June 14 2017

What To Take With You To Today’s Q&A for Portalarium’s Seed Invest Campaign

Right then.. *Looks like a deer caught in a headlight*

This topic has caused quite a stir in the Shroud of the Avatar community, and this is my first time doing a piece on it. Mainly as I have been rather busy.

Let’s break it up into three sections. What is it with my take on things, what is taking place today, and finally a LOT of information for you to check out as articles and videos.

Invest, Invest, Invest!

So the new seed program is a way to raise additional revenue for Shroud of the Avatar. As I understand it the basic gist is to raise additional funding beyond what is raised by other methods and used for current operations, in order to expand operations to include things such as Marketing as we get closer to launch.

This is done by selling company stock in which you also get possessions in the Shroud of the Avatar game. These possessions are non-play-to-win cosmetics such as land, housing, and different textures for your in-game possessions such as said houses. A golden house for example.

A lot of people are tripping out by all of this. The two bigger areas I have picked up on that are causes of concerns.

First, they revealed their current bank account balances and things of that nature. WOA! You would think people don’t understand what “lean’ is! So here’s the scoop. Portalarium has about enough in the bank to pay the bills for two months.

People are screaming “where did all of my money go”. I will have articles below you can go read, what people are saying, thinking, why, etc.. Here is my take though. I believe I remember Portalarium having always said it is running lean, that is generating enough money per month in paying that month’s operating costs, etc, etc. I personally saw no surprise here. What happened to our money? My thought is.. What do you think they have been doing this for free for the last 4+ years?

So call me dense, but.. yeah, I saw no surprise here, and no reason to be any more concerned than I would have been two years ago!

Secondly, I believe people are flipping out about why they want more money. Again, I remember them always saying things like “We pay ZERO for marketing”, “We share booths so as not to spend your money on marketing”, “When we are near launch we will look at ways to generate revenue for marketing”, “We will always be exploring new ways to generate revenue”.. and on, and on, and on. Like a mantra for years.

So.. They are doing what they always said they would do in my mind. No surprise to me.

So.. that’s my take *Shrugs*. I haven’t done a lot on this topic, in part because that is my feeling on it. It’s nothing to be surprised about, and the general unrest it caused honestly and truly confuses me.

I am not saying Portalarium is perfect, or that there may not be reasons to be concerned about the game and companies longevity or their choices. I just don’t see anything here that was a big shock to me.

Now that you have the very, very basics, what is happening today?

You probably already are aware if you care, but just in case! You have a chance to learn all you want to know!

6/14/17 at 4 PM Central Time / 5 PM Eastern

Head over and read the full details!
Lord British Invites You to Upcoming Q&A Events for Portalarium’s SeedInvest Campaign

The wrap-up! Want to do some homework before the Q&A? What are different people saying? What questions are there? What opinions? Get out your notebooks…

One of the most important links, the official Seed Invest site:
Portalarium – Series.b – SeedInvest

Watch the last telethon where this was discussed and see data!

Other Web Sites:
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September 14 2016

Staying Caught Up With Shoud of the Avatar

Hopefully, it will not be much longer until I am caught up with everything I do in my life, once again. So that you know, Shroud of the Avatar is partly to blame for that, and I love every minute of my game time! Just wish I could take more!

If you missed the Postmortem, pull up a chair and take a peek!

Published on Sep 9, 2016
Watch as the team chats about Release 33 and looks ahead to Release 34. We also answered many player questions, and gave out awesome prizes during the livestream.

Gamezone published an interview with Richard Garriott that you will not want to miss! Titled “An interview with Richard Garriott: How Shroud of the Avatar is looking to change RPGs” by Tom Caswell it is a great interview but be warned, it is also long!

This guy coined the term MMORPG, so it was a delight to sit down with him and pick his brain on his past and future, both of which proved to be equally fascinating.

Go check it out here http://www.gamezone.com/originals/an-interview-with-richard-garriott-how-shroud-of-the-avatar-is-looking-to-change-rpgs-k1yk

Markee Dragon continues to roll out great videos that will help you out with your gaming needs!


