February 7 2014

Lord British is travelling the Universe

I saw this ahead of time, but am feeling like a fairly lousy news guy right now as I didn’t have a chance to tell you about this until AFTER it. Lord British as you know if you’ve followed some of my news has been making some appearances on various Ultima Servers. This time he made a visit on 2/6/14 to Ultima Forever Online.

If anyone has any good follow up information on this appearance (chat logs, videos, or even your own write up!), pass me a note and Ill see to it that the community hears about it.

Ultima Forever also did a really awesome logo for the visit.

You can join in on the conversation at the SotA forums

UO Forever? | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

For something more official, over here at the Ultima Online Forever Forums
p>COMING SOON – Lord British Himself (Richard Garriott de Cayeux) | Ultima Online Forever – Ultima Online Renaissance – Ultima Forever.

LB Visits Ultima Forever Flyer

Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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Posted February 7, 2014 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Lord British, Ultima Online

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