February 22 2016

Lot of cool stuff this last week – Here’s some of note

So I actually started this post on Monday 2/14/16. It is now much later then that, the number of items I want to do on this piece has grown a lot, and I doubt I will get it out for a few days yet! These are pieces that may not quite be their own article but you may want to take a peek at… here we go!

Shroud of The Avatar Developer Tracy Hickman is also involved with his Son on the project” The Void”. Tracy recently gave us some photos and an update on Facebook.

Our team from THE VOID setting up our first public demonstration of our experience at the TED2016 conference in Vancouver.

Posted by Tracy Hickman on Monday, February 15, 2016

Looks like Richard Garriott is giving to be a guest speaker over here at Linda Hall Library on March 16th. So that is something you may want to check out if you will be in the area.


I am sure you have seen a lot of news on Shooter Jennings debuting his album in Shroud of the Avatar. Its spreading in the news like wildfire though, so be prepared to see it all over! This one is posted over at Polygon.


If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, you can. Either CD, /Mp3… OR PINK VINYL! That’s kinda cool.