June 12 2018

Game Developer and Artist Scott Jones Coming to My Home and Possibly Yours in Shroud of the Avatar!

How do you get Scott Jones in Your house in Shroud of the Avatar? Just go pledge on this Kickaster, I have, at the highest level, and feel awesome about being able to do so!

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring a smile to the face of an individual, who brings smiles to everyone around him. Let’s show him the love!

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August 2 2017

Shroud of the Avatar, Portalarium, and it’s Developer in the News

Richard Garriott, as always, has been in the news a lot of late. Seriously, when is he not?

Both Portalarium and Shroud of the Avatar are also seeing a lot of increase in the news, with their Seed Invest campaign! Speaking of which, that is drawing to a close so if that interests you, get in on it!

A Lot of articles are being syndicated around on the bigger websites, as well as original pieces coming out. Here are some of those for you to check out!

Gamasutra – Press Releases – Travian Games and Portalarium Partner for Shroud of the Avatar as it Reaches Story Complete Milestone

Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar gets publishing help from Travian Games | VentureBeat | PC Gaming | by Jason Wilson

Travian Games to publish Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar | GamesIndustry.biz

Shroud Of The Avatar Team Gets New Partner | MMOExaminer

Portalarium Inks Deal with Travian for EU Publishing – Shroud of the Avatar – MMORPG.com

Update of the Avatar #235 – 2017.07.07: New Elves, Scene Polish, Shroud at RTX, Free Trial Live, Telethon Results, Your Questions Answered, New Flash Sale, Contest Winners, Community Events, and More! | Shroud of the Avatar

NEVERDIE Creates Interoperable Teleport Token to Use Across VR Worlds and Create Gamified Virtual Reality Jobs – CoinSpeaker

Portalarium Partnership with Travian Games | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

Bullock Museum Scores Video Game Exhibit: “Pong to Pokémon” traces gaming’s Texas ties and rapid evolution – Screens – The Austin Chronicle

From "Pong to Pokemon," explore 50 years of electronic gaming at the Bullock Museum exhibit in Austin, opening Saturday, July 29 | Community Impact Newspaper

Want to hear how some things are going from the Developers themselves? Grab a bag of popcorn!

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August 17 2016

Lot of Player Tools for Shroud of the Avatar – Part 2

So, that last large list I did, was not very large in my opinion. Unfortunately, I had run out of time and rather risk the post sitting as a draft for days, got out what I could.

Will there be a part three? I still have an extensive list to get out to you.. whether or not there will be a part three depends on how far I get this time, so let’s get on with it!


Own a player own town? Need a list of them? Trying to find a specific one maybe?

Berek is getting a new and updated list together on the forums that may fit your needs. If you are a town owner, please be sure to supply your city info!



Own a shop or looking for one to purchase from?

Womby and Vyrin of the Caverns Guild have you taken care of yet once again!!!

[pullquote]Announcing: The New Brittania Yellow Pages[/pullquote]

Womby and Vyrin are now accepting entries for the upcoming first issue of the Yellow Pages at their bookstores in Central Brittany and Aerie.

The Yellow Pages is a business directory aimed at helping people find your business.

There is no charge for including your business in the Yellow Pages, and copies of the Yellow Pages will be made available to everyone at the two bookstores for only 2g each.

Submissions should be placed in the appropriate container in either of the bookstores, and should include the following information:

Name: Name of establishment
Location: Name of City/Town/Village/POT, and location therein
Property Owner: This will enable people to set a compass bearing at the Town Crier
Sells: One line description of items sold


Name: Vyrin and Womby’s Bookstore.
Location: Aerie. Turn right when you reach the well. First building on your right.
Property Owner: Vyrin
Sells: Books (including rare limited editions); copies of the Yellow Pages.

Here’s the link to the post in the forums and be sure to tell them Stile sent you! You know… so they know I do something?


Here is a link to their post in the forums, be sure to tell them Stile sent you!

Markee Dragon continues to publish content as he plays and explores Shroud of the Avatar. Here are some additional videos he has put out I had not shown you yet!

Ok, thats all I have time for tonight if I want to grab an hour or two of game time myself! Yes, there will be a part 3, as I continue to chip away at all the goodies I saved to share with you!

December 5 2015

Help decorate the dev’s this holiday season

How does Portalarium decorate for christmas? When you run lean you may not. Nothing in life is free and all those decorations do not come for free nor put themselves up. Tight budgets and other things that most of us are familiar with at least at times in our lives if not currently.

