November 4 2016

Need to Know More About Housing, Lots, Raffles, or Related in Shroud of the Avatar?

Silis put together a “Player Housing Primer” for Shroud of the Avatar and put it up over on the forums for everyone to use. So if there is anything about housing that has ever confused you, this may be worth taking a look at.

This primer was created to help new players understand the housing system and answer a lot of questions that I was hearing after the raffle. I try not to go into too great of detail, I leave it up to you to decide what you want to discover on your own from here and what you want to research deeper. Please send any feedback, I hope I was mostly accurate in my data.

Player housing in Shroud of the Avatar is a fun way to take a break from adventuring and carve out your own spot in the world. It gives you a flexible way to express some creativity in the game and create a space with your friends or for yourself. To understand housing there’s a few initial concepts to run through quick as houses are placed on lots that are claimed with deeds. You may also need to pay taxes on lot to maintain ownership. Below is a brief overview of these ideas before we dive into the house itself.

Be sure to let em know sent you, and here’s where you can get the info and let em know!

June 3 2015

A few quickies for Hump day!

Sorry ive been worthless of late everyone! Lets see if I cant get you a few things of worth really quick on this fine hump day.

Now one of the things I had pop up on my PC screen tonight was an update for my gaming Keyboards software. I shrug and grab it, and happen to notice something cool.. Now if you’ve missed it before The Mad Hermit introduced me to this keyboard and weve both done a couple of blurbs on it.

So heres the cool update! You can share profiles on Corsairs website!

Ok, ok – more related to Sota then! One of the first things you will need is the R18 release instructions. You can ge em from Starr Long himself just right over yonder *points* >

Need some help with deck building in R18? Envyco Gaming has put up a Youtube video!

Taking some pretty cool screen shots? Be sure to post them in the official thread!

One of the things I will be doing this weekend and if you haven’t already you want to make sure you do… GET YOUR R18 HAT!

And who do we know that is as mad as a hatter and shows us how to get hats? You got it!

(Was I bit over the top with that one?)

Four Legged Records recently updated the site, so be sure to check that out. Wait, who? *sighs* people, people! The Record Producer, and now also a member of, the Recap Band! Check out the site, its happening!

As you know, MMORPG has something to say about every release and R18 is not exception. Great piece, must read, I really like this guy!

In all that time, I’ve been missing something I couldn’t name, but Richard Garriott and Starr Long could. The two have tasked their crack team of developers to focus more on putting the Lord British feel into Shroud of the Avatar over the last month, and what a job they’ve made of it.

Go read the whole thing!,8

If you missed the R18 Fire Lotus release party you can still see some of the photos!

Thats all for now everyone but a lot more coming as soon as possible!

Ankh Quill

May 17 2015

Bits and Bobs

So my last piece that was going out I included a note I would be doing a major computer and networking project. As an update I am in the midst of that and its going well! I will have time to work on other things when batches of files are moving around and the like.. which brings us to this piece!

So official update #125 came out this week as I am sure you are aware.

The official Summary:

Make A Difference – Charity Drive by Rize Up Gaming
Hangout of the Avatar: Release 17 Postmortem
Player Owned Town Submission Form (BETA) Now Available
Shroud of the Avatar SoundCloud Playlist
The New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents: Aurum Berries
Pledge Stats Update
New Asset Pack: Full Founders Armor Set Updated
In-game Community Weekend Events
Blade of the Avatar Pledge Reward and Add-Ons Expire May 31
Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
Changes to Store Credit Conversions
Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
How to Cancel Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
Upcoming Events

I’m really proud of the New Britannia Theater troupe! They did another great performance and a huge thank you to The Mad Hermit for putting it on the big screen!

Looking to learn about RP, other people’s input and take on exactly what RP is, new tips and tricks? Luka Melehan is promising to offer up Friday night Role play classes so maybe thats exactly what you are looking for.

Starting very soon I will be conducting RP classes at the Port Phoenix Academy. Roleplaying is a subject that takes many forms, and I have seen some heated debates that would rival those of PvP. During our sessions I want to go over some different styles before centering on the RP styles you will be most likely to find here in Novia. We will also have ‘lab’ time, practice time in various scenes.

Today is a fun day for me to do this piece about Duke Gréagóir and a new piece hes working on. You may also be aware that Duke Gréagóir also is the seller of the offical and licenses Richard Garriott Serpentine charm made of silver! You can learn more about that over here. The reason I mention this though is I did get one of these and happened to have just put it on my necklace today!

I have started to develop a mobile app that will do a the things the SotA Museum New Britannian Runic Translator web page does ( ). This is a natural extension to the helpful tools on the site but an expanded way to boost those tools.

This includes on the fly New Britannian Runic to English translation ( up to several pages at a time of text), an export function (image or text), and New Britannian Runic Flash cards to help you learn this exciting language. There will also be an image gallery with common signs all over Novia in Runic and a translation.

He’s looking for input and feedback so visit the full thread, check out all the details, and tell him the Caverns sent you.

