January 25 2016

Ravenloft is making a come-back to D&D – With TRACY HICKMAN!

I definitely did a double take when I saw this. Last I knew (or thought I knew), White Wolf owned the legal’s to Ravenloft and had went under and what would happen to Ravenloft was speculation.

Talk about being out of the RPG loop lately.. BAM – Tracy Hickman is doing Ravenloft for D&D! Check out this article titled “Dungeons & Dragons Goes Goth”. http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/dungeons-and-dragons-goes-goth

You can dig up a bit more on Amazon as well.

So Ravenloft is personally one of my favorite settings. It has a lot of flexibility to do what you want with it and have fun. Entire campaigns or just a visit, it’s all good. It’s a rare D&D campaign that I run that last for any length of time in which my victim.. err, players, do not visit Ravenloft at least once.

At least it has been in the past. Not sure how this will be laid out, but don’t forget.. Books are GUIDELINES. Don’t be afraid to go back to 2nd edition D&D, read up on how they would insert it into regular campaigns for a one-shot, and do the same if you desire.

I have used Strahd’s Castle from the 2nd edition box set in a World of Darkness White Wolf campaign. Just blue print’s mind you. I wouldn’t try to mesh rules from those two systems!

Really happy to not only see it coming back but being worked on by one of the Shroud of the Avatar game developers as well! I will be honest though. I would have rather seen it coming back with Pathfinder *winks*.

YOU CAN PRE-ORDER! This would be fun to have Tracy sign! When you do, be sure to tell him Stile Teckel sent you!

Quick side blurb;

So a while back I needed an Ipad 4 case. My requirements where inexpensive, light weight and form fitting. In short, I was after minimal scratch protection not drop protection.

To all of you it will be obvious I think, why I choose the one I did. I really didn’t care about looks as long as it looked good, I did research and I ended up with about 30 choices for the price range. I picked the one I liked best *shrugs*. That was all the thought I really put into it cosmetically.

Yes I went with a map, because my fondness for maps comes from Ultima.. Obvious as I said!

For some reason it has stopped more traffic in my house when people are walking around, then… then.. anything I have ever bought for decor!

I like it.. I just didn’t think it was THAT cool!

So do yourself a favor. Just buy one of these, stick it where people can see it. Conversation piece taken care of. Tip from the Caverns blog.

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