FEAR NOT! No need to worry, it seems that all is well and some fine folks have this in hand. More importantly though is you can help!

Kacey posted this over in the Shroud of the Avatar forums.

Hello Everyone! Since Portalarium and SotA are crowd funded, they try to only spend money ON OUR GAME. We have noticed that they have chosen to even forgo the expense of decorating for holidays. Several backers, including but not limited to @Kacey , @Sianna Thorne , @Winfield and @Jack Frost, will be decorating the offices of Portalarium for the Christmas holiday. This will be done out of our pockets, NOT using money provided to Portalarium by backers. I am posting this thread so that everyone has a chance to be involved. There are several ways you can help. If you are near, and think you can physically help put up decorations, pm me. If you would like to help, but can not make the trip, feel free to ship me decorative items, either made by you, or store bought ones. examples: tree ornaments, lights, tinsel, garlands etc. The 2 things asked of you in this regard are please make them nonsecular, and safe for work. The final way you can get involved would be sending donations for the purchase of these items via paypal. The names of the persons (Real Life, Game Name, and/or Forum name, the choice is yours, or remain anonymous) will be provided to the staff, as well as included in a “playbill” style printout that will be displayed at the offices. @Rustic Dragon has volunteered to use his excellent photography skills to chronicle the decorating! If you would like to send gifts to Portalarium, especially those that are perishable you may also mail those to me if you would like. I will bring them to the office and hand them out, or set them up if you would like, so that the developers can stay hard at work on our game. If you would like to send Christmas cards, the address is:
3410 Far West Blvd
Suite 275
Austin, TX 78731.
Cheers and Thank You
Kacey Cupcakes and the Texas SotA backers

Kacey, Today at 12:56 AM

Head on over and jump on in the forum thread even if only just to tell them good job and that the Caverns sent you!


A thank you to Trelass, Muse of The Caverns guild for bringing this piece to my attention to share with everyone!

If you went to the Fire Lotus Release party that was held in Neath, or saw it in official Shroud of the Portalarium update you might find it of interest to know that Kacey single handedly did the majority of all that decorating. It seems that Kacey is both big about helping people as well as decorating in real life or as an avatar!

October 23 2015

Time to watch some movies!

Alright, this time I am going to go with some beef jerky, a tall coke, and a bag of goldfish cheddar crackers *nods*.

Regardless what your favorite movie snacks are there are some for you to watch!

Portalarium posted this one tilted “Lord Britsh and Dupre telling stories!”. It IS an older piece and I have published it on this blog before, but if you haven’t seen it, its a good one!

Another flick that’s fun to take a look at is one the NBNN posted!- “Shroud Of The Avatar: Awards At The BMC Convention”.

In my opinion, the best for last! Shroud Of The Avatar: Awards At The BMC Convention!

If you find this information or any of the other projects that The Caverns community brings to you, please consider donating! Every dollar adds up and we thank you!


October 14 2015

So what has Stephen Daniele been up to?

I actually know of a few things he’s been poking at here and there through the grapevine but I am glad to see him diving into something more solid!

It’s been a year since I’ve shared my insights into creating art for Shroud of the Avatar on Pen of the Avatar https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

I’m pleased to announce that I’m back Thursday October 22nd at 4:30 PM CST LIVE on Twitch with an all new show for FIVE: Guardians of David. FIVE: Guardians of David http://fiveguardiansofdavid.com/

You can head over to his Face Book page to see the whole post and get clickable links!

We here at The Caverns bid ye welcome back!

September 28 2015

Dev news, artwork, and ABC files!

Being a Patron for Tortoise and Hare, one of the things I have been enjoying that they are doing lately is they are doing stock art which their Patreons get as a freebie bonus. They are currently taking votes on what to do as the next piece of stock art. If your not a Patreon it’s not too late to still fix that and vote!

Poll up for Patrons: Decide which set of six stock art pieces you get next quarter! Vote now! (And if you're not a patron, join us at www.patreon.com/tortoiseharecreations !)

Posted by Tortoise & Hare Creations on Monday, September 28, 2015

One of the cool Things that Tracy Hickman has been involved in is Con Man Give me My Money! Looking forward to seeing this at some point (and I am hearing it’s really good!).


Gregory Younk put a lot of time and effort into converting Ultima sound tracks into ABC files and then made them available for you to use! Talk about a cool thing to do, thanks Gregory!

After many hours of pulling from floppies, researching, finding, and downloading the Ultima game Midi files I did not have a good copy of – I present to you the first library of almost complete Ultima songs in ABC format for Shroud of the Avatar!

