March 4 2016

New Version Footsteps Scene Designer Pro for Unity by The Mad Hermit / Printer Recommendations

The mad Hermit has released a new version of Footsteps Scene Designer Pro for Unity with new features. So if your doing stuff in Unity you are most likely going to want to check this out.

+ Adjustable volume controls for each ground type, allowing you to control the loudness of footsteps on a “material-by-material” basis.
+ Footstep sound FX support for Unity’s 3rd Person Character Controller.
+ Event driven footstep sounds that synchronize with your characters animation.
+ Improved footstep detection using skeletal left and right foot transform to more precisely detect the material beneath the players foot.

Pit Trap, roll 3D100 and take that much damage!

Why so much damage? A nasty pit trap, printers!

I don’t know what it is about printers but it seems like no matter what I get, it has issues. I’ve bought a LOT of printers in my lifetime by a LOT of companies, and I have ever yet to be fully satisfied. Every damned one has some sort of issue.

Now the last time I purchased a printer I went with this one. I am still very satisfied with the choice but it had one flaw going in I knew about. It sucks for card stock. It’s a costly printer but if you want to do seriously quality photographic printing in an all in one unit that isn’t a monstrosity, this fits the bill.

So why my rant? Well, this thing is causing me some trouble with the blank ink of late. It won’t print. Need to get it in and find out if it’s a sensor, cleaning issue, etc.. so not a huge deal. Let’s face it, I love the printer and that sort of thing happens.

However.. Me being unable to print, at all, is a serious issue. Not to mention I am about to go live with a fax line any day that will run through that machine or another.

After a talk with several family members, a decision was made. A backup printer was needed, something that was more focused on being reliable as opposed to being high quality. A daily use spit out the black text stuff, Ebay shipping labels, and things of that nature. A workhorse that’s not a beauty.

Amazingly my wife agreed. This tells you how many issues we have had with printers over the years!

I put together what I would want ideally before going shopping on this purchase. I decided that I should at the same time make up for my inability to print on card stock and it WOULD be nice to do color for that purpose, even if it wasn’t used for other things.

Now, in the end, I was fortunate as what I had, was no budget. Luckily I had a reign check from a family member for something I needed in relationship to certain criteria as a gift and this fit. I called it in, it was approved, and I went with a laser!

Now, I cannot at this time say how well it runs. I’ve been sick all week and it was all I could do to slide the almost 70lb box into the house! Hopefully, tomorrow I will get it hooked up and if you are interested in a follow-up review, post a comment and I will do one. Otherwise, I won’t bother.

The reviews on this on Amazon are superb, though. Specifically with regards to the things I was looking for (focus on reliability, no jams, etc). It’s priced highly competitively to other comparable units while at the same time spending anything less gets you almost nothing. It seems like the sweet spot for a printer like this although I could be wrong. I hope maybe my research time helps you out!

I decided to try this set of Toner out figuring I’d rather take the risk rather than spending the amount the name brand is wanting.

Keep in mind the plan is black printing will be done on the laser, color on the inkjet. The exception being color card stock which is VERY rare on the laser. In the long run, this optimizes my cost savings on ink and toner as I will save using black toner and color inkjet.

Granted – That is a big bankroll for printers! However, I think the combination is one of the sweetest I’ve been able to piece together for the multiple purposes and wanting to have a back-up. Not for everyone, you have to understand my wife has a degree in photography so serious photo printing in our house is a must. I run my own business, so serious reliability for simple printing is a must. I hope this works out as well as it seems thus far!

February 12 2016

What has The Mad Hermit been up to?

Well one thing for sure is that he continues to work on one of his projects. That of a Third Person Advanced Footstep Mode for Unity. He JUST a little bit ago published a new update on Youtube.

Check it out, go give him a like, tell him what you think and that Stile sent ya!