If Discord is your thing then this may interest you.

SoTA Speak is a Discord Server set up to provide players with a centralized, interactive, non-private, region-specific voice chatting system to promote community interaction.

Go read the whole article over here!

February 13 2016

Update Your Account Info For Physical Rewards if You Qualify for Shroud of The Avatar / New Harry Potter

I normally do not recap or highlight pieces of news from the official weekly updates any more. The reason is I figured long ago that by now anyone that want’s to know what is in those are just getting them.

This is a *PAY ATTENTION* to piece though. Just in case you missed it skimming the updates or decided this week you didn’t feel like it.

In preparation for shipping backers’ [pullquote]physical pledge rewards later this year[/pullquote], we have added Shipping Address fields to your Account Profile page. To enter your shipping address, log in to the SotA website, select “Account” in top right corner, then select “Edit Profile” located in top left corner, beneath your Avatar image:

You have plenty of time, just at some point make sure your aware that if you are getting physical rewards from your pledge for Shroud of The Avatar that you need to update your account page with your shipping information.

They have already taken care of it and set it up so you can do it whenever you have a few moments. Personally I got it done to know its taken care of, but that’s how I operate.


Here is the update which has the news on this.

You Harry Potter fans may be excited to know there is another Harry Potter book coming out this year. While I am not bouncing off the walls or anything I will certainly be picking this up at some point as I did enjoy the series.

You can get and read some details on this here.

You can go ahead and pre-order it or toss it into your wish list on Amazon as well! It is a two part story and I like the fact it takes place 19 years later. While I can and do, I am not a huge fan of going backwards into the past on stories. I feel they should progress and move forwards.

January 28 2016

Lot Selection scheduled, final wipe scheduled, start scheduling your vacation days!

If you haven’t heard yet.. I would be surprised.

Seriously though, the cat is out of the bag, the fat lady has sung, and a post has been made in the announcement forums with dates.

Looks like the placement begins at the end of July, but get over to the forums and find out your slot! Start making plans. I’m not going to even try to summarize this post! If you have an account, go read it. If you don’t have an account go buy one, we want you to play!


Need something to read while you are patching? Another quick book recommendation for you. Well, this one is actually an author and one of my favorites. Harry Harrison! Anything he has written.. read it, i’s good (IMO).

That said my favorites are The Stainless Steel Rate Series. Think a futuristic Sci-Fi setting with a Robin Hood and his band sort of feel vibe going on. That doesn’t really do it justice but its the closest I can come to. Please expect a LOT of comedy in this Sci-Fi series!

Another book series that Harry Harrison did I really like is the Death World trilogy. He took out the comedy (well, not so much it’s not fun!) and made it just like the title sounds. Talk about a place I do not want to visit!!! I have read this series half a dozen times. Love it.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited reader, There is a complete collection of his works in unlimited. Search the author!

September 25 2015

More info for the Shroud of the Avatar Community

The first thing is of course, it is Release 22 and you are going to need those updates on what has changed as well as them instructions!

Starr Long as typical does a fantastic job presenting that for us all in the Release 22 instructions:

Not Shroud of the Avatar per say, but relates to our Lord British directly. Inverse put up a post which they talk to Richard Garriott a bit called “Space Tourism and the Overview Effect Will Transform the One Percent”. It sounds like a pretty great thing and hopefully someday anyone can go take a look but until then many of us will just do our best through virtual space trips!

“If even a fraction of one percent of the human population had a similar experience,” says Garriott, “I think it would radically transform public opinion.”

You can read the whole article here: https://www.inverse.com/article/6301-how-space-travel-will-change-the-one-percent-and-then-the-world

If you never saw it, the NBNN did an interview a while ago with Richard Garriott!

I did a blog piece a little while back about Richard Garriott’s proposed Transit system in Austin. If you watch these sort of things on the net, you will have noticed a LOT of news sites where covering that topic!

