April 23 2016

Pooch Perks – Subscription Box Review – Dare I Say.. Epic?

Fellow Gamer and Geeks, who own Doggies, do I have a winner for you! One of the best subscription boxes I have ever opened!

My wife was present when I opened this box. I often try to have other people around so I can observe their reactions and get their opinions as well. After examining the contents, we both agreed we are going to switch subscription boxes for our dogs in the future when it comes time to renew!

Before diving into the box contents, let’s take a look at two things I immediately want to know when I consider a dog subscription box.

Question #1
Is what I am getting and giving my dogs safe and healthy? Pooch Perks is all made in the USA toys and treats. Pass!

Question #2
Do you give a portion of your profit towards Charity?

We believe in helping those that cannot help themselves and are committed to rescuing dogs in need. A portion of your monthly Pooch Perks subscription is donated to organizations that rescue abused and neglected pooches.


Now, we can look at the contents!

The variety and types are very impressive, and all of these are a winner with my hounds. Regardless how picky they are there is something here to make any pooch happy.

The Jolly Tug is brightly colored, very rugged, and I love the fact one side has a furry coating to make it more appealing than your typical rugged pull toy.

Next up for either that kid of yours that just likes to kill and toss around small fuzzy things or those of you who have one that are instead lovers and like to cuddles up with them, you have “Lamb Chop. The Lamb! The Legend!”.

I love this last one! It is a “Hip Doggie”. To Translate, it is a knitted ball which looks like a beanie. My dog, Frodo, has a serious ball addiction. What more need be said?

One of the thing I noticed about both bags of these treats is they are BIG bags. Not a large bag partially filled either, but fully packed with yummy treats.

Big Daddy Biscuits “Turkey Bacon Bites” and Biscuit Bob’s Gourmet Dog Treats “Cheese”. I have a small dog breed and so was sent the small breed box, and the size of these are PERFECT. Not so small that I have to give them 2-3 and not to large I feel like they are getting too much. Their weight is important!

The dogs loved them, and they smelled so good I was tempted to try them myself!

These last two items make me wonder if they hired someone to hack into my computers and record our home audio!

We have some picky eaters. Even though I buy several flavors within a single brand, they will sometimes strike and not eat if they are tired of one. So Bacon Flavored Dog Food Spray is a win! I have shopped for something like this before but could not find anything that was healthy.

The other is “Snoutstick” which is an organic nose balm for dogs. One of my guys likes to lay on the floor heat vent. He considers it his personal property in fact. This has not been the best on his nose, and when we tried to get help from the vet the response was “don’t let him lay on the vent”. I hadn’t done substantial research yet but hadn’t found a product. This should be perfect, thank you, Pooch Perks!

As the title says, dare I say, Epic? You be the judge, but I think it may apply!

Thats not the only place they excel. The have four different box level options you can choose from. What impresses me the most though is the custom box! You can decide to go all treats or all play with the toys. I like this as an option to choose from, great idea.

No matter your dog size or needs you have a broad range of options to choose from. Safe and quality products made in the USA. Items which would be usefull to most anyone and of high quality. You’re helping to support the rescue and care of neglected animals.

Ankh Quill

I sometimes receive product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review and opinions. These may be different from your own. I carry a high set of personal ethics, and I provide only my honest opinions. You will not see highly negative reviews from me as I will return a product before I give it a bad review. I only review that which has more positive than negative in my opinion. My reviews are not just reviews but products I am recommending to you after I have fully evaluated them.

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