June 26 2015

Its almost the weekend , R19 happens, and other coolness

Id be very surprised if anyone that reads my stuff is not aware that R19 takes place today. Be sure to go re-train! I heard from one of my guild mates that the skills are being wiped. You do not loose the points, but you need to train again!

Of course, you will also want to grab the R19 instructions: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/?p=51456

Even though ill continue to keep you updated with new things as I can, there’s also some stuff I still haven’t shared and im sure you think I am slacking, so here you go!

Ok, so heres an MMORPG article I think you will want to read. Why? It’s one of Red Thomas’s pieces and they rock!

This month’s release of Shroud of the Avatar, much like the last, has a significant focus on combat. The team has been hard at work updating several areas of that core component of gameplay, but they haven’t done it alone. According to Shroud of the Avatar‘s Technical Director, Chris Spears, the team has invited several members of the community to special scrum and play sessions as the developers work to dial in the combat system.

Go read the whole article! http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/935/feature/9805/Shroud-of-the-Avatar-Release-19-PlayerCentric-Development.html

Want to hire some custom art from Tortoise and Hare? They got you covered! Indi Martin set up a site to take orders, limit them to a certain amount, show where your at in line and all the kind of stuff.. and rates! As someone that’s purchased one I highly recommend it!


Check out the Deviant art site to see completed work! http://indigowarrior.deviantart.com/

This may be a bit short notice for many of you, but hopefully someone sees this that can make it! This was posted by Winifield over in the Shroud forums. I can state that the Baron’s men are fantastic!

Planning a casual Austin Gathering for …

Classic Game Fest 2015
The Baron’s Men Play

Saturday, July 25, 2015

… and continue through Sunday, July 26 as desired!

There is a coincidence in the stars (or at least some dates)
that offer a very casual and no-host type of gathering for a day or weekend.

Interested people can come together at the Fest, have a casual dinner,
attend the Baron’s Men play, and do more!

Richard Garriott and Starr Long will be at the Classic Game Fest 2015
(also see SotA Upcoming Events Link)

Go see ALL the details and his full post:

You may need some help on your hat quests, and I just saw this floating around!

Now if your a Shroud of the Avatar Lord of the Manor and want to hide gps tracking in your framed Alkalabeth (or hey, your like me and you want it on your dogs and keys.. but that’s just not very realistic for a GPS).. Theres finally an option for that! Check these out! (yes this is off topic, but seriously.. i wish I had bought these sooner. My wife lost her keys a few days ago! and if it saves my pets life? for 15.00? ok… id regret not doing it and passing this along for the same reason, to my fellow geeks and pet lovers). http://thetrackr.com/?ref_code=G8ec8

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