May 17 2014

Once Upon a time Lord series, 3rd and final part has been aired! And some Future news!

If your not follow Echoes from the Cavern’s..

Hey, wait. Why aren’t you???!!? *mutters*. Anyway – If you aren’t the Third and final part of “Once Upon a Time Lord” has been posted! This is a piece in which Amber Raine and Lord Baldrith did the voice work. Written by Gabriel Nightshadow and Time Lord.

Go here to pick up the latest piece or listen to all 3!

Echoes from the Cavern.

Echoes from The Caverns is a pod-casting project I started a while back with Lord Baldrith. When he signed up with me as a journalist for the Caverns I had suggested doing some news casts. He seemed kind of iffy about it at the time so I worked on him for a while and he agreed to try it out. From their it has exploded! Soon after he added on poetry and fan-fiction. More recently he is even doing a little singing!!

Once Upon a time Lord was the next step that took place, in which we added another voice for characters. Amber Raine!

So what’s next? Well.. we don’t do things small. Gabriel has another piece that is being worked on. There is a large number of people involved in this one folks!!! Amber Raine will be making a return appearance, but that’s just the start.

Now.. I can’t share ALL the details because I don’t want to ruin surprises but this piece is also going to include a  special guest list!!! I WILL tell you that.. Even I am doing a voice in this one!

I am not sure how soon it will be produced. We wan’t to do it right and not put a deadline on in it. I think 2-6 weeks is probably reasonable in that would probably be the soonest vs. the longest before it’s ready to go, but I wont even commit to that.

Here’s what’s important to note though!!!!!!!

We are calling the cast of this gig, The New Britannia Theater Troupe!! While I’m sure that not all of (if any) of the special guests will be repeat cast (although they would be welcome to), we definitely hope some of the cast will wan’t to do future pieces.

I want to send out a special thank you To Gabriel Nightshadow, Time Lord, Amber Raine, and Lord Baldrith for all they are doing on this. They are really carrying the majority of the work load on this one and I’m just chipping in little bits here and there.

There are also some other people who are putting a lot of effort into this but I am going to stop with the shout-outs there – because so many people are helping id miss someone!! The release will include full cast lists with roles.

This is a BIG piece! It will probably air in parts like Once Upon a Time Lord. That noted – Listen to Once Upon a Time Lord! In some way’s its almost a prequel to this next story.

So next time your deep within the depths of the cavers under Novia, and you start hearing voices Echoing within the Caverns, do not be afraid. Your just catching our show and the work of the New Briatannia Theater Troupe!

If your interested in joining this growing community please drop Lord Baldrith a note at – We may not be able to use you for this project, but well have others!!

PLEASE – if you have a character biography, a strry, or a poem we could turn into a podcast send it to me at!

We are also interested in taking this whole show international. If you speak another language and are willing to do some of the pieces we have recording permissions for, drop myself or Lord Baldrith a note so we can get that going and get it published so that all of the community, not just the English speaking, can enjoy this community service and project.

I want to say a special thanks to Lord Baldrith for letting me be a part of this. Watching him become more known, more polished, and more skilled as this project is progressing is fantastic! Hes truly tuning into a community leader that we should all respect.

Echoes from the Caverns

Echoes from the Caverns

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