CBSDFW: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2015/08/17/video-game-mogul-proposes-106-m-transit-system-in-austin/

Austin Business Journal: http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/blog/at-the-watercooler/2015/08/entrpreneurs-jetsons-style-transit-system-turns.html

My Statesman: http://www.mystatesman.com/news/news/local/richard-garriott-pushing-personal-rapid-transit-sy/nnKc5/

Speaking of Richard Garriott, his book “Explore/Create: My Life at the Extremes” has been released for the Kindle (or of course the app). I haven’t read this yet but it is in my wish list and i’ll be saving up some of my Amazon Prime no rush shipping credits for digital media, to pick up a copy! You can head over and get yours and here’s a link to make it easy!

Great pics from Lady British!

Too much news and such? Take a break and let someone play a concert for you! SotA Stile!

Ome the Bard and I doing a duet of his original song Truth is Alive in Shroud of the Avatar.

September 1 2015

Summer 2015 Telethon of the Avatar!

If you are anything like me you where able to watch 0 minutes of this, due to the timing and the schedule. These are not for the person that works 9-5 for a living, that’s for sure!

Fortunately we get an oppertunity to watch it afterwards! While I have not seen ityet I have heard lots of good things. I know that two of my guild members won prizes, as well as others in the community I nkow. Even if you didn’t win anything directly as long as you spent 5.00 from the store during the telethon you got something extra!

So go find out what it was all about and let me know if theres anything I missed thats Epic!

July 29 2015

R20 coming and more!

So if you play Shroud of the avatar at all, you know that Release 20 comes out tomorrow. This has a lot of things taking place that are very exciting!  For me the big one in terms of need to pay attention to will be the Player Owned Town. In short, with The Caverns Guild owning one, the guild is going to have me busy for a few days!  Im very excited personally about taming though!

Whatever your favorite is your going to want to see the list and the details. Darkstarr has that taken care of for you!


Need some snacks while you play? Ive been trying out different subscription boxes on occasion and I tried a snack one or two.

Munchpak is a win, straight and simple and it’s why its the best! http://munchpak.com (I get nothing when you use that link!)

I also tried Candy Club last month as I had a 20.00 off. It comes in great containers and is REALLY good. The cost is worth it in my opinion IF you do a year at a time. At the monthly rate I could do better going to a local candy shop even taking into account the convenience and time of having it at my door instead. Bottom line though is my review on this one is about the way they cancel.

You have to request it…. If a company can auto renew me for something, then I demand a link to cancel from them. A company that REQUIRES me to contact them by ANY other method to tell them to cancel my subscription looses my business 95% of the time immediately and will not get it back. Its a marketing gimmick (in my opinion) that is transparent and I do not play games- If you can’t sell me because you have a good product and you have to resort to making things harder to keep my business, then you don’t get it at all (same thing for Bocandy!).

Munchpak has an easy to use cancel option on your account. They’ll get repeat business from me once or twice a year when I’m in the mood for same gaming treats! Because of a good product, at a good price, combined with making giftinging, signing up, AND cancelling easy. Not only that but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite gifts for family members and friends. I’m not staying with them due to finances and watching my spending, but if I made more money they would be a permanent staple in my home! Sorry for crumbs I may have left in your screen a few weeks back…

June 26 2015

Its almost the weekend , R19 happens, and other coolness

Id be very surprised if anyone that reads my stuff is not aware that R19 takes place today. Be sure to go re-train! I heard from one of my guild mates that the skills are being wiped. You do not loose the points, but you need to train again!

Of course, you will also want to grab the R19 instructions: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/?p=51456

Even though ill continue to keep you updated with new things as I can, there’s also some stuff I still haven’t shared and im sure you think I am slacking, so here you go!

Ok, so heres an MMORPG article I think you will want to read. Why? It’s one of Red Thomas’s pieces and they rock!

