February 2 2018

Wizard for Hire – Ever Want A Legendary GM to Run an RPG for your Group? NOW YOU CAN!

Ever sit around with your game group knocking around who it would be cool to have run a campaign for you just once?

Or how about going to a convention and pubically playing with an amazing guest GM or attending their panel, and thinking.. WOW! I wish I could have them run for my private group once!

What about just consulting with such a person for your own campaign?

While not every Epic GM out there offers such services, Nystul does!


Check it out!! If you have any interest just contact me and I will put you in touch with him.

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December 7 2017

Tabletop & PC Gamers both, Take Notice at Amazon Today!

Most of the time the Amazon deal’s of the day bore me. Every once in a while they do one that makes me take notice.

Today they decided to take money from gamers, and didn’t want to discriminate between the Tabletop and the Videogamer, from what I can see!

First off a large selection of Tabletop games at %40 off.

Id like to spotlight a couple of recommendations, including one for my Shroud of the Avatar Readers! [pullquote]including one for my Shroud of the Avatar Readers[/pullquote]

Not everyone from the Shroud of the Avatar community was around this long, and I doubt many will remember the videos from the first Kickstarter days! During one of the videos of the early Kickstarter days the Dev team played this game, although perhaps not this version of it! I also carry “Are you a Werewolf” with me at convention booths when I vend for Caveloot.com, it’s a great game!

Takes a lot of people, but is fun, easy to do, and great for social gatherings. Try it at your next party! Now there’s an interesting tidbit about this. When the Dev’s where playing this, at one point Richard made a statement. Something about that statement, and dozens of other things that I knew about him, history, his game making, game interests, etc, all clicked, and it gave me a HUGE insight into the “super secret story” twists planned for Shroud!

I later had a chance to ask Richard about it, and I was fairly dead on. However as time has moved on, a lot of those plans have changed I know based on community feedback and game development. Unfortunately, since I still don’t know what peripherals of that story idea they plan on keeping are, I’ll continue to keep my promises about keeping my mouth shut about my guesses. It won’t be long until I can say what my original guesses where, and what some of the thoughts and Ideas had originally been talked about.

I have not personally played the board game version of this, but being the gamer I am my life is surrounded by both gamers and game developers, and I have heard nothing but good things from all of them!

It certainly looks awesome, and I know I have played the mobile game on IOS of the same theme, extensively. Grr.. in fact I see that happening again real soon now!

If you’re not familiar with the theme/title, you should be. It’s certainly been done in a lot of mediums!

Yay Cheap Ass Games! For those not familiar with Cheap Ass Games, that’s exactly what they did. They made Cheap Ass games, that you get the bare minimums really cheap to play a basic game.

Now personally, I prefer to pay more for my games, get cool things with it, and more importantly help support those developers in their industry!

I’m not the only person that feels that way and that’s why Cheap Ass Games took some of their more popular games and made nicer editions of them. This being one!

I haven’t played this in a while, but I do have their original version in my game room. A good friend of mine once gave me a present of a bunch of their games, in a nice binder, with cool accessories he put together shopping himself. A lot of good times have been had from that gift! Great Present!

WOW! This game has come a long way! I remnemebr when it first came out, and in fact I still have my first edition in the tiny little box it came in. I think I got the first expansion after that, which came with another 100 zombies or some such.

While I stopped investing into the game (which I am sure would not have been the case if I still gamed as much as I was once able to do), I have friends that have continued to pick up a lot of the expansions and things of that nature.

Bottom line, You will not go wrong with this game!!

If you want to make that gamer’s in your life Christmas this year, GET THIS! Open Gifts early, gather the family around and have an amazing day. Take a break for lunch and keep going, as no one is going to want to leave!

For you PC Gamers, they have some high end Gaming hardware up for sale today also!


I have no strong reccomendations in this section, as I can’t reccomend equipment I have not used, and nothing in here is my exact equipment. For the most part my hardware is better (It’s amazing that a build I did 3 years ago has held its value as long as it has!), or the upgrade vs. cost just is not worth it!

