October 1 2016

Going to SotA Con East? Let Me Help You Dress!

If you are going to the Shroud of the Avatar Convention – East Coast, then this was written for you! Certainly can be useful to anyone, though.

What I am about to unveil to you is certainly not a “complete” project, but rather one that will be ongoing as long as I continue to maintain the websites. The SotA Con Event Coordinators that contacted me about this project have given me some feedback as I have worked on it, but they may still have additional feedback, and I will certainly take that into consideration for updates. Finally, you can cause change and updates as well! Feedback is an amazing thing that way.

I WOULD LIKE TO ADD A FAQ!!! Please send me questions you may have, as you prepare for an event like this if you are going in stile! I will not only try to help out, but where it makes sense to do so, I will add the material to my guide or create a FAQ page to the handbook.

What I put together has a few parts to it. You can use either aspect separately, or pair the two together for a more powerful tool.


First, the guide.

A new permanent page on The Caverns! A basic (very basic) guide to LARP and Garb. A few things to keep in mind when shopping for Garb, LARP, and some tips for making and putting together your outfit cheaply.



Secondly, an easier way to shop.

I put together some “themed” outfits in my store. These are not single click packages, but instead show you all the individual pieces in the theme. I set it up this way for many reasons.

-One was convenience. Many of these items require size, color, or other options selected. I felt that not only putting that many required options into a single checkout would be time-consuming but also confusing to the buyer.

-Another is minor customization. If you are looking for only a couple of pieces, want to substitute out with another store option, whatever the reason! You have the ability to jump in, grab the items you want, and then shop the rest of the store or check out. For example, you may use a belt you already own, rather then buying one in the package.

-It also reduces the number of packages I need to put into the store with just subtle revisions, making it simpler for you to shop without loosing the ability to see some of those options.

-Finally, it may just help you with ideas! Maybe you don’t want a particular item but like the concept. Perhaps you see an item that you decide you can make yourself or you want, but in a slightly different version, I have elsewhere in the store.


Combine the two tools!!!

Let’s say you are going to an event, and you want to go as a Cook. You drop over to my store and grab a basic outfit theme and toss it into your cart.

You then use the search tool, which I have found to be excellent, on the word “cook”. Decide that while you like the foam cleaver that you don’t need one made to SCA standards as you do not plan on hitting anyone with it.

So you then hop over to Amazon or Hobby Lobby and pick up some foam and paints and go to work!

You can use some of the tips in my guide to making your garb in combination with some of the items I offer in my store. The themes can be a great way to pick a few basic pieces and then add in where you want!

Finally, help me improve on it by letting me help you!

You can do this simply by dropping me a note using the contact form on any of my websites. I get it, and I respond, ask anyone that has ever done so!!

Let me know what you’re working on. Give me as much detail as possible including estimated budget.

I will add a “Package themes page” to the guide. I will post your theme package as a sub-page so that in the future other people shopping for that theme can check it out.

Using the example on the cook, you drop me a note, telling me what your thinking, It can be as simple as a single word and I will come back with options, or it can be a highly detailed wish list.

I would then put together various options using both items from my store and from Amazon. Which items I use from where will be based on how much you are spending, how much do-it-yourself, and other such factors you are looking for.

Why Amazon Stile?

Full text inside SelectShow

Finally, I will also email you back personally to go over it in a little more details as to how it pertains to you, and you may want me to help you source or generate some more from that point.


If you are looking only for ready-made, quality products that my store offers, then I will work the best I can within your budget (adding additional discounts if I can!!), to put together your theme. Instead of putting it on the guide, though, I would put it in that section of the store. [pullquote]adding additional discounts if I can!![/pullquote]

So please, don’t be shy! I am offering to help out as in turn you are providing me a tool that will be of use to others and in turn my business.

If I am unable to find the time or can’t assist for any other reason, I will let you know.

You realize some people pay for a service like this, right? Use it!


– Use code “SOTACON” for 10% off all of your orders until 1the end of October!

– I May be able to do better for you, depending on a number of factors such as brand, order size, etc. If you want to send a note in through the contact form at what you are looking to order, I will return correspondence with a better discount. I have more leeway, especially as order size goes up or any number of other considerations. So please, if you are going to the Shroud of the Avatar convention, drop me a note with a list of the sku#’s on the web page you are considering. If after I send you a note on what I can offer you want to proceed, I will send you a Paypal Business Invoice for the order with the additional discounts.

[pullquote]I will return correspondence with a better discount.[/pullquote]

Ankh Quill

I, Stile Teckel, Hereby dedicate this guide to the Shroud of the Avatar Convention. AKA SotA Con. A huge thank you to those involved with the convention who approached me with the idea of creating this guide, as well as providing suggestions and feedback.


This guide has been provided by:
The Caverns Store

Please consider them for some of your shopping needs!

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  2. Sir Stile Teckel (Post author)

    One other thing to consider is.. this time of year I will experience/have a lot more back orders than usual, because of it being Halloween. Hopefully, I won’t run into any, but they are more likely so just be aware. I’ll work with anyone on any that come up to figure out options. Just chance on the timing of that. Also nearing the end of the convention season with people placing restock orders. I know I’ll be doing one in a month or so, unless I wait until January. A lot of this stuff is made during the end of fall and winter so that inventory is available going into spring. In short, were nearing the time of the season when inventory can sometimes become a bit thinner for the more popular items.


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