This month’s release of Shroud of the Avatar, much like the last, has a significant focus on combat. The team has been hard at work updating several areas of that core component of gameplay, but they haven’t done it alone. According to Shroud of the Avatar‘s Technical Director, Chris Spears, the team has invited several members of the community to special scrum and play sessions as the developers work to dial in the combat system.

Go read the whole article! http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/935/feature/9805/Shroud-of-the-Avatar-Release-19-PlayerCentric-Development.html

Want to hire some custom art from Tortoise and Hare? They got you covered! Indi Martin set up a site to take orders, limit them to a certain amount, show where your at in line and all the kind of stuff.. and rates! As someone that’s purchased one I highly recommend it!


Check out the Deviant art site to see completed work! http://indigowarrior.deviantart.com/

This may be a bit short notice for many of you, but hopefully someone sees this that can make it! This was posted by Winifield over in the Shroud forums. I can state that the Baron’s men are fantastic!

Planning a casual Austin Gathering for …

Classic Game Fest 2015
The Baron’s Men Play

Saturday, July 25, 2015

… and continue through Sunday, July 26 as desired!

There is a coincidence in the stars (or at least some dates)
that offer a very casual and no-host type of gathering for a day or weekend.

Interested people can come together at the Fest, have a casual dinner,
attend the Baron’s Men play, and do more!

Richard Garriott and Starr Long will be at the Classic Game Fest 2015
(also see SotA Upcoming Events Link)

Go see ALL the details and his full post:

You may need some help on your hat quests, and I just saw this floating around!

Now if your a Shroud of the Avatar Lord of the Manor and want to hide gps tracking in your framed Alkalabeth (or hey, your like me and you want it on your dogs and keys.. but that’s just not very realistic for a GPS).. Theres finally an option for that! Check these out! (yes this is off topic, but seriously.. i wish I had bought these sooner. My wife lost her keys a few days ago! and if it saves my pets life? for 15.00? ok… id regret not doing it and passing this along for the same reason, to my fellow geeks and pet lovers). http://thetrackr.com/?ref_code=G8ec8

June 22 2015

FYI – Tapatalk is down on the Shroud of the Avatar Forums

Title pretty much says it all!

I apologize for this news getting out late. Ive been getting some tapatalk errors but then, ive been having tech issues so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Unfortunately I started to today as Tapatalk is about the only way I keep up with the forums.. which means paradox, and why I missed this post someone was kind enough to send me.

Due to a recent upgrade of the forum software, Tapatalk will be unavailable for a short time. We hope to have this popular feature back up to speed in the next few days. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this causes our mobile users. 😳

Which can be found here:

May 17 2015

Bits and Bobs

So my last piece that was going out I included a note I would be doing a major computer and networking project. As an update I am in the midst of that and its going well! I will have time to work on other things when batches of files are moving around and the like.. which brings us to this piece!

So official update #125 came out this week as I am sure you are aware. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/?p=50566

The official Summary:

Make A Difference – Water.org Charity Drive by Rize Up Gaming
Hangout of the Avatar: Release 17 Postmortem
Player Owned Town Submission Form (BETA) Now Available
Shroud of the Avatar SoundCloud Playlist
The New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents: Aurum Berries
Pledge Stats Update
New Asset Pack: Full Founders Armor Set Updated
In-game Community Weekend Events
Blade of the Avatar Pledge Reward and Add-Ons Expire May 31
Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
Changes to Store Credit Conversions
Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
How to Cancel Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
Upcoming Events

I’m really proud of the New Britannia Theater troupe! They did another great performance and a huge thank you to The Mad Hermit for putting it on the big screen!

Looking to learn about RP, other people’s input and take on exactly what RP is, new tips and tricks? Luka Melehan is promising to offer up Friday night Role play classes so maybe thats exactly what you are looking for.

Starting very soon I will be conducting RP classes at the Port Phoenix Academy. Roleplaying is a subject that takes many forms, and I have seen some heated debates that would rival those of PvP. During our sessions I want to go over some different styles before centering on the RP styles you will be most likely to find here in Novia. We will also have ‘lab’ time, practice time in various scenes.


