March 21 2015

Tuesday’s Newsday

So, hopefully some of this isn’t to old as not to be of use.. man, when I start catching up on old news pieces, you guys are going to go “really.. that old Stile?”.. Meanwhile so that I am not of complete waste:

So this piece really caught my attention. Its over at Gamers Nexus and its focus is on Richard Garriott and Chris Roberts talking, space.. Why did that catch my attention? What a combo on that topic!. Fun and short read even if my musing wasn’t!

Chris Roberts & Richard Garriott Playfully Discuss Zero G Physics [Video] | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks.

Miss the most recent Church of the Dark Star? Visit Amber Raine’s thread where she even posts the audio for you! Church of the Dark Star – Saturday Services | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Matterio posted a thread over in the Sota forums announcing the SotA community app has went Alpha.

SotA Community App | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Umuri did something pretty cool. I really am not even going to try to explain this thing, you just need to check it out.

Ok, so I’ve been working on a functional almost fully self-crafted house decor entry, and now that it’s done for this release 16 hours positioning and 6k boards later, figured I’d run a contest.

So, hidden on this lot are a number of apples, I won’t say exactly how many, but first one to find them and post screenshots of them at each apply with /loc showing wins 100k gold. So you have to ask yourself, did you find them all? Or maybe you didn’t and your post will tip someone off to where their missing one is? Good luck! Since no one’s put an entry up yet, The following reward applies, for every apple you are missing, your reward is cut in half, and the remaining apples rewards are still open.

So whoever finds the final apple gets 50k, the second to last gets 25k, third to last gets 12.5k, etc

Head on over and see the full details. Go check the place out, I hear its really cool!
Scavenger Hunt for 100k gold! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Ok, disregarding anything else, this is one catchy title!

Con Man: Quick … Take My Money!

Tracy Hickman is strongly supporting this project. It has some amazing people involved and it really looks awesome. I figured while not really SotA related it was a cool blurb that many might be interested in.

Con Man: Quick … take my money!.

Need some combat lessons? Heres a class that took place you can watch!

Combat Lessons – From Novice To Master (Introduction) – YouTube.

Published on Mar 21, 2015
A combat lesson by Net
Assisted by Gaelis Trajan
Commentary by Amber Raine

Shroud of the Avatar has passed 6 million dollars… HUZAH!! HELLLLL YEEAHH!!! Well, to tell you all about it, who better then the Ultima Codex?
» Shroud of the Avatar: $6 Million RaisedThe Ultima Codex.

MMORPG Also did a piece on this:
$6M and CountingSotA Shroud of the Avatar News –

Article over at Shroud of the Avatar: Ultima in all but name.

Yes, in full disclosure I am biased. One of my guild members made the front cover of this piece over at Gamers Nexus. So this is a must see! *chuckles*.

Shroud of the Avatar's Impressive Stability & Beautification – Richard Garriott Interview | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks.

I thought it was pretty cool that Shroud of the Avatar made an article by CNBC! Fans give millions to fund fantasy Avatar video game.

January 2 2015

Extra, Read all about it, get your template so you can play all about it

Sojourner Tales Game Story Module template is aviliable! So if your supporting one of our own, Tracy Hickman, then you may want this!

As our holiday gift to you this year, I have produced a Jutoh epublishing file that you can use as a template for creating your own Sojourner Tales for all popular ebook formats.

Read it all here!
Sojourner Tales Story Template! – Sojourner Tales.

CDB Dice

November 24 2014

Enter a drawing with Tracy Hickman and get 20% off Sojourner Tales for Black Friday!

So this is a pretty good deal for us and it helps support a dev at the same time! If you text Tracy Hickman’s number with the right word you are entered into a drawing for an autographed book AND you get a discount code for 20% off his board game!

Posted as public on his Facebook:

Let’s play! Text ‘GAMEON’ to 385-399-2090 to enter our contest AND for 20% Black Friday discount this week only on our Sojourner Tales storytelling board game.

Go share the link and give it a like!
(4) Tracy Hickman – Timeline Photos.

You should take advantage of this, I did! Well, I didn’t buy the game but I have an autographed 1st edition so am good for now. For now? Because.. I don’t think I actually want to OPEN my autographed copy, so at some point when I can afford it, I would like to buy another!

CDB Dice

August 20 2014

Support or Dev – Tracy Hickman!

We want our Dev’s to be well fed and happy. Their bills paid in full, money for great vacations and their favorite hobby. As a happy dev is a dev that is going to go to work with a smile every day, making our favorite game better and that will enjoy talking to us! Right?