How to setup Third Person Advanced Footstep mode in Footstep Scene Designer Pro for Unity. In this mode we are able to synchronize footstep sounds to the visual stepping animation. In addition, surface detection is done under the foot that is stepping, making it way more accurate.

Quick movie recommendation. Ant Man! I just finished watching it and really enjoyed it. Be sure to watch through the credits for the bonus bit at the end like all Marvel movies.

December 12 2015

For Sale: The Mad Hermit’s Royal Founder Duke Pledge $4,800

I do this post to support someone who has become such a good friend. Not in the sense that I know them well in what they do day to day in their life, but instead someone whom I have travelled a similar path with, supporting each other, and growing together for what seems like years.. or wait, I think it has been years! *blinks*

Someone whom I know has a very kind, loving, and giving heart. In short a damned good guy! His wife seems pretty amazing as well!

I do not want to see him go but I do not question the decisions of others as all anyone can do is make the best decisions they can and only they can make those decisions. So while a painful event for me I will bear it and support my friend knowing that whatever the reasons, they are obviously what he needs to do.

He has posted everything you need to know over on the Shroud of the Avatar forum. Here is the link.

There is a secret that only real friends know,
and it is this.
All the mountains and valleys in the world
cannot separate friends whose hearts are as one


August 12 2015

Some things of note and worth with some links grooving together in an internet with a Google

Wow! sorry everyone, things have been insanely hectic for the last few weeks. Gen Con, Windows 10, Out of Town guests, leaking water heater, overtime at work, OH MY! Thats just the appetizers! So I apologize I have not been keeping you informed as much as normal or even for that matter not saying anything about it! Caught me off guard! Rest assured It is not lack of interest and I hope to get some pieces out to you soon.

Onto the good stuff!

Blake Blackstone shared this piece over on the Shroud of the Avatar Forums. Want a history of Hats? With cool graphics by Dennis Loubet and voice work from The Mad Hermit?

To bad… BUT.. Just kidding! Here you go!

I really enjoyed my experience at Richard Garriott’s Curtain theater in Austin. As such i’ve grown fond of news about it and if you ever have the chance, GO! It’s a nice set-up!

So check this out!

Young Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the romantic comedy with a delightful cast of characters: Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and let’s not forget the brilliant Viola, the lovelorn Olivia and the melancholy Orsino, who opens the show with “If music be the food of love, play on!” At Richard Garriott de Cayeux’ Elizabethan replica of The Curtain Theatre off City Park Rd. (near FM 2222 & Loop 360)

Head on over and take a look at the full article at over here:

Last thing I have for the moment (trust me, much more on the sidelines!), is a photo update from the Caverns Portalarium Museum! Another cos-play item.. A Horse! Its right there at the top on the left and right side of the clock! This would be a cos-play version of our in game horse 🙂

You can check out the image here. I can’t currently embed it, new bug that I just now discovered, I shall fix it soon!

If you want to buy your own, I’ll share the source with you.

July 17 2015

Continuing to keep you up to date with the new and the old for Shroud of the Avatar and related!

I know, I know.. I’ve been lame for this last week. I apologize! Been one of those.. Car troubles and all sorts of things. Keeping it short, life’s been extra special busy with a dash of epic! I’m always here though keeping it coming for you.. and I haven’t been completely slacking!

ALL of the Caverns file links should be restored and working again. This includes the Google drive links. Everything (after a mere 2 months of arguing with my computer) is back up and running or seems to be! Please – if you run into any bugs report them to me. Its possible I have tweaks to make. I apologize for how long this took but moving files around with glitches can take a while!

Unfortunately the Post Mortems always take place while I am at work so I miss them live. Luckily for those of you who are like me in you missed the R19, we have it on Youtube!

NBNN did an interview with Starr Long on Twitch but fear not, as it IS on Youtube.

I hear the details on the Chaos Medals is discussed at 1:30:14!

I was really excited when I saw this next one. The first video I ever saw from the Mad Hermit (and I think it was his first for this community) was a Unity how-to video for those doing assets for the game.

