July 5 2017

What Does Lord British Have In Common With the Orioles?

I’m guessing if you dig deep enough a whole lot of things! This particular blurb of mine though is in regards to the fact he is mentioned in an article with them posted over here.

Independence Day Orioles Bird Droppings: The rotation provides the fireworks – Camden Chat

Nothing profound mind you, only that he was given a shout out for his Birthday being on July 4th. There are a LOT of people not on this list, so that is a nice head nod to him in my opinion.

Birthdays and anniversaries
One lone former Oriole has a Fourth of July birthday: 1956 four-gamer Babe Birrer, who passed away in 2013.

Is today your birthday! Happy birthday to you! What’s it like to share a birthday with the United States of America? Along with this country, your birthday buddies for today include: Geographer and surveyor George Everest (1790), novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804), circus founder James Anthony Bailey (1847), President Calvin Coolidge (1872), machine maker Rube Goldberg (1883), and Ultima creator Richard Garriott (1961).

My Birthday wishes to Richard as well, even though it’s about a half hour after the mark EST time. So let’s hope he is in Austin right now and I caught it a half early!

My best friend’s birthday is also on July 4th. Don’t want to toss a name out on a public blog post and possibly suffer his ire, but he knows who he is. Love you DZ (and I truly mean that), wish I saw you more, but hope you’re doing well!

Happy Birthday to my father as well, who I’m cheating a bit as his is on July 2nd. Close enough in my book though, cause.. he’s my dad 🙂

Remember America, Non-Judgement Day is Coming. It’s not too soon to start getting ready. Happy Birthday.

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