June 25 2017

Helen Garriott Auction Spotlight

As someone who is both an Ultima collector and that follows the creators, it was eventual that at some point in my life I’d take a look at Helen Garriott’s work. For those not in the know, this would be Richard “Lord British” Garriott’s, mother.

I LOVE her ceramics! So much so that I spent years watching for them until I was able to get a piece for my own collection at a bargain.

I still watch for them as I would love to own many of them. This one is definitely outside of my budget but it absolutely beautiful!

Signed Helen Garriott Solar Candy Jar Dishes with lid

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June 13 2017

Catching Up With Shroud of the Avatar and It’s Developers

I’ve been behind a bit, as I am sure you have noticed. So, I am taking the time to catch up on things here and there as able. Why don’t you do it with me?

First, if you have heard ANY rumors I myself as a Shroud of the Avatar player am leaving the game, just NIX that! Love the game and am not going anywhere. I have decided I held more assets than I could use and am selling some of them down.

If you are interested you can see MOSTLY full lists here. Prices are negotiable, I’ll bring the ones that are high down in time, and would love to hear from you!
WTS – HUGE List of Items – With More Coming! – 6/11/17 r2 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

House and Basement Deeds for Sale – Large List – 6/13/2017 r1 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

Being that I also own an online store, it was an easy decision to take this activity into that. As such I am also selling at Caveloot.com I have a LOT to add to the store, but items are being added daily!

I am also willing to purchase items, accounts, and other things at bulk, OR sell your items for you on commission!! Want something sold on commission or want to sell quickly? Just drop by they Caveloot.com store and use the contact form to drop me a note and I will go over the commission program with you. If you’re looking for a quick sale, send me the list!

Contact – Caveloot.com

Now that my plug and efforts to dispell any false rumors are complete, let’s see where I last left off in the SotA news!

I am sure you know that Portalarium does spotlights on Player Owned Towns. Did you know MMO Examiner posted a piece, about them doing that?

Shroud Of The Avatar Highlights Player Town Port Phoenix – MMOExaminer

Need some new Bling Bling? How about a Ring? Go Chaos or Order (Ankh) with one of our community own on Shapeways, Whitefyre Crafts By Andrew Head.

Whitefyre Crafts
By Andrew Head

Kicking back in the recliner and firing up Shroud of the Avatar on a PS4 or Xbox One? Hmm.. *imagines it*. Yeah, call me old school, but I just can’t personally imagine not being on a gaming rig with good gear, but to each their own.

Fact is, it has not crossed off the list, that could be possible some day. Ultima Codex tells you more about it here.

Shroud of the Avatar: Console Ports May Be Explored, “Eventually” – The Ultima Codex

Ok folks, that’s all for today! I WILL have more coming soon and until then, I hope to see you in the other world!

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March 11 2017

The Dice Are Coming, The Dice Are Coming!

Something new The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond will be doing starting April of this year, is a monthly dice giveaway. At the beginning of each month (on the first or as quickly after as I am able), I will be doing a random drawing of all my $1.00+ Patrons and anyone that donated a $1.00 or more since the previous drawing.

One winner each month, chosen at random, will be shipped no charge (including international), a featured customized die.

To be eligible for April’s drawing you need to either be a Patron when I do the drawing or donate a $1.00 or more between now and then.

An image of the die being given away that month will be included with the winner’s announcement. Yes, you are understanding correctly! The die given away will be not only cool, but a surprise reveal.

These are some examples of, but not limited to, the type of dice you will see being given away.

You can win an unlimited number of times, but any time the winner drawn is the same as the previous month, an ADDITIONAL drawing will be done with a second die being given away. This ensures that someone new has a chance each month, but you have an opportunity to win even if you did the month prior.

These drawings will be held for an indefinite period. We do not anticipate stopping this anytime soon, but when we do decide to, will give a months notice.

Don’t want to take your chances with luck but want to get your hand on the dice we give away? FEAR NOT!

All of the dice in this post are available for sale with the exception of those shown in the featured image, at Caveloot.com. Those in the featured image will also be available for sale at Caveloot.com shortly, as they become available.

The support I get from my Patrons and Donators means a lot, and I am happy to find another way to show that!

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February 20 2017

Artist Juan Martinez at Capricon 2017

The beautiful Dragon you are bearing witness to was made by artist Juan C Martinez, whom I had the opportunity to meet at Capricon!

What is really amazing about this little beauty is that it is made entirely from pennies! That is what Juan does, is using tools and coins makes amazing sculptures out of them.

I obtained two pieces from him, the dragon you saw above and for my wife’s birthday today, I gave her a blue rose.

If you like his work, which is reasonably priced be sure to stop over at his Facebook page “CHAOSART666K”. You can contact him to order pieces. If you do though, be sure to tell him Caveloot.com sent you, as he shows us a little love back for the referral. Regardless of that though we want him to know we are sending him love where we can!

(5) Chaosart666k

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February 5 2017

Richard Garriott Auction Spotlight – Man On A Mission

This is a fantastic documentary about Richard Garriott’s preparation and flight into space. It is not hard to find at all. However, I have NEVER seen it posted this inexpensively on Ebay. I even paid a bit more than this for the copy I own, and I waited a year before I nabbed it at what I paid!

