July 29 2015

R20 coming and more!

So if you play Shroud of the avatar at all, you know that Release 20 comes out tomorrow. This has a lot of things taking place that are very exciting!  For me the big one in terms of need to pay attention to will be the Player Owned Town. In short, with The Caverns Guild owning one, the guild is going to have me busy for a few days!  Im very excited personally about taming though!

Whatever your favorite is your going to want to see the list and the details. Darkstarr has that taken care of for you!


Need some snacks while you play? Ive been trying out different subscription boxes on occasion and I tried a snack one or two.

Munchpak is a win, straight and simple and it’s why its the best! http://munchpak.com (I get nothing when you use that link!)

I also tried Candy Club last month as I had a 20.00 off. It comes in great containers and is REALLY good. The cost is worth it in my opinion IF you do a year at a time. At the monthly rate I could do better going to a local candy shop even taking into account the convenience and time of having it at my door instead. Bottom line though is my review on this one is about the way they cancel.

You have to request it…. If a company can auto renew me for something, then I demand a link to cancel from them. A company that REQUIRES me to contact them by ANY other method to tell them to cancel my subscription looses my business 95% of the time immediately and will not get it back. Its a marketing gimmick (in my opinion) that is transparent and I do not play games- If you can’t sell me because you have a good product and you have to resort to making things harder to keep my business, then you don’t get it at all (same thing for Bocandy!).

Munchpak has an easy to use cancel option on your account. They’ll get repeat business from me once or twice a year when I’m in the mood for same gaming treats! Because of a good product, at a good price, combined with making giftinging, signing up, AND cancelling easy. Not only that but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite gifts for family members and friends. I’m not staying with them due to finances and watching my spending, but if I made more money they would be a permanent staple in my home! Sorry for crumbs I may have left in your screen a few weeks back…

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