September 25 2015

More info for the Shroud of the Avatar Community

The first thing is of course, it is Release 22 and you are going to need those updates on what has changed as well as them instructions!

Starr Long as typical does a fantastic job presenting that for us all in the Release 22 instructions:

Not Shroud of the Avatar per say, but relates to our Lord British directly. Inverse put up a post which they talk to Richard Garriott a bit called “Space Tourism and the Overview Effect Will Transform the One Percent”. It sounds like a pretty great thing and hopefully someday anyone can go take a look but until then many of us will just do our best through virtual space trips!

“If even a fraction of one percent of the human population had a similar experience,” says Garriott, “I think it would radically transform public opinion.”

You can read the whole article here:

If you never saw it, the NBNN did an interview a while ago with Richard Garriott!

I did a blog piece a little while back about Richard Garriott’s proposed Transit system in Austin. If you watch these sort of things on the net, you will have noticed a LOT of news sites where covering that topic!


Austin Business Journal:

My Statesman:

Speaking of Richard Garriott, his book “Explore/Create: My Life at the Extremes” has been released for the Kindle (or of course the app). I haven’t read this yet but it is in my wish list and i’ll be saving up some of my Amazon Prime no rush shipping credits for digital media, to pick up a copy! You can head over and get yours and here’s a link to make it easy!

Great pics from Lady British!

Too much news and such? Take a break and let someone play a concert for you! SotA Stile!

Ome the Bard and I doing a duet of his original song Truth is Alive in Shroud of the Avatar.

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