January 12 2015

New map from deCani Tour and Expedition!

One of my sources just brought this to me and the news is so fresh it burns!!!


Due to major earthquakes ongoing in the Metropolis of Beran’s Reach which have been leveling our offices almost monthly (with another predicted towards the end of this month), deCani Tour and Expedition is currently unable to accept new reservations. We are endeavoring to build a more permanent facility. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, your friends at deCani Tour and Expedition are happy to present this complimentary map of Dragon Cave for self-guided tours. Kobolds have been observed in the caves (packing or unpacking Wrasse eggs?) making this exploration well suited for the mid-to-high level adventurer. Please proceed carefully and at your own risk.*

The coordinates of an Avatar in New Britannia are temporarily available without advanced equipment by requesting your location from the Oracle (by typing /loc in the chat window). The resulting values are returned in the form of: East/West, Elevation, North/South.

Be advised this map provides a detailed overview of the interior of Dragons Cave and, once seen, cannot be unseen. If you wish to enjoy the discovery of the contents and layout of the caverns for yourself (and we applaud you!) please do not use this reference.
-Balec Fares deCani

Go over to the forum to view the full details!
deCani Tour and Expedition Company | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

Dragon Cave Map - Balec

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