If I had money just laying around though, this caught my attention and would be a nice upgrade. Id want to upgrade from my DDR3 ram to DDR4 with it though.

I’m REALLY surprised by the lack of any Video Cards in that selection today! On the other hand, a good thing, as that’s where I really need to do an upgrade! At the moment I can only window shop!

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July 4 2015

SotA Con at Gen Con 2015 details finalized!

Ok, Reservations have been finalized but with a slight change to the location. Reservations are for at Champps, which is across the street in the same mall as Granite City.

Probably won’t be quite as comfortable as a private room at Granite city but i’m rather miffed with them. I think they may be having some internal structural issues.. It took me 4 weeks to make a reservation being passed from person to person and playing phone tag, until I finally spoke to the General manager. His statement was that one of the other people I talked to had already been told to take all gen con reservations. Then he wanted to give me a 600.00 minimum for the group. I could go on, but suffice it to say I didn’t feel it was a good option.

I Called Champps and they took care of the request immediately, where very polite and friendly, great service, etc. Menu probably won’t be quite as expansive but it’s decent, they have alcohol, and its family friendly. I will also cost less than Granite City which im sure many can appreciate.

I have a reservation for 15-20 from 8pm until close (1am). It honestly is very hard to get a reservation anywhere during Gencon, which is why I was happy with Granite city last year. Most places just refuse to take them and you have to wait for up to 3 hours for a large group.

Heres the detals of our location:

I Was really hoping with this being year two to establish a good relationship for a annual reservation with Granite City. A bit disappointed that seems to not going to be able to work out but maybe Champps will turn out to be the answer.

I have prepared a handout/swag item for everyone attending. Its not official merchandise and its nothing big but I hope many will enjoy it. Not dice this time! Im actually very low on them and have to wait until finances are a bit better for ordering another production run.

Im also hearing there may be one or two others with some goodies to hang out and I have a bunch of misc items im taking that while I don’t have enough to give the same thing to everyone, ill probably be giving everyone something!

Gen Con is awesome. Dinner with people that have a similar interest just makes common sense. So come join us! Please consider doing me a favor if your going (although not a requirement). Please consider marking yourself a maybe or a going on the Facebook event page. It will help me in tracking attendance numbers in case I need to revise the reservation numbers a bit.

It also shows people that its worth going. Right now attendance looks low, but its better then it looks! I think its a good size, not so big as to be overwhelming in terms of trying to get a chance to talk to everyone. Enough people though to feel like you could have used a bit more time :).

(12) SotA Con at Gencon II

P.S. – I will be bringing a good SLR camera this year to shoot some decent photos of the event.

October 9 2014

Support Kickstarter by Tortoise & Hare Creations

One of my sayings is Support those who Support shroud of the Avatar! This is especially true when you are buying projects you would normally want to buy and would enjoy anyway. I think this falls into both those categories!

First off my apologies for being slow on getting a piece out on this! Im a bit behind on things and I knew this was happening but thought I had time yet.. it slipped away I think! Regardless, better a bit late then a lot late, and this is something to check into. They are near being funded quick and you can help that happen and get a cool game!

GoCache – A Geocaching-Themed Card Game by Indi Martin — Kickstarter.

So that will take you to the details. Go ahead and take a second and check it out! Basically a card game that looks fairly simple and quick to play but with enough involved to not be boring. At what is some very reasonable pricing!

How these two do it, I don’t know! Travelling conventions, comic book for Shroud of the Avatar, Writing Novels, Graphic novels, Misc day to day art for selling and prints, Custom orders from small to large, Geo-caching, attending some cool player ran events, and now toss a dash of a custom card game on top of that? I need some of that energy!

That’s just to name a bit at that. Very talented and skilled, I am sure this game is going to be awesome and I don’t just talk the talk! I just supported the project, I own both of her novels, I have a custom art piece I ordered, and we have two prints hanging in the living room. Very talented and you’ll enjoy what your getting and its cooler to know your supporting the SotA community at the same time!

