March 6 2015

Good luck Recap!

My love and best wishes to the Recap Band! In case you missed it, they are playing a live gig this weekend on Saturday at New York. You can catch the details on their upcoming concerts section of their kick ass web site:
Recap – Electronic Rap Rock – Hudson Valley, NY.

I honestly was considering going to New York for this Show this weekend. 12 hour drive each way and having to be back to work on Monday and all.. But well.. 12 hour drive each way, have to be to work on Monday, and its my first day off work in 2 weeks tomorrow.. not this time!

Dan, Dom, Steven,

All three of you have shown me nothing but friendship and love since the first day we had a chance to interact with each other. You have given me your trust, many times, and that alone will always mean a lot to me.

Now.. Show them who can play! Dan. Bust out with that trumpet live man, It’ll bring the place down! Even Tull had the flute going!

Home is a State of Mind

Home is a State of Mind

Not just a fan, not just a friend, but someone who sees all the talent you guys have in MANY areas, and who knows you will achieve whatever you choose to. Truly admire your energy, your spirit, and your choice to live how you want. Your a fantastic role model to my child and the children of many others. BE WHO YOU WANNA BE!

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