Duke Gréagóir - Crest-Of-Arms-Lord1-150x150

I recently did a write-up of my trip to Austin at Richard Garriott’s Curtain Theater. I had a great time and was able to enjoy a EPIC AND MAGICAL performance of Measure to MEasure by The Baron’s Men. I still plan on sharing some photos and the like of that with you from that event in the future (still catching up!). Until then though here is a great Youtube Video of the theater for a quick glimpse!

On the older side, the International Business Times posted an article titled “New RPG ‘Shroud Of The Avatar’ By Richard Garriott Aims For 2015 Release.

Richard Garriott, who also goes by the alias “Lord British,” is releasing a new Kickstarter-funded RPG called “Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues,” and it might get released this year. As seen from the report by Polygon, it looks to be an anticipated release as the game not only managed to reach its Kickstarter goal of about $1 million, but the extra crowd funding pledges given to the game’s site has almost reached $6 million.

Read the entire thing over here:

Ciciro posted a fun piece about Spiders over in the Shroud of the Avatar forums. What I really enjoyed about this piece is its very fitting as a piece for one of the pieces that I created this site for and planned on doing after E1 launches. Now due to time constraints I do not know if I will still be doing it which is interesting since it was one of the concepts I had in mind from day #1! Pieces on life in the world from various different viewpoints in a roleplay style, probably based on geographical location and/or other type of criteria to create a theme as to what the core material is. In this one, the example would be “spiders”, and leaving it broad. Perhaps another piece may be “Spiders of Northern Novia”. I still may do a series like this after E1 but it is yet to be seen and I may recruit people to help with them. Regardless this piece caught my eye for this reason and it is everything I want to do, which includes;

-captioned images or captioned galleries
-a general theme
-a core aspect of comedy is prevalent in the work

So head over and take a look and tell him the Caverns sent you!

Retro Ultima game, is it Lord British approved? This article poses the question and tells you about the game.

Ok, now next weekend is Memorial day weekend. I am sure your going to be having a big cookout, people over, and fun will be had. So add a little Karaoke to your event! Over here is the song, and video, of Return of Lord British by the Space Bards…. with… Lyrics added to it for Karaoke! You win! Posted by Player Killer.

Engadget has this article posted titled “Shroud of the Avatar’s Richard Garriott and Starr Long on how SOTA wins at player-generated content”.

When you sit down to talk with Portalarium’s Richard Garriott and Starr Long about Shroud of the Avatar, you hear much more than can possibly fit in just one article! Even though its currently in development, there’s a lot to this title

They also have this one “Shroud of the Avatar’s Richard Garriott and Starr Long on MMO community”.

May 8 2015

Things to talk about and some tools for R17

Arianna Sota posted over on Google some time lapse videos of Net’s maze being built. That may be of interest to you, kinda cool!

Playing in R17 and not sure how to get your hat? The Mad Hermit shows you how with this guide to the R17 Grand Tour Hat Quest!

Or is it XP you need in R17? The Mad Hermit shows you how to get a big chunk quickly!

Need help with crafting in R17? Sir Isycle is a one man machine that continues to update and roll improvements and features on the Crafting Spreadsheet!

The official thread:

Koldar continues to keep the pledge rewards spreadsheet, showing you what rewards you get in many different ways! Visit his forum thread for details or to tell him how awesome this is!

Recap sends out a fun video as a thank you for all those that helped back the Neon Milk album! Great special appearance from Walter and Beatrice so be sure to check it out. I found it enjoyable!!!!

Now if your playing R17 and exploring Novia a map may be of some aid. Birko has posted a fairly cool on over on the forums so I will let him tell you about it and show you to it! Just head on over and tell them the Caverns sent you!

Unfortunately that is all my time for now, even though I have a back log of 800 emails to still review *winks*. Which means more WILL be coming at some point!

Coming to you from the Caverns via Stile Teckel, I hope this information found its way into your lap and was of interest or aid!

Ankh Quill

March 25 2015

Shroud of the Avatar – R16,

So you ready for Release 16? I KNOW I’M NOT! *chuckles* speaking of which, so that everyone doesn’t think I fell off the face of the earth, I am going to be away for a week or two, starting next week. Sorry for the absence and I will be checking in on things as far as correspondence but probably very little beyond that. I’ll be back.

Seriously though, I’m very ready for release 16. Unfortunately I think release 17 is going to be my personal big release as far as getting in game more often. I will definitely be in R16 a bit this weekend to spend some time with my friends and do some hat quests!

That’s why I am going to need the Release 16 instructions and so will you! Luckily Starr took care of it as always and hes got that.

Release 16 Instructions | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Greyhaven did this. This happened!

Greetings All

With thanks to Doctor Shroud for the source material, and Jarrod Kailef for his blessing to use his excellent tunes “Trekking in the Tall Grass” and “Beautiful Meadow”, here is my tongue-in-cheek video assessment of the winning druid home:

(Video) R14 Decoration Contest Winner & Kailef Music | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Live in New York? Going to be in NEw York this Weekend? Then you just may be interested in this!

