January 28 2016

Lot Selection scheduled, final wipe scheduled, start scheduling your vacation days!

If you haven’t heard yet.. I would be surprised.

Seriously though, the cat is out of the bag, the fat lady has sung, and a post has been made in the announcement forums with dates.

Looks like the placement begins at the end of July, but get over to the forums and find out your slot! Start making plans. I’m not going to even try to summarize this post! If you have an account, go read it. If you don’t have an account go buy one, we want you to play!


Need something to read while you are patching? Another quick book recommendation for you. Well, this one is actually an author and one of my favorites. Harry Harrison! Anything he has written.. read it, i’s good (IMO).

That said my favorites are The Stainless Steel Rate Series. Think a futuristic Sci-Fi setting with a Robin Hood and his band sort of feel vibe going on. That doesn’t really do it justice but its the closest I can come to. Please expect a LOT of comedy in this Sci-Fi series!

Another book series that Harry Harrison did I really like is the Death World trilogy. He took out the comedy (well, not so much it’s not fun!) and made it just like the title sounds. Talk about a place I do not want to visit!!! I have read this series half a dozen times. Love it.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited reader, There is a complete collection of his works in unlimited. Search the author!

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