Head on over here for the full scoop!


June 23 2015

Coolness on Tuesday

If your DEV+ for Shroud of the Avatar and you want Assets, then you will want to be sure to grab the Mimic asset pack that has been posted! Note, this link wont work if you are not DEV+.


Many of the Caverns website links, if they are Google links – still do not work. Im sure you saw my earlier posting on this and im working on it!!!

In fact… Due to the weirdness of the internet issues I AM having, and due to the fact they are outside of my skill level (a hard thing to admit. In 30 years, I’ve rarely made that statement when involving hardware setup.. so be easy on me please!). Well.. the point is I decided to hold a contest!

Now I HAD thought about hiring a service tech to do onsite for me. ultimately I thought “Id rather that money go to the SotA community and Shroud of the Avatar”. So I put up a contest on the Shroud of the Avatar Facebook group, indicating a 100.00 reward to whomever solved this problem. Ive listed all the trouble shooting ive done. Sorry if you missed this but all the more reason to join the group!!


Now, things turned out.. a bit more complicated then I thought. So its falling into possibly 2 winners (ouch.. I hadnt planned on that). Ben Stephens has won a 100.00 in Store credits for Shroud of the Avatar at his suggestion that I try a different network card. This HAS helped immensely in that my internet speeds immediately boosted. The connectivity issues are not completely gone but the fact I can get more done in between shit not connecting is a huge help, and since it eased the problem the Virtues said I must pay him! So he has been 🙂

Beyond that, please do not post suggestions at this time if you drop by. I still have two more to try (im short on time during the week!) before I can really take more. Ill update again in the group soon.

So back to the original topic – once I get this fixed, and Google drive is able to connect long enough to upload 80 gigs of files, my Google links will begin working again. Sorry for the down time but thank you for your patience. As you can see.. i found a way to put that down time back to the game!

MMORPG posted an interview video on Youtube with Starr and Richard. I haven’t been able to watch this so if there’s anything really cool thats new, drop a comment on it! (from E3)

This article over at Examiner.com (an E3 piece) has been fairly popular and even is being passed around by Port itself on Tweeter and facebook. Because I wanted to make sure YOU knew about it, I actually haven’t read it yet. Did do a skim and it looks like its well broken apart by subject and has a lot of great topics. This is going on my personal read ASAP list!

Shroud of the Avatar may be careful not to run afoul of intellectual property rights, but it’s not shy about clearly showing its roots.

Go read it all: http://www.examiner.com/article/e3-2015-interview-lord-british-returns-with-shroud-of-the-avatar

Our Lord British’s Curtain Theater in Austin made the news again. This time by Broadayworld.com. The piece is titled

Austin Shakespeare’s Young Shakespeare Adds 6/24 Performance of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM

You can find it over here:

Now I promised a while back I would share some of my photos from my visit to a play at the Curtain.. Unfortunately I am still waiting on my wife for most of those, so only have a few to share at this time.

Another reason you may want to go join the Shroud of the Avatar Facebook group (here: ) is that Dennis Loubet has been sometimes sharing some of his art with us! Heres is a short link to the most recent.

May 22 2015

Supporting Those that support Shroud of the Avatar – Shard and Scott Jones

Supporting those that support Shroud of the Avatar is not only one of the Caverns mottos, but I walk the talk and ive made many purchases I was so/so on, simply because it was a Shroud supporter which finalized thee deal for me.

A while back I did a piece about Shard. Shard is a Role Play Game made by Scott Jones. As you know, Scott Jones is a Portalarium Dev and one of our own!

This piece is a follow up, so if you want the details do a search in the upper right hand corner of the site *points up* and find the original post! Heres a bit of it though, and you can find Shard’s home site over this way: http://www.shardrpg.com – Note that a couple of links on the site arent working but if you play with it a bit youll figure those few exceptions out (and I do know that its being adressed as soon as possible!). As I said in my last piece, great web site, very sharp!! Outside of my skill level for sure!

Ok – this piece continues where the last one left off, and there will be more in the future.

I recently met with a couple of people who I am starting a new monthly RPG campaign with. One is a veteran player like myself, and has played with me for years. The other one is completely new to RPG Pen and Paper but does have extensive expierence in Video games (including RPG), table top, card, and board. In short – easy to corrup!

We had dinner out, broke the ice as the new guy doesnt know my vetran. This may seem like a small group.. yes it is, we want one more yet but are being particular about play style and group dynamics. The gorup forming this is one in which we are all extremely busy and so making time to do pen and paper is very hard.. As such the quality msut be top notch!