So I almost jumped out of my seat cheering for The Mad Hermit when I saw he put an asset up on Unity! GO BROTHER< GO!!!!!

Ever wish you had a Magic The Gathering card.. Signed by Richard? A contest is taking place for just that!

No, not me this time as the few of these I have left im keeping (although for the right price i might part with a signed artist proof someday).

This time Koldar is running it!

I am giving away some MtG Shield of the Avatar cards that Lord British (@RichardGarriott) autographed. There are 3 foil and 25 regular cards (see images below).

Since Portalarium is offering a 10% bonus, I figured now would be a great time to have this giveaway. The truth is, I’ve been planning this for a while but I wasn’t sure when the best time would be to launch it. I believe that time has come.

Get over to the forum thread and win one of these! Tell em Stile or The Caverns sent ya!

(this photo is from my collection as opposed to the ones Koldar is giving away. You can grab a image of those at that thread I told you to go to!)

Shield of the Avatar Magic the Gathering Cards - Reverse Side

Shield of the Avatar Magic the Gathering Cards

Looking for a Patreon to support? I mean, other then mine.. although no complaints *winks*. Be sure to support Dennis Loubet!

Hes doing cool things, sharing his work, and even doing random drawings for giveaways!

Blake Blackstone revealed a new project he’s been working on called The Weeping Seven.

Now after you check it out, you may be going.. nice artwork! As you should as Tortoise and Hare represents!

is an organisation that follows and upholds the disciplines of the Seven Sons. Each member is unique and sets their own path, choosing one of the Sons to follow and study. However, all act together, as a single unit, if the time arises to defend the sacred scriptures.

Go read and see it all here:

June 30 2015

NEWS – NEWS – NEWS – NEWS – Shroud of the Avatar and RELATED

So I know that this month a lot of community members are going to be visiting Austin. This is of course in addition to those that already live there or nearby. You both have something in common.You might want to do this!

Felicia Day (Who was on Video with Richard last year talking about SotA and Ultima.. E3 2014 if I am remembering correctly) is going to be doing a book signing in austin for her new book. Now don’t just show up! You need tickets! Go get em!

Now my Google drive is going through a restore and its taking a long time. So my google links are not working.

As such, here is a temporary location of the add-on-store-archive from drop box. I have made a lot of updates to it, but still have a few left yet to do. I will let you know when its fully back up to date!

Today on Twitter The Mad Hermit shared a link to a map of the Ardoris sewers you might want to check out!

This article is a tad outdated but I hadn’t blogged it yet. A blurb over at Gamasutra about Shroud and E3.

Much the same for this piece at WCCFtech.

Did you catch the R18 Hangout Post Mortem live? If not then you might want this!

Don’t miss out on the R18 Unreliable Travel Guide!!!!

Duke Gréagóir started a great project for an App. The SotA New Britannian Runic App. Go show a little love and support for this if your interested and tell him Stile sent you!

Another good friend of mine, Avatar Acid posted a Time Lapse video of the Britannia sky a few months ago. Here’s the forum thread for this and tell him I said hi!

June 26 2015

Shroud Of The Avatar How To Get The Kobold Commander Mask! and a lootcrate/geekfuel comparison slipped in

Once again we have a new release and once again that means we are scratching our heads.. because we don’t have hats on them to keep the lice out!!!

The Mad Hermit, day #1 busts out with a great how-to for this releases hat Quest. Something Ill probably be using when I go to do mine! Only probably as my guild often has my back and shows me around instead.. When I do need help though, The Mad Hermit is the official choice of Stile Teckel! Thank you my brother!

So sneaking in a blurb for those interested, those who aren’t skip it! I know a couple of people have liked these so ill keep doing them and while not related to Shroud of the Avatar, dammit.. were all geeks and a like doing OCCASIONAL small side pieces for fun!