Today is a fun day for me to do this piece about Duke Gréagóir and a new piece hes working on. You may also be aware that Duke Gréagóir also is the seller of the offical and licenses Richard Garriott Serpentine charm made of silver! You can learn more about that over here. The reason I mention this though is I did get one of these and happened to have just put it on my necklace today!

I have started to develop a mobile app that will do a the things the SotA Museum New Britannian Runic Translator web page does ( http://sotamuseum.com/Shroud_of_the_Avatar/RunicLanguage/ ). This is a natural extension to the helpful tools on the site but an expanded way to boost those tools.

This includes on the fly New Britannian Runic to English translation ( up to several pages at a time of text), an export function (image or text), and New Britannian Runic Flash cards to help you learn this exciting language. There will also be an image gallery with common signs all over Novia in Runic and a translation.

He’s looking for input and feedback so visit the full thread, check out all the details, and tell him the Caverns sent you.

Duke Gréagóir - Crest-Of-Arms-Lord1-150x150

I recently did a write-up of my trip to Austin at Richard Garriott’s Curtain Theater. I had a great time and was able to enjoy a EPIC AND MAGICAL performance of Measure to MEasure by The Baron’s Men. I still plan on sharing some photos and the like of that with you from that event in the future (still catching up!). Until then though here is a great Youtube Video of the theater for a quick glimpse!

On the older side, the International Business Times posted an article titled “New RPG ‘Shroud Of The Avatar’ By Richard Garriott Aims For 2015 Release.

Richard Garriott, who also goes by the alias “Lord British,” is releasing a new Kickstarter-funded RPG called “Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues,” and it might get released this year. As seen from the report by Polygon, it looks to be an anticipated release as the game not only managed to reach its Kickstarter goal of about $1 million, but the extra crowd funding pledges given to the game’s site has almost reached $6 million.

Read the entire thing over here: http://www.ibtimes.com.au/new-rpg-shroud-avatar-richard-garriott-aims-2015-release-1420206

Ciciro posted a fun piece about Spiders over in the Shroud of the Avatar forums. What I really enjoyed about this piece is its very fitting as a piece for one of the pieces that I created this site for and planned on doing after E1 launches. Now due to time constraints I do not know if I will still be doing it which is interesting since it was one of the concepts I had in mind from day #1! Pieces on life in the world from various different viewpoints in a roleplay style, probably based on geographical location and/or other type of criteria to create a theme as to what the core material is. In this one, the example would be “spiders”, and leaving it broad. Perhaps another piece may be “Spiders of Northern Novia”. I still may do a series like this after E1 but it is yet to be seen and I may recruit people to help with them. Regardless this piece caught my eye for this reason and it is everything I want to do, which includes;

-captioned images or captioned galleries
-a general theme
-a core aspect of comedy is prevalent in the work

So head over and take a look and tell him the Caverns sent you! https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/save-the-endangered-red-spider.21419/#post-318224

Retro Ultima game, is it Lord British approved? This article poses the question and tells you about the game.


Ok, now next weekend is Memorial day weekend. I am sure your going to be having a big cookout, people over, and fun will be had. So add a little Karaoke to your event! Over here is the song, and video, of Return of Lord British by the Space Bards…. with… Lyrics added to it for Karaoke! You win! Posted by Player Killer.

Engadget has this article posted titled “Shroud of the Avatar’s Richard Garriott and Starr Long on how SOTA wins at player-generated content”.

When you sit down to talk with Portalarium’s Richard Garriott and Starr Long about Shroud of the Avatar, you hear much more than can possibly fit in just one article! Even though its currently in development, there’s a lot to this title


They also have this one “Shroud of the Avatar’s Richard Garriott and Starr Long on MMO community”. http://www.engadget.com/2014/12/18/shroud-of-the-avatars-richard-garriott-and-starr-long-on-mmo-co/