August 16 2016

Large List of Goodness for Shroud of the Avatar Players

If you are like a lot of Shroud of the Avatar players, then you are playing more now that the last wipe and the game has gone persistent has taken place. I know I am!

With more time spent playing, or even playing for the first time, comes a need for more tools. Luckily that is also when people start making more!

So here’s a lot of stuff. Not all of this new, some of it I just hadn’t passed along yet. Let’s go down the list!

Vyrin and Womby Bookstore

Book lovers fear not! Vyrin and Womby’s bookstores are open for business! I had a chance to speak with both of these book enthusiasts the other day, being as I am in the same guild with them, and they said business is doing well. Not only do they sell books in the game but they also write limited edition books they sell as well!

The R32 Unreliable Travel Guide is on sale now! Limited edition of 100 copies only!

Not only is that a perfect example, but hit the link to go their posts, read more, and tell them Stile sent you!

Markee Dragon continues to play, stream, and put video on Youtube to help you get your feet on stable ground in the game. Here are a few more great pieces he has done recently!

NBNN Number System Example by Vyrin and Womby

Going back to those books I was talking about earlier; a Bookstore is not the only project Vyrin and Womby have going. This one NEEDS YOUR HELP to succeed! If you are a book publisher that is.

Ever see that ISBN number on the back of your book? Ever break one of those down to see how much information it tells you? How about scanning it or typing it for search purposes? It’s an incredibly useful tool as it essential replaces the card catalog days of old.

Vyrin and Womby are making sure New Britannia has no less in the virtual world than we have in reality.

In order to keep track of the books we produce, Womby and I have decided to implement a book number. We call it the New Britannia Book Number, or NBBN. It functions like an ISBN on real books.

We would like to offer the opportunity for others to use a similar coding system in order to have a tool to more easily identify books across multiple players.

The NBBN consists of two sets of five numbers separated by a dash: 00000-00000.

The first number is the publisher number. The second number is a book number that the publisher determines.

Here is an example from an in-game book…

Go check out more and tell them I sent you!


Crafting? Not sure how to make something? Looking for more things to make? Don’t have the gold to buy recipes?

If the answer to any of those is yes, then SotACraft has your back. One of MANY crafting resources in the community I have been using, it has become one of my favorites. With wipes and updates taking place recipes have changed a lot. I have seen a few on their site that did not work for me, but overall they almost always do.

Is a nice row/table layout that gets the job done, especially when used in conjunction with other tools.

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