January 9 2015

Hello, would you be interested in playing Ultima Online Epidemic?

Need something to do when not testing SotA? This just came in hot off the press with permissions to share with you, so if your looking for a little Ultima Online check it out.

Hello Everyone,

I would like to inform you of a brand new, free, online MMO RPG which has recently launched, called Ultima Online Epidemic. Every new player that joins can page in to receive a 7x skillball to get started.

Some custom features of UO Epidemic include new custom tameables(new ancient dragon, hiryu, bake kitsune, rare hue mounts like wolves, llamas, steeds and bears), new custom rares, new wood types with different properties, new custom craftables(slayer bows, +ar doublets +ar jewelry) and player created cities which can be destroyed using cannons, rams and catapults. Skill scrolls, slayer spellbooks and rare items will drop as special loot on monsters. Rare world spawnables which decay, fillable container rares, gauntlet rares and champion spawn rares all obtainable

All PvP templates are balanced UOR style, poisoning does not suck, and there are no bolas or wands. There is a PvP pentacle “king of the hill” style event every 4 hours which will give the winner a prize. There is a Hunter with Hunter BODs which will give a player Hunter Coins. Hunter BODs are completed by killing a monster and then collecting its corpse.

There is a custom infected elf quest, which has secret unlocked areas and the scenario includes a beastly group of savages in Bucs Den. Bucs Den is a permanently criminal zone where anyone can be attacked. All cities other than Britain do not have any guards anymore due to the infected have spread panic across the world.

Davey Jones, pirates and white pearls can be fished up now. Lobster traps have been added which can summon Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer. Destroyable High Seas Galleons with smooth movement have been added, along with a floating docks area with Corgul the Soulbinder and his minions. UO Epidemic also even has its very own Private Access Lake!

Tough PvM Bosses, great PvP scenarios, all 6 champion spawns with harrower, custom craftables, custom tameables, custom player ran cities, smooth boat movement, high seas galleons, quick setup with 7x skillball to get started. What more could you ask for?


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