With Lace in Shroud of the Avatar

Lace put together a little cookbook for you. This is not your traditional cookbook!

Food Buff Durations and Benefits chart R34-R35

This was done before the tool tips were changed from seconds to minutes.
I have marked them based on my opinion on easiest to obtain the materials and marked down those with the carrot dependencies.
Copy the image url to see it better

Tell Lace Stile said hello when you post and say thank you for the work!

March 6 2015

Good luck Recap!

My love and best wishes to the Recap Band! In case you missed it, they are playing a live gig this weekend on Saturday at New York. You can catch the details on their upcoming concerts section of their kick ass web site:
Recap – Electronic Rap Rock – Hudson Valley, NY.

I honestly was considering going to New York for this Show this weekend. 12 hour drive each way and having to be back to work on Monday and all.. But well.. 12 hour drive each way, have to be to work on Monday, and its my first day off work in 2 weeks tomorrow.. not this time!

Dan, Dom, Steven,

All three of you have shown me nothing but friendship and love since the first day we had a chance to interact with each other. You have given me your trust, many times, and that alone will always mean a lot to me.

Now.. Show them who can play! Dan. Bust out with that trumpet live man, It’ll bring the place down! Even Tull had the flute going!

Home is a State of Mind

Home is a State of Mind

Not just a fan, not just a friend, but someone who sees all the talent you guys have in MANY areas, and who knows you will achieve whatever you choose to. Truly admire your energy, your spirit, and your choice to live how you want. Your a fantastic role model to my child and the children of many others. BE WHO YOU WANNA BE!

February 5 2015

Updated map from Decani Tour and Expedition of Dragon Cove!

If you didnt catch my original piece on this and need all the details, here you go!

Now with all that said and done, the map has had updates!

You can grab the latest version at the official link over here:
href=’’>DragonCaveParchment3_sm_zps9706f172.jpg Photo by BalecDeCani | Photobucket.

A special thank you to Balec for allowing me to link to and help share this!


November 29 2014

Hobloth II – Images up at Hearth of Britannia

Not able to go to the Holboth II? Or like me and you watched your plane fly away without you due to the snow trucks unable to clear the runways? Whichever the case me be, Rustic Dragon has photos posted up over at the Hearth of Britannia facebook page which are public. So be sure to take a peek and see what you missed!

(5) Hearth of Britannia.

My biggest regret? Not getting to listen to Recap play live and meeting the band. All 3 are great guys I have a lot of respect for, really bummed I didn’t get to shake hands and Jam to Some Neon Milk! so… I will be travelling somewhere again in the future dammit!

Hearth of Britannia

November 20 2014

HEADD SHOTTTSSS!!! All dukes and LotM, get on it!

Its time to take out your camera, hang up a sheet, turn on some lights, and see how good your photography skills are! If you are a Duke or a Lord of the Manor you will want to get this done!

Off With Their Heads! An official call for Royal Founder Duke and LotM Headshots | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Side note: If you are a Lord of the Manor I do not know already, please contact me so I can put you in touch with a group of Lord of the Manors who discuss pledge perks (on rare occasion) at that level for Port feedback. Thanks!

October 18 2014

A scary carnival contest

Dame Lori has posted her next Carnival game. Put an entry in and be entered into the drawing! This time she is doing a Halloween tie-in.

Your task: Let’s step away from Photoshop this round – let’s see real-world photos of your Halloween decorations, crafts, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, etc! As a bonus, if it is Shroud of the Avatar themed, you will get THREE entries in the drawing! Lord British/Darkstarr’s crest carved in a pumpkin, anyone?

Carnival Contest: The Halloween Edition | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

My entry is two parts. A video and a photo. This is the top of my fireplace mantel in the living room. The photo is more updated, and has an added perk. Above the village you see in the video are two art prints by out very own community superstar, Indi Martin! Specifically that of Dean and Sam Winchester, because hey, someones gotta fight the monsters!

Warning this video is obnoxiously LOUD.

Stile Teckel Halloween Village – YouTube.

Dean and Sam