You do not need to be a fan of or interested in Richard Garriott to enjoy this movie. I think just about anyone with an interest in some of the things taking place in the commercial space flight industry would do well to check this score out!

There is also bonus features on it, including the first (and only still?) horror movie that takes place in space, actually filmed in space. It’s just a short flick of only a few minutes but is enjoyable.

So whether looking to add it to a collection, or just want an enjoyable and educational movie to watch, this is a win!

Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road to the Stars

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January 18 2017

Kickstarter Spotlight – Albino Dragon Playing Cards!

When you talk about Kick Starters here is one that you do not want to miss, even if it’s to just look at.

If you are not familiar with the name of the Albino Dragon Playing Cards, I would be surprised if you have not seen a deck sometime. I believe I have three different ones in my home and I only bought one of them from them direct.

This one offers you a chance to potentially get all the Card Decks they make along with some extras. Woah!!!!

If you sign up for this one and heard it from me, please put in the notes section that caveloot.com sent you! Seriously, I plan on carrying their product someday if I can!

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January 9 2017

Even Gamers Need To Wear Socks! – Subscription Box Review – Socks and I – *Spoliers*

So next time your gaming, you want to make sure you not only have awesome socks keeping your feet warm but it’s also important that you don’t have to loose valuable gaming time going to the store for them, right?

That’s why I decided to check out a sock subscription box company and pass along a review o them for you!

Welcome to The Subscription Box review for “Socks and I,” a monthly service!

We’re a fun, passionate and sock crazy company founded on the principle that everything we do, must be done with YOU in mind.

Our mission is not only to send you AMAZING socks, but to make sure your EXPERIENCE with Socks and I, is one of a kind.

We can’t wait to ship you your package every month!

Socks and I give you the option to receive either 1 pair, two pair, or 4 pairs per month. You, of course, get to choose his or hers and the box I am reviewing for you is a mix.

There is something very cool about getting socks in the mail each month! Let’s take a look at these.

Two pairs of what I would term an “athletic” sock came in the box. Both have some vibrant colors, are well knit, stretchy, calf high, and will make any Orc want to get the drop down on you for this loot.

I personally really dig these Red, white, and black pattern which give me a Harley Quinn vibe!

Regardless of your taste preferences for coloring and styles, both of these seem quite warm and comfortable. Realizing my feet were a bit cold, I armored up against the elements with a pair and am quite cozy. The elastic around my calfs also seems to be more supportive without being restrictive than I am used to.

Definitely quality socks!

The first thing that pops into my mind when I look at this other pair? WOW, the stitching on these and detail is amazing!

The ankle high has a beautiful soft color tone with a sort of Aztec type pattern to it. Gave me some cool nostalgic thoughts of the 1982 video game by the same name! My wife not being a gamer will not appreciate that, but she will like the socks.

The other pair, just as beautiful…

HOLY SHIT THOSE ARE LONG! Was my immediate thought on unfolding them!

I can’t wait to see the look on my wife’s face when I hand her these. We both love to try new things in our wardrobe, but both have to watch our expenses, and this is going to be something she will enjoy wearing a treat.

The time of year is perfect with the negative temperatures we have sometimes been getting in our area. Not only being long but very thick with tight stitching to keep out air.

Not only because of their cool length but also their color, they remind me of my Doctor Who scarf (which yes, I DO WEAR in the winter!).

I am extremely pleased with this subscription box, hence why it’s being shared with you. The items are varied, high quality, and a decent value. In my opinion you cannot go wrong with this subscription box service!


I sometimes receive the product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review and opinions. These may be different from your own. I carry a high set of personal ethics, and I provide only my honest opinions. You will not see highly negative reviews from me as I will return a product before I give it a bad review. I only review that which has more positive than negative in my opinion. My reviews are not just reviews but products I am recommending to you after I have fully evaluated them.

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December 7 2016

Miss Getting Your Pronoia 12″ Vinyl from Recap Band’s Kickstarter?

I know that I am excited to hear mine is in the mail. I recently just purchased a Turntable (now named “The Lafrance” after a friend of mine) and can’t wait to try this out on it!

If you didn’t get one from the Kickstarter, fear not you still have an opportunity! Grab it before the glass slams down and shatters.


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August 5 2016

Ultima and Wing Commander Auction Spotlight – Action Figures, U1, and UO Map

I enjoy Wing Commander but my collector’s interest is limited to the console cartridges as I collect retro console gaming. These are pretty cool though and I wouldn’t mind them hanging on one of my walls. So when I saw them, thought I would pass them along.

1999 Wing Commander Action Figure

Ultima 1981 Lord British 5.25 Diskette Progame California Pacific Apple II Game

Look at the photo. Look at the description. Do I really need to explain what this is? *drools* I want one!

Ultima 1981 Lord British 5.25" Diskette Progame California Pacific Apple II Game

CLOTH Ultima Online Map

Even though I just recently did a map piece, I saw this going for a $10.00 minnimum bid with low shipping and decided I HAD to pass it along. No pin with it, just the map. Great bargain though!

CLOTH Ultima Online Map

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