March 17 2016

Explore/Create My Life at the Extremes – Richard Garriott de Cayeux, David Fisher – Around End of 2016!

There have been a lot of articles in the past about this book. Some by myself and some by other blogs. Topics have arrayed from speculation to showing release dates, to talking about revised dates, and for a while now speculation as to why the book is not showing on Amazon any longer and when are we getting this thing anyway?!

Initially, I figured it was an Amazon glitch and shrugged and have just kept watching. I had saved it in my wish list though and I keep seeing it there when I’m doing maintenance.

Here’s what it looks like for me.

Now if I try actually to follow that link anywhere, it takes me to a page with this message.

So I decided just to ask Richard for the status, as frankly I am very interested in getting this book as I know many are!

Looks like we will see it by the end of the year, and here is the official word from Richard Garriott. As well as what is going on with the item on Amazon (sort of).

It’s in route.
Amazon has listed it on and off for reasons I cannot fathom, on their own.

About the end of year.


Thank you, Richard, for responding to me on this, greatly appreciated!

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