So This months Geek Fuel and Loot Crate! First of all I don’t do unboxings, there’s enough people doing that.. im not here to tell you what’s in them. Google will do that in 10 seconds. Im just personally going to tell you which one I think was better THIS month and why! I’ll mention a few specific items accordingly.

Ok so.. This month I felt both where cool. Last month in general I was disappointed with Loot crate. If I was subscribed to only one of them, I wouldn’t have lost! Both good boxes.

Shirts in both crates where cool. The big think that I liked from Loot crate was the terminator head. I mean, no matter where you put that thing and who sees it, fan or not a fan, it’s going to be a conversation starter!

Which did I feel was better though? You know, for some reason I’ve always been rooting for Loot Crate (note sure why.. Name maybe?). This month though, like last month, Geek Fuel wins. While the Loot Crate Transformer shirt was cool, it doesn’t begin to compare to the Geek Fuel shirt! Hit that link there you just passed for a photo someone posted.

As a side note, I’m going to have to wear this shirt to a Recap Neon Milk Concert!!!

Neon Milk Shield

It was then blown out of the water with two books (Jurassic Parks) from Geek Fuel. I’m fortunate in that I haven’t read them and I am an avid reader . Ill do so once my daughter gives them back… Let’s face it though. Have you BOUGHT a book lately?? New? In tangible form? Holy shit!!! I remember.. right, well skip that, but you got the point. Including two geek books is a pretty solid and hard to match artifact.

Those are my thoughts (opinions will and SHOULD differ)! Lots of other cool things as well of course (The ooze is awesome!), but those where the decision makers.

Score to date:
Geek Fuel = 2
Loot Crate = 1

Join in on the fun! My mom and daughter are both getting Loot Crate currently.. its a blast!

Loot Crate –

Geek Fuel –

May 8 2015

Things to talk about and some tools for R17

Arianna Sota posted over on Google some time lapse videos of Net’s maze being built. That may be of interest to you, kinda cool!

Playing in R17 and not sure how to get your hat? The Mad Hermit shows you how with this guide to the R17 Grand Tour Hat Quest!

Or is it XP you need in R17? The Mad Hermit shows you how to get a big chunk quickly!

Need help with crafting in R17? Sir Isycle is a one man machine that continues to update and roll improvements and features on the Crafting Spreadsheet!

The official thread:

Koldar continues to keep the pledge rewards spreadsheet, showing you what rewards you get in many different ways! Visit his forum thread for details or to tell him how awesome this is!

Recap sends out a fun video as a thank you for all those that helped back the Neon Milk album! Great special appearance from Walter and Beatrice so be sure to check it out. I found it enjoyable!!!!

Now if your playing R17 and exploring Novia a map may be of some aid. Birko has posted a fairly cool on over on the forums so I will let him tell you about it and show you to it! Just head on over and tell them the Caverns sent you!

Unfortunately that is all my time for now, even though I have a back log of 800 emails to still review *winks*. Which means more WILL be coming at some point!

Coming to you from the Caverns via Stile Teckel, I hope this information found its way into your lap and was of interest or aid!

Ankh Quill

April 29 2015

Grab your quill and take notes

Just a few more bits and bobs that you may want to know about, as I work on keeping up with both the new stuff and catching my backlog.

Obviously R17 is about to happen and I hope that you are all excited as I am! Add “Stile Teckel” to your friends list and keep an eye open for me as I’ll be around!

So the first thing out the gate tonight is a bit about the Mad Hermit. He Has a website now! Congratulations Mad and looking good!

As we are all ramping up for R17 it looks like decided not to be left out of the picture!

Prepare for a server wipe in Release 17, but there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t be bummed about the global reset. While Starr Long is out working his way around Europe, having finally been convinced that he needs a vacation, Chris Spears, and Richard Garriott took time to walk me through some of the big updates we can expect in Shroud of the Avatar’s 17th monthly release.

Head over for the full article!

Ok, this was intended to have more content but Im not going to have the time. So I am getting out what I have done to you!

Ankh Quill