@LaetitiaNYC & I are hosting a potentially explosive interactive gaming event @MoMath1 this weekend! Come join us!
-Richard Garriott via Twitter

Richard Garriott on Twitter: "@LaetitiaNYC & I are hosting a potentially explosive interactive gaming event @MoMath1 this weekend! Come join us!".

The Mad Hermit turned me onto this one, so I am going to let him tell you about it!

Follow @MrCacoPlays for #ShroudOfTheAvatar tutorials and help videos in Spanish.
-The Mad Hermit Via Twitter

The Mad Hermit on Twitter: "Follow @MrCacoPlays for #ShroudOfTheAvatar tutorials and help videos in Spanish.".

Mr Caco – YouTube.

Ankh Quill

March 24 2015

The R16 Unreliable Travel Guide

Wow! It looks like there’s been some sort of change of staff.. Although it looks like it may be temporary?

Important Notice

Greetings Avatars. My name is Marius. My friends at The Homeguard and I are filling in while the proprietors of The Unreliable Travel Guide take a well earned rest. I hesitate to call the previous issues dull, but I think you’ll find that in this issue we have managed to add a dash of excitement to your travels. Enjoy!

May want to hop over and check some of this stuff out! Looks like they are doing a bang-up job!

The R16 Unreliable Travel Guide | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Tell em Stile said hi! No really… I haven’t seen em in a few days, and they’ll know I’m thinking of em!

R16 Unreliable Travel Guide

March 24 2015

A few snippets

Preparing for R16? Firelotus is and she has the screenshot thread posted!
Release 16 Screenshot Gallery | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Introducing the Novian Academy of Arts & Sciences! Shroud of the Avatar’s first ever institution dedicated to the education of Avatars within New Britannia!

Did that catch your interest? Here’s the forum thread:
Introducing: The Novian Academy | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Don’t have a lot of play time? Then this may be right up your alley. A guide to get you going, step by step to level up posted over in the forums.

thread of gaylike — guide to follow | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

So the title of this event says a lot “The Gladiator’s Grid-Iron (BMC)”. This is a repeating event that has took place a few times already. You can keep an eye open for future dates as well as catch videos and screen shots though!

The Gladiator's Grid-Iron (BMC) | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Gatsu made his own version of the SotA map and put it up on the forums to share with everyone. Let me draw you a map on how to get to the map….Going crazy on updating hidden vale map.. | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The winners have been announced for the 4B PvP Tournament. Congratulations!

Jacob Canaan
Bambino LudoVate

4B PvP Tournament (1v1 Ranged Double Elimination) 2.0 | Page 2 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Don’t miss the SotA companion app!

SOTA Companion App | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The Caverns Guild is currently raising funds for a PoT and is past the 50% mark! If for some reason your feeling generous and want to help the group with that, you can do so over here. POT Donations |.

It’s a great group of people the you see heavily involved all over the community both as individuals and as part of the guild. I had not planned on running a guild until E1… They changed all of that and I could not be happier or prouder.

You might have bumped into them in game or maybe you went to one of their events (such as The Shape of Things to Come spotlighted in a weekly update by Portalrium a week or two back!). The guild roster includes Sophi, Dr. Shroud, Logain, Vyrin, Womby, Lord Baldrith, Blake Phoenix, Forgiven, F’lar, Iansmellis, Trelass, Lyran, Nyssa Teckel, and Zoey Parx! Wow, what a line-up right?!!

The PoT will be for the guild to use as a group with land available to all guild members! We’re sweating the goal a bit and getting a tad worried they may sell out. They also go up 20% in May so are looking at it more seriously! If you where not aware of the 20% increase in May yourself, now you know! Get your purchases made before then!

Ankh Quill

January 2 2015

Videos, screenshots, and Beyond

Several more misc pieces of news for my fine readers and for the new years!

First off, here is another video for the Gran Tour quest in case you missed the others:
Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 13 [Episode 27] Grand Tour Quest ★ A Gameplay Video – YouTube.

So according to Ultima/SotA Museom, Richard and space was on TV again.. Sadly I missed this, but here was the info:

1/1/15, 7:51 PM
Watch @RichardGarriott tonight with his awesome trip in “Private Space Travel” tonight on DirecTV on channel 350 (CSP1) at 8:16p. Cool! 🙂

Source link: Ultima / SotA Museum on Twitter: "Watch @RichardGarriott tonight with his awesome trip in "Private Space Travel" tonight on DirecTV on channel 350 (CSP1) at 8:16p. Cool! :)".

If you missed the community new Years parties at the Firelotus (like me, bah!), here’s the forum thread if you want to see some of the images posted. New Year's Parties! 24 hours of parties! Fire Lotus Tavern | Page 2 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ankh Quill

November 1 2014

First player owned bookstore

So one of the things we saw pop up lately is the brain child of Womby and Vyrin of the Writers of the Round Table. With some help from various community members they obtained a house and created an in-game bookstore. Which was even given a visit for the MMORPG live-stream with Lord British!

You can visit the thread for this project over here:
Join the Round Table in setting up our Bookstore! | Page 3 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Here are some of the images that where posted, although forgive me for not having the captions!