So eventually we ended up back at my game room where we got serious! It was not long before the tales and chairs where covered with gameing books as I went through options for a campaign.

With a new group forming, quality being important, etc.. there where certain things we where looking for in our system choice.
-Something none of has ever played. With having someone new to pen and paper, and two Vetrans, this evens the fuild a bit so we can help guide the new guy.
-Something without to much crunch (rules, mechanics, numebrs, hard to level, complex magic system, to many books, etc)
-Something that would facilitate RP. With a new player we wanted something to HELP them learn.
-Soemthing that doesnt teach bad habbits (dont’ get me started on examples).

We spent many an hour doing this as I discussed and talked about different systems, pros and cons, and why it would be a good chioce for us at this stage or a bad choice. I covered games I KNEW we wouldnt be playing simply because I wanted the new guy to hae a wider understanding.

This is not a full list, but a few:
-Dragonlance Saga
-World of Darkness
-Thiefs Wrold
-Black Company

After looking though many many systems, discussing them and as it was getting late we started narrowing down the choices. We had it down to just a few when we felt that both Black Company and Shard met all our primary requirements (one of the hard ones being something none of us had played yet).World of Darkness’s Mage was in third position, but what knocked that one out is if im going to run mage, with someone who has never played it, I prfer we start with second for a few sessions and then move to 4th. In my opinon 4th is a more solid system for mage then 2nd, but its presentation of all the rotes give the players a crutch and they loose out of the free-from magic system that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offers. So I like to make them learn without the cruth and then they can have it once I know they don’t have to use it all the time :)…. but, this just seemed like to much hassle for what our current goals are.

Finally Shard was choosen on the basis that Im the only one that has read the Black Company Novels and being familiar with the novels I think would add a lot to the game. Shard not having that, meeting all the other requirements, was the choice.

I presented all other options as equally as Shard. Now I was honest in that out the gate I wanted to go with Shard, but this was a group decision and my oppisite vetran wsnt going to just go with that unless he agreed with my assesments!

So.. in a small blind study, Shard was accpected as being a good RPG to play choice! So if your a pen and paper player thats on the fence about this one, check it ouy some more!

Ill give you a couple more updates in the future, as well as feedback from my players – once we start playing!

April 27 2015

Bunches of things you might want to know about

Net continues his combat lessons in game and the You Tube after versions continue to come your way. So grab a box of gummy bears and a Cherry ICEE and watch the latest one!

The new Shroud of the Avatar Comic Debut made the news over at MMORPG. Thumbs up Tortoise and Hare Creations!

Shroud of the Avatar Comic book and me number 1

Update # 122 came out, if you missed that somehow. Be sure to check that out over here.

Here is what the official summary has:

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

PaxLair: SotA’s First Player Owned Town
Shroud of the Avatar: New Beginnings Comic
Summon Phoenix Skill
Abe’s Solace Bridge Upgrades
Release 17 Dev+ QA Server is Live
More Fences Galore
In-game Community Weekend Events
AmbushedGamer Live twitch Interview with Lord British
Community In-Game Images and Videos
Get Your Red Fez Hat!
Send Gift Function Added to Account Page
Receiving Pledge Rewards and Add-On Items
Changes to Store Credit Conversions
Steam Access Keys Available for All Backers
How to Cancel Monthly Layaway Payment Plans
Upcoming Events


Looking for some new shirts? It looks like based on some tweets from Rild, Relics from Rild is getting ready to launch some Shroud of the Avatar shirts soon. Take a look!



So I am sure you caught update #118 by now, but its one of the lower priority pieces I haven’t blogged on when busy and/or sick. So if for some reason you never did catch it, you can find it right this way.

Another one that falls into the same category (hey, ive been behind and buried, ive had to prioritize!), is update #117. Regardless, here is a link to it so it shall always be found on my sites search!

So here’s a fun one for you! Im not a huge autograph chaser. Usually if I ask for one its either because, well.. I was going to have the chance so I feel like I should OR because Im going to ask for one on something as a way to just have a little fun. I guess you could say I sometimes enjoy getting them and maybe making a game out of it, but im also not someone thats crushed if I don’t get a chance to get one. No big.

So when I was packing for Austin, I saw an item from my Shroud of the Avatar collection I HAD to take to get signed. I did, and I also asked and had confirmed no one has ever asked for a signature on said item before. Woot! fun had, mission accomplished, and I have a first! I will let the pictures speak for themselves.