April 2 2017

Congradulations to This Months Patreon Winner!

This months Patron winner was Gabi Margadant! Congratulations Gabi and thank you for being a Patron to The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond.

Gabi won a custom die I had made in limited quantity for an upcoming event. Unfortunately as this particular event has not taken place yet, and I am keeping these somewhat of a surprise, only my Patrons get to see the actual prize at this time.

I will make the giveaway video public after the indicated event takes place.

Until then, remember I will be doing a giveaway like this every month for my Patreon’s or anyone that made a donation of a $1.00 or more for that month. Just one of the ways I am trying to say thank you to those are helping to support my projects and to create!

The dice in the featured image are currently being made and represent some of the cool future giveaways I will be doing!

Caverns 2017 Fundraiser
$453 / $1,200

Donations towards the costs of running the Caverns Community are always appreciated and every tiny bit helps! Please visit the donation page for more information.

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