September 27 2016

Let’s Shop!

Ok, so you have decided to take that wonderful plunge in life to purchase some Garb for the first time! While there can be a lot of reasons for this to occur, it is usually because you are going to you first event of some kind, where such things are encouraged. You don’t want to look out of place but there’s a lot to this entire hobby and you don’t know where to start! Let me lend a hand!


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I have set up at The Caverns Store, some basic kits, and packages. These will allow you to view (and even buy) some general outfits without putting a lot of time into shopping. More than that though they should also help generate ideas!!/Themed-Outfit-Kits/c/18452080/offset=0&sort=normal


I, Stile Teckel, Hereby dedicate this guide to the Shroud of the Avatar Convention. AKA SotA Con. A huge thank you to those involved with the convention who approached me with the idea of creating this guide, as well as providing suggestions and feedback.


This guide has been provided by:
The Caverns Store

Please consider them for some of your shopping needs!

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