November 15 2016

Armor Base stats, Damage Reduction% per fizzle% and more for SotA by Warin

Warin has been digging into the armor options for Shroud of the Avatar, charting, graphing, mapping and extrapolating just for us!

Even beyond that, there are downloads you can grab, put in your data, and see what it spits out!

I certainly hope he continues to keep up with this as changes are made to the system. I for one have already found this information, he put the time into, to be very useful!

If you do too, be sure to tell him The Caverns sent you!

If you’re wearing leather click here:
If you’re thinking about wether to pick light or heavy armor this might help you decide.

Worked on some armor charts and stats in order to compare different armor sets to eachother:
In the green area you enter your armors base stas,
In the blue area you enter your skill, item, jewlery bonuses etc

November 1 2016

Cooking With Lace in Shroud of the Avatar

Lace put together a little cookbook for you. This is not your traditional cookbook!

Food Buff Durations and Benefits chart R34-R35

This was done before the tool tips were changed from seconds to minutes.
I have marked them based on my opinion on easiest to obtain the materials and marked down those with the carrot dependencies.
Copy the image url to see it better

Tell Lace Stile said hello when you post and say thank you for the work!

October 31 2016

Shroud of the Avatar – Blacksmith Pricing Tool

Are you a Blacksmith?  Not sure how much to sell something for because you are not really sure what you have in it?

Lazio made a tool for that and made it a download on the forums. I haven’t tried it out myself yet but it sounds spiffy!

Pricing crafted items in SotA is pretty difficult due to the amount of materials and recipes involved, random benefits, items loss, etc. I made a tool for calculating prices of smithed items based on material values and fees that you set. Prices take into account all materials used, combines required, recipes required, item loss, and bonus quality.

All of the user set variables are at the top of the script under “raw materials and fuels” and “fees and modifiers”. I assigned the default values off the top of my head without much thought, so don’t take those as some kind of reference of actual material values.

Let them know Stile sent you!

April 28 2016

Shroud of the Avatar Store Catalog – Needs a Home

I have been maintaining the SotA Catalog of purchasable and reward items for a VERY long time now. As someone who runs a multitude of projects I sometimes have to choose which ones I can maintain and still allow me time to do new and cool things.

I have never let a project go, which was established in the SotA community, without finding it a home first. This may be about to become the exception, unfortunately.

As something that needs almost a continually weekly update and that becomes very burdensome if you fall behind on, combined with being a project I do not enjoy all that much, has made it so that I feel I need to give this project a home or give it up.

It is updated as of the week before last (4/14/16). It needs the new store items from 4/22/16 and up added. Which is not many. So if your interested in taking this project over, please contact me before it becomes burdensome to catch back up.

Otherwise, may it rest in peace as no one wanted it. Poor thing.

March 31 2016

Shroud of the Avatar – Catalog – Updated and Still looking for a New Home

I haven’t done a blurb on this bit in quite a while. It’s frankly painful to keep up with this thing much less to continually promote it! Only as I have other things that I prefer to work on mind you, not because it’s inherently bad on its own.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, I created a spreadsheet once upon a time called the Add-on Store archive, for Shroud of the Avatar. Since then I have tracked merchandise, rewards, and other things in it. Note that I do not track items that can be obtained in-game all the time or crafted. These are items you get via special reward, purchase, or some other unique way. Within that criteria, I believe it to be COMPLETE.

I have gotten it current again (I am very good about it as to fall behind is bad!). PLEASE if you are interested in taking this over let me know! It is not a hard project by itself. It also needs some special attention and love as it could be significantly improved upon.

Currently, my goal is to make sure we have a DISTRIBUTED (not reliant on someone else paying their domain bill) catalog of these items for the collectors. Currently, it is not pretty to look at it but it get’s the job done until someone comes along to do something with it. You maybe?

Please give it about 24 hours to the latest updates to upload. All that’s stuff set up on an automated schedule. What, you think I have time to do everything I do manually?!

February 8 2016

Crafting Materials Properties

One of the things we have seen no shortage of and that I hope always continues, are resources from the community.

This is one over on the forums which was posted by Weins201. Head on over and grab a copy of the ones you need or all of them over here.

Extremely useful charts giving you the crafting material properties. Be sure if you use it to say thanks and let them know The Caverns sent you!

A link to this and other great crafting tools can be found on menu under tools!

So something I recently found out about due to Lootcrate is that Amazon has another company called ComiXology. Basically it’s an E-comic book and Graphic Novel store.

Cool thing? They also carry the free comics. In fact a couple hundred of them!

Another bonus is if you have an Amazon account you can connect it. Making it EXTREMELY easy and quick to get going on the site. Thought Id pass it along!

For those comic book people wondering how I did not know about this, while I enjoy the occasional graphic novel or comic it is not something I typically spend money on or search for in an ebook format. I do tend to get at least one a month from this or that subscription box though and enjoy them!

November 14 2015

Shroud of the Avatar Collectors Catalog

It has been quite a while since I have promoted this piece of work I upkeep. It is my hope that as a result there are a lot of new followers that will see this and go “wwwwhhhaaaaattttt? This rocks!”.

What I am talking about is, as the title says, the Shroud of the Avatar Collectors Catalog. Collections of items with a direct SotA relationship, both virtual and physical, I maintain this in the hopes that some find it useful!