We also want Tracy Hickman to stick around and do more with Shroud of the Avatar! We want more books, stories, interaction, and, and, and.. right?

So if you own a game store, if you are friends with owners of one, or even if you just have some you stop by now and again – Suggest to them they carry Sojourner Tales on their store shelf. Seeing that its an awesome game and fun to play, this is a win for them and the customer, not just Tracy! Heck, you win as the store should thank you for it!

So send them the information on how to stock it.. Here’s the instructions!

Tracy Hickman – We have set up our retail sales page … now your….

Attended the Hobloth in Indianapolis - and met Tracy Hickman, Rustic Dragon, Indi Martin, and more

July 19 2014

Weis & Hickman Travelling Roadshow 1990 (FULL VERSION)

Tracy Hickman put up a really cool video over yonder on You Tube.

Heres what he had to say.

Published on Jul 15, 2014
FULL VERSION: Beginning with Gencon 1984 and for a number of years thereafter, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman produced a series of events at the convention entitled the ‘Weis & Hickman Travelling Roadshow. These generally featured skit authored by Tracy Hickman, Q&A sessions with Weis and Hickman as well as performances from their works. These performances sometimes were choral readings and sometimes performances cast from friends, spouses and associates.

Recordings of these performances are rare.

This performance, preserved from a VHS copy, took place at the Gencon Convention in 1990.

Theres a bit more then that, so be sure to head over to You Tube for all the details!

Weis & Hickman Travelling Roadshow 1990 (FULL VERSION) – YouTube.

Ankh Quill

June 29 2014

Apogee of Fear by Tracy Hickman and Richard Garriott

A little background here for you. As you know (I hope) Richard Garriott went into space. While there he did many, many, many cool things. Watch the Documentary – Man on a Mission.. and I still don’t think you’ll know of them all. Ive watched it, spoken to him about his trip in person, watched and read articles for a couple of years on it, and every so often I find out something new he did while there. Big agenda in small time!

Anyway one thing he decided to do was film a Science-Fiction film. The first ever filmed in space! Well, when needing a script writer he of course contacted his friend Tracy Hickman for it! The result? Apogee of Fear!!

Why do I mention this now? Well.. I watched Man on a Mission via Netflix streaming a long while back but was disappointed by them not having the bonus feature! I bought Man on a Mission in part just to watch it. Well, now its on You Tube! I am assuming with proper permissions otherwise then this may let Richard know to have You Tube remove it….

Apogee Of Fear – YouTube.


June 22 2014

New.. no wait, old.. err.. new – Dragonlance Sequel by the Hickman’s

It looks like some fan’s decided to pay for some custom work, this is certainly very cool!

Three decades after creating the classic Dragonlance setting, there remained one adventure that Tracy and Laura Hickman had never been completed. Now, thanks to four determined patrons, that final fantasy adventure is going to become a reality.

Tracy and Laura have been commissioned to complete ‘Eye of the Dragon’, the unfinished adventure module that had originally been intended to be the sequel to their ‘Rahasia’ and ‘Pharaoh’ modules. Originally self-published in the late 1970s, the original ‘Rahasia’ and ‘Pharaoh’ were photocopied by the Hickmans personally, hand assembled in their apartment and shrink-wrapped at the bakery of a local food chain. These originals, produced before Tracy won a position at TSR, Inc. and key to his getting a job as a game designer, have become ultra-rare collectors’ items.

Hickman’s Eye of the Dragon.

Eye of the Dragon



Edited: Corrected that this is not a module but a sequel to their first role playing set, Pharaoh.

June 6 2014

Hickman’s Pick-a-Path Musical, Gencon, and Origins

Before getting the the juicy bits of this little write-up a reminder! I am attending Origins on the 14th and would love to meet you if your going! More importantly I am organizing a more formal players meet for Gencon in august! Ill post links at the bottom of this post.

Tracy Hickman does a nice little write-up on some of his upcoming convention dates, events, and the like. His focus is on “Hickman’s Pick-a-Path Musical”.

Yes, we have upgraded this event so that not only will you be able to enjoy this musical tale of a young man and woman trying to survive a media/gaming convention, but will also be able to PLAY the experience at home as a Sojourner Tales game with your friends at home. We are even working to create a special ebook version that includes all the music from the production as well!

Go read the whole thing!

Hickman's Pick-a-path Musical at Gencon 2014.

Links for player meet events:

SotACon Indy.


Attended the Hobloth in Indianapolis - and met Tracy Hickman