April 18 2014

Poetry Podcasts from Lord Baldrith… and… Fan fiction?

Echoes from the Cavern’s is adding another series of Podcasts. Poetry reading! One coming at you tonight, and more on that in a moment!

If you are a community member and have written poetry that in one way or another is about Shroud of the Avatar and would like it read, please send it to me and we can make that happen! I will try to contact some of the community poet’s but honestly that feels like a daunting task and I know I will miss people. So sending me stuff would be of great help IF you want your work read.

Also we may be adding on a 3rd podcast for fan fiction reading! Just a few minutes per week. Short stories. If something is a bit longer we will have to break it up into several readings. If you have written some and would like it read, send it this way!

Ok, the Poetry piece from this week coming at you in a few minutes along with the appropriate credits.

As a forewarning, Lord Baldrith was having some mic problems tonight and he actually lost it for a while and thought he would be unable to complete this piece! So hes going to work on getting another mic for the future *chuckles*.

I am going to share a quote in one of his messages to me, and I hope he doesn’t get upset with me for it, but I laughed out loud..

Okay, I got it to work by banging it on the desk

Isnt that the age old cure all at work?

Echoes from the Caverns

Echoes from the Caverns

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Posted April 18, 2014 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Echoes from the Caverns

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