Now you will notice the filename is The Store Catalog. That’s misleading. It is what it originally was but I am just to lazy to change the file name and have to tell everyone the link changed. Honestly – I am worried people will miss it, so i’d need to set up a redirect, etc. Eventually..

Anyway it evolved and now has all the rewards, all official swag endorsed by Portalarium whether from them or from a merchandiser or 3rd party contract.

Koldar helped maintain this for a while as well!

As always when I share this, I would like to state – I am not opposed to giving this project to someone else. I created it because I felt it needed to be done, like many of my projects. I am more then willing to pass it onto someone that I would be willing to maintain it with certain conditions that are very basic and you’ll find more then reasonable (maintain credits history, let me know if your going to give it up, that sort of thing).

Ask anyone I work with. I am very easy to work with!

And/Or I am also looking for someone that has some time to make it look nicer.

You will notice it DOES NOT DISPLAY WELL ON GOOGLE!!! It’s not formatted to be good looking on Google. To be able to view it properly you’ll want to download it in a Excel based format. It may also work well in other formats but I have not tested anything else. If someone wanted to clean up the appearance so it was more Google friendly, that would be great!

Additionally it can use some categorization work, maybe some color coding, and that sort of stuff. It’s just not something I have taken the time to do but with its growth it could use it!

If your interested in pitching in to help, drop me a note and we can go from there!

Proud to be a member of this great community as always! Carry on…

Did you know that Everything The Caverns pays for, from hosting, Teamspeak, software, to community support given back exceeds 2000.00 a year and does that not include costs to purchase products from others in the community to be able to do fair and accurate reviews and support their projects? That figure also does not include the swag The Caverns has given out which is sometimes several hundred dollars a year not including dice (over 1000 dice given away to date)!

I am proud of what I do, they are my choices, and it is something I enjoy doing! However if you find them of benever I am not ashamed to ask for donations. My only request is never give what you can’t afford to give!!!

If you find ANY of the projects The Caverns is involved in beneficial and if you can afford to do so, please consider sending .50 or a 1.00 our way! Every little bit adds up and if everyone sent a tiny amount, it might be possible to go into the black or even expand!

July 23 2015

Koldar still keeping us up to date with the pledge reward spreadsheet!

He’s still keeping it going and keeping it updated. In fact if your not subscribed to it be sure to do so. If your not familiar with it, basically your a pledge right? Whats your pledge rewards? what date did you pledge? What level? etc… This thing makes it easy for you to know what your going to get or what you could get if you upgrade! So DO IT! UPGRADE!!! Err… I mean, check out the spreadsheet!

Hey, Tell Koldar I said hello!

The First to distribute the SotA Rewards Chart created by Sir Frank and now maintianed by Koldar

Koldar's Heraldry

Koldar’s Heraldry

You know how they have those gag reels at the end of movies sometimes? Right, for this post… I almost published it with the link to the forum’s as a quote instead of as a link. Yes, I do proof a LITTLE!

November 24 2014

Crafting spreadsheet by Isycle and Lord Baldrith both updated!

The crafting spreadsheet by Lord baldrith has been updated! This is a simple refrence sheet, and he has updated it based on the new release. You can find this at by hitting tools, and then crafting, from the Main menu!

Beyond that Sir Isycle has made some great updates to the one sheet to rule them all!

I think thats an apt name by the way.. One sheet to bind them, one… err anyway,

Heres the details of the update as well as some great tips from Sir Isycle himself:

Spreadsheet is Updated!!! Find it here, Also grab the folder if you don’t have it yet. Make sure you watch the earlier videos or at the least, Enable Macros & Content to run

Since there where so many changes to the recipes & new recipes, I decided to make a reset button on the Legend tab. What this will do is wipe the sheet & download all the recipes fresh, Then cycle through the Stats to program those. This is the same amount of data transfer but it’s saving from comparing this to that, etc. The other Update buttons are still there for the daily checks for new recipes.
Wiping the sheet will mean you loose any custom prices you’ve but I don’t think that’s an issue just jet.

Happy Crafting

*note* The new recipes do not yet have icons

You can get a copy of this in the same place as Lord Baldriths OR go to the forum thread and grab the link from the first post.. If you visit the forum and leave a note, tell em you saw it at the Caverns!

Crafting Recipies Spreadsheet- updated! | Page 3 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.


November 12 2014

Lord Baldrith has tools!

No, I did NOT mean myself and other people that work with him *sighs*

Nope – what he has is CRAFTING TOOLS! Ok, so your a crafting type individual. The Wiki is nice for single reference but when doing a lot of crafting, well.. looking up one recipe at a time is not for me!

Ok, so you say “Right! We have Sir Isycl’e crafting book though, originally made by you and its DA BOMB!!!”

Yep, Agreed! Butttt.. sometimes you might want a list of what you can make and how to do it printed out next to you, or up on a screen without the need to actively change stuff on it. A “refrence only” sort of thing.

Thats where Lord Baldrith has your back, with this great crafting spreadsheet he made for himself but gave me the ok to distribute! I have it set up as a Google link for you and I have worked things out with him in such a way that whenever he makes an update on his computer.. within 24 hours it wi’l automatically be updated at this link also. So be notified when it updates by signing up!