November 6 2016

The Little Book of Gratitude 2016 by Vyrin – Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar community, as we come upon Thanksgiving this year Vyrin has extended a hand to collaborate some of the things us players are thankful for this year, for all eternity! Or however long the text remains in Shroud of the Avatar anyway, in book format!

If you want to be included, simply write your thoughts in a reply to this thread. Please limit yourself to 100 characters. (It’s those book length restrictions!) Even with the limit, there may be 2 volumes if we get many responses.

I will collect all the submissions and format them into a book or books available in-game for a very modest price.

I am exceedingly grateful that Shroud allows us the opportunity to capture things like this in-game. Please join us in giving thanks!

Head over and add your sentiments and tell them The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond sent you!

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Vyrin is a member of The Caverns Guild and resident of the Player Owned Town of Neath and The Caverns Underneath. The Caverns Guild is both a guild and a think-tank, in which each of the members supports each other in their endeavors and projects as much as time and interest allow. Without any requirements regarding how much you play or how you spend your time.

We love the individuals that are enthusiastic and dedicated, but we also welcome the casual player with open arms.

We are recruiting and welcome players of all styles and walks of life. We are about maturity, no drama, having fun, and being open-minded about other people’s playstyles.

Most of all we just aim to be a happy home of people that share a similar interest. Shroud of the Avatar.

If you feel, we may be the right place for you, either as a town or a guild (or both), please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or another Caverns member about joining.

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