February 17 2014


Awarded Order_of_the_New_Britannia_Empire Medal and granted knight hood - Sir Stile Teckel - 12-01-2014

Sometimes when I try to think of the cool things that have happened, I have done, or been involved in I realize I miss many. Sometimes people ask me and its a hard thing to list off the top of my head. Even when I talk to family and friends It’s hard to remember it all! Here are some of my accomplishments, rewards, or involvements in relationship to The Caverns. It is very Possible I am missing things I would love to mention but will add them as they occur to me! Some are small but I feel fond about them, while others are larger in stature.

Additionally I have many projects in the work I do not mention *winks*. When they come to fruition I will share them. There are also things I would like to share, but am not able to!

Caverns 2017 Fundraiser
$453 / $1,200

Donations towards the costs of running the Caverns Community are always appreciated and every tiny bit helps! Please visit the donation page for more information.

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