Now… when will I find time to play this thing? bah!

May 4 2014

Ultima 1 – The Board game – Free download

Ultima 1 has had a board game created for it.

You can read about it here

Entirety of Ultima 1 Ported to Print-And-Play Board Game | The Escapist.

I don’t know what the copy right concerns may be for something like this, but I guess the creator either checked into it or felt it was ok.

One thing I did find frustrating is HOW to download it, short of grabbing a TON of individual images. There is a dropbox link that after 10 minutes of searching i found for you.


*chuckles* not meant as a dig at the creator at all and I hope he is not insulted if he sees this:

I’ve even created a single ZIP file that has all the files in one set zip file! It’s big at 80+ meg but it has everything plus the rule book!

I guess its a matter of perspective. I remember owning my first 20 meg hard drive. On the other hand Im at about 21 TB’s of HD storage now at home (sorry Mad Hermit, I passed you up!). I could even see adding another 6-8tb in the future.. and 300+ gig caps with my internet provider would be a concern! So to me this was small!

The down side to this item is you have to print it all out. It also looks like youd have some cutting and the like to do as well. More work then im willing to jump into, but hopefully its self published soon for those that just want to buy a copy! I am a bit OCD’ish about such things, if I was going to print it it would be on card stock, full color, and I would be making perfect cut’s with a Matt board. The costs for paper and ink combined with the time, end up being more then If I just bought it from somewhere 🙂

If you print it out and try it, come back and drop a comment on what you thought! Or send me a review and I will publish it for you.

Ankh Quill

January 26 2014

Happy Birthday D&D

What does D&D have to do with Shroud of the Avatar? Well, the biggest answer is – it was some of the earliest game design inspiration for Richard Garriott who was a player.

For me? It was my introduction into gaming.. it was probably the first type of game other then a kids board or card game I ever played.

For everyone, even if your not a D&D fan? It established a genre that we almost all enjoy and is one of the things we look forward to in Shroud of the Avatar. Role Play!

So, I wanted to shout out. – Happy 40th Birthday D&D! I’m 4 months older then you!!! *sticks out tongue*

Dungeons & Dragons turns 40.

Ankh Quill

October 10 2013

Project Update #26: Tracy & Laura Hickman’s Sojourner Tales Board Game by Tracy Hickman

It’s a SotA Dev project, It’s has a unique item in SotA, and the next stretch goal is related to SotA – have to publish the news on this! That’s all I have to say really. Im sure its cool. I backed at the 20.00 to be supportive and for the SotA in-game item, although I do not see myself printing this thing out and assembling it. Unfortunately for me, it comes down to, I have 6 or 7 awesome board games in my game room.. unopened…

Tracy & Laura Hickman's Sojourner Tales Board Game by Tracy Hickman » 8 Hours: Rocketing Past Two Stretch Goals! — Kickstarter.

September 1 2013

How many gamers have gun cabinets?

Ok so.. With Rustic Dragons telethon, anyone that bought the 25.00 mystery gift in the store will be getting a display case in game, that is a replica of Rustic Dragon’s display cabinet. This is the backdrop in his videos with the potions on it, that opens by spinning. He provided a story that it was a gun cabinet he got from a garage sale and modified.

Interesting enough I also have in my game room a display cabinet that was once a gun cabinet I converted to a display case.

This got me to thinking that I bet gun cabinets are fairly common items at garage sales. Gamers are fairly frequent garagae sale people hoping to score gaming stuff cheap. They are also typically do-it-yourselfers since they are always poor from dumping tons of money into the hobby.. so Im thinking saying “20.00 gun cabinet.. I have some wood in the garage…yeah, new display case!”

So how about you? Do you a gun cabinet converted to a display case? Come over to the SotA forums and if you do post on the thread i derailed a bit onto this topic.


Go here for more photos of my game room. my computer gaming does not take place in this room, so it wont ever be a